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Hugue Dafour's French Onion

In this month's (Sept 2011) Food and WIne you will find Hugue Dafour's French-Canadian French Onion Soup recipe. It is unique in that he uses pork (bacon) as the base, not the common beef broth most recipes call for. Has anyone tried it? Curious to know your thoughts.

I tried it over the weekend. It is unlike any French Onion soup I have ever tried. It is delicious. My local Whole Foods did not have a pig's foot so mine did not have richness that the pigs food would have added.

Sep 26, 2011
wass in Home Cooking

Afternoon Tea for 30-40?

Jin Patisserie - great for tea. They serve the best tea I have ever had - Le Palais des Thes. The desserts are fab too.
Penninsula has a great Tea too.
We really enjoyed the Tea at Ritz Carlton in Pasadena

Sep 07, 2007
wass in Los Angeles Area

Favorite breakfast spots?

Here are two more:
Grub (in Hollywood)
Quality (you will see regulars there)
BLD (for a more upscale morning meal)
I feel we have a great variety of breakfast places. Hope you have fun discoverig them.

Sep 07, 2007
wass in Los Angeles Area

Hot Places in LA

A friend asked where she can take a friend coming in from San Fran next Friday and Sat. She wants to take him to "cool" places with "atomosphere". If anyone can give me their top 3 or 4 choices that would be great.

Sep 07, 2007
wass in Los Angeles Area

Wine tasting

Excellent. I can't to try all of these now. Thank you!

Jun 28, 2007
wass in Los Angeles Area

Wine tasting

Looking for a good wine bar in LA/Hollywood or a good place for a couple of friends to enjoy a couple glasses of wine by the glass and some good eats to compliment the wine. Enjoyed Bottle Rock in Culver City a couple weeks ago and would like to try a place in LA/WeHo/Hollywood.

Jun 26, 2007
wass in Los Angeles Area