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San Diego Dinner Help....

Hey Chowhounders!

I'm a Texan heading out to sunny San Diego next week for a conference. We'll be staying downtown right by the convention center, and we're rolling without a car. I'm always a little hesitant about restraunts in such a touristy area, but it is what it is as they say.

Can you guys give me some recommendations, walking distance to the convention center would be best, but a reasonable cab ride is not out of the question.

I'm rolling with a batch of finicky Texas bubbas, so I'll be trying to avoid prissy places (though if there's a really good prissy place, I might blow the team off while they go to Applebees or whatever and hit up the prissy spot on my own....), but at least once night will be a sushi orgy....I'd appreciate any good suggestions you've got!

Thanks y'all!

Aug 25, 2009
Babbaloie in San Diego

Urban Taco

Gotta say, my wife and I hit up Tecole last Friday for a quick supper, and we were WAAAAY disappointed.

The salsa that came to the table was a roasted tomato/habenero, and they must have been scared to death of the fiery chilies, becuase there was no hint of spice/chile at all. It was tomato soup. Disappointing tomato soup at that.

We opted for a bit of the fine green stuff (aka guacamole aka food of the gods), and I didn't even have to taste it to know it was pre-fab, out of the package, fake, hydrogenated blah. It was bad. I was major disappointed.

I went with the smokehouse combo, and I have to say, the pork taco was quite good. The tortillas left something to be desired, but the meat was solid. My wife hit up the relleno, and it was solid as well. The beans were certainly tasty, but the rice was crunchy and stale.

All in all.

Very very disappointing. We'll likely not be back, and next time we've got a craving for tacos, we'll hit up some taco stand out in the barrio....

Oct 02, 2007
Babbaloie in Texas

Sushi BYOB - Dallas area

Simon's Sushi in Plano ( is BYOB, and probably our favorite place to go. Solid fish, creative dishes, and loads of personality. Just make sure you talk to Simon or your waitress about some of the "specials". The menu is pretty pedestrian, you've got to be in the know to get the best out of Simon's.

Sep 28, 2007
Babbaloie in Texas

Amarillo to Raton, NM -- Any Good Lunch Spots?

My grandparents live in Dalhart, and I doubt that Dalhart gets much Chowhound love, so I feel like I should drop a line!

While my memories of the place are likely tainted with sentiment, "The Grill" on 7th street in has a mighty fine cheeseburger and foot-long chili cheese dog we used to rock that place all the time.

I've heard great things about the Airport Cafe, though I've never been there and it's not really on your way at all. Here's some info:

My grandfather used to hit up Hodie's BBQ right off of the highway fairly regularly. I can't vouch for anything other than a reasonably tasty breakfast.

The other place that might be interesting is "Extreme Cuisine" at 416 Denrock Avenue. I'm not sure if they are open for lunch, but their dinner menu is well...interesting. It's as close to big city-style haute cuisine as Dalhart has ever come. Go with an open mind and understand that you are eating in a panhandle town of fewer than 8000 people, and you might find yourself going "Wow...not bad!".

Jun 21, 2007
Babbaloie in Southwest

Falls Church Business Trip....

Dogfish Head's IPAs are to die for. Unquestionably some of my favorite beers. (Well...other than our fine native brews from Shiner and Saint Arnold's of course!)

Falls Church Business Trip....


What amazing responses! I can't believe you guys all jumped on the ball so quickly!

I've hit up Sweetwater Tavern before, and I think their microbrews are very tasty, and the roasted salmon with mashed potatoes is quite nice. I'm very intrigued by Myanmar. I saw it mentioned several times on other FC-related posts, and I'm thinking that I might have to hit that up!

As far as cash goes? Well, I've got $64 worth of per diem to spend on food, and any booze comes out of my own pocket. I figure I have to eat breakfast and soemething for lunch, so $40 seemed reasonable.

Falls Church Business Trip....

Howdy folks!

A lonely Texan is heading out to Falls Church for a business trip next week. Any solid dinner suggestions? I'll have a car, so a short drive is not out of the question, but I'd like to keep the meal under $40/person.


Eats in Lubbock

I lived in Lubbock about 3 years ago, and I have to say, I was quite disappointed with the quality of Tex-Mex out there. However, I came to know and LOVE Vietnamese food by way of a little place called Saigon Cafe on 50th street near Quaker.

If you are looking for something a bit nicer, Stellas (50th near Quaker as well) serves solid Italian food in a more upscale atmosphere.

As far as Mex/TexMex, it was mostly chains, and disappointing chains at that. I'm sure there is something better out there, but I just wasn't in the know.

Jun 19, 2007
Babbaloie in Texas