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Anything worth eating in Brockton?

I can't really speak to anything but the meat grape leaves, but they are fantastic at Racks:
This is the place opened by the former chef at the Grill at the Holiday Inn in Brockton.

Save our holiday luncheon from mediocrity!

The choice has been made to head to the North End for our office holiday luncheon. Looking at around 15 people, probably keep it on the ~$20/pp side. I'm trying to steer us away from the traps but am not so up on the scene as I used to be. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

corn ice cream?

Try Whole Foods--I have found Palapa Azul brand Sweet Corn Ice Cream in the freezer section at Fresh Pond.

Hungry on 24

Please don't laugh...but the Holiday Inn in the Westgate Mall Plaza in Brockton (visible from Rte. 24, heading southbound it's exit 18A) has a nondescript restaurant called "The Grill"--and I have discovered that they make incredible grape leaves (meat kind). You can order them individually or as a lunch plate with a side (rice, fries, etc.). Lemony and tasty and lamby. They have other Greek/Middle Eastern things on the menu but I can't vouch for them.

Who would have thought?!?

The Grotto or Icarus for a Special Dinner?

Can't comment on Icarus, but as for Grotto...I would vote NO for romance. Now-husband sweetly took me there for dinner the day he proposed because he knew I always wanted to go. It was one of my worst dining experiences ever. A large party of loud (screaming) obnoxious diners in the middle of the room made it so we could not think, let alone hear each other. There were no real tucked-in tables either as far as I remember, which is what I like for romantic dinners. We ended up walking out. I did write to the owner, got no response.

Kosher caterers for a wedding in the greater Boston area?

Planning a wedding for next summer, looking into Kosher caterers. Have heard great things about Andrew's. Anyone have other suggestions? Additionally, I've been having a hard time finding venues that allow outside (Kosher) caterers. Any leads would be appreciated!

Aug 29, 2006
salmonhead in Kosher


Market Basket in Somerville (near Union Sq.) used to carry loukaniko, not sure if they still do. "Neighborhood" brand. Great on the grill. Yum!

Columbo frozen yogurt

That's Damon's!