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Bakeries in Calgary?

I've actually been by the Watermill Bakery a couple weeks ago and I wasn't all that impressed by their breads. I bought a challah bread, a couple of croissants and their ciabatta. Their croissants....well I wouldn't even call them croissants. They were more like bread roll, very chewy and dense, no flakiness what so ever. And their ciabatta seemed like the same kind of dough was used except cut in a rectangular form.
The challah bread on the other hand had a decent flavour to it, but it was still really chewy to me.
I'm not sure if it was just that day I went or not, and I'm not sure if their other breads are like this (I hope not)
Does anyone else have some experience with this bakery?

Jul 13, 2010
whackamole in Prairie Provinces

Hong Kong: Most recommended top end restaurant

Thank you for the suggestions!

Hong Kong: Most recommended top end restaurant

Thank you for the great post Charles Yu, so much to choose from, and places I had never heard of before.

I am hungry from just reading it! :)

Hong Kong: Most recommended top end restaurant


My SO and I are heading over to China in the middle of September. One of our stops is Hong Kong and we decided to splurge for one night and treat ourselves to something incredibly decedent. We were considering Bo Innovations, but I really wanted to hear if you guys/girls had better recommendations.

Thanks in advance!

xlb calgary

I've had xlb at Happy Hill. From what I remember they were alright. I think the skin was a bit thick, but they had the soupiest xlb that I've had in Calgary.

Any good chocolate shop in Calgary?

Their hours are Wed - Sun 8 am to 5 pm.
They are temporarily closed Tuesdays until things pick up I assume.

Jun 29, 2008
whackamole in Prairie Provinces

Crossroads Market, Calgary

Sorry, I just always thought a flea market was a place where people did sell their junk. One person's junk is another's treasure.
I always thought that if one wanted to find just antiques they'd head over to Inglewood.

Mar 24, 2008
whackamole in Prairie Provinces

Crossroads Market, Calgary

Hmm...I like the flea market. It is definitly a little cheesey, but it has it's charm. I personally like this famer's market much better. Currie Barracks just seems to be a little bit too pretentious to really be a farmer's market.

Mar 23, 2008
whackamole in Prairie Provinces

best pizza in calgary?

For a thicker crust pizza, you should try Matador Pizza in Varsity.
They don't do delivery though.

Feb 20, 2008
whackamole in Prairie Provinces


This stuff looks amazing! I can't wait until my next trip to Vancouver.
Where downtown would this place be?

Shrimp Tails; WHY do they Leave them ON ?!?!

Really? When I work with shrimp I find it easier to take off the tail. I usually rip off the tail first which usually takes 3/4 of the shell of with it, just leaving one last little piece to rip off.

Or is that a sign of unfresh shrimp? I don't know.

Jan 31, 2008
whackamole in General Topics

Scene stealers: Preferring the condiment to the main ingredient?

Very true.
I agree.
I have to agree with the tartar sauce above. It's the only reason I like fish and chips.

Jan 31, 2008
whackamole in General Topics

Lord Sandwich (Calgary) [moved from Canada board]

mmm... speaking of bahn mi, I had an excellent beef sate sub at Hunterhorn Bakery the other day. I kind of had my doubts but they actually pickle their carrots! and that's a must for me in a vietnamese sub.
They don't have a big selection though, only chicken and beef sate.

Jan 07, 2008
whackamole in Prairie Provinces

Food Network: Canada vs US?

It's true, I don't even know why they keep showing their shows.

But does the US get the Thirsty Traveler?
One of my favourites.

Dec 18, 2007
whackamole in Food Media & News

Wild Ginger - Calgary

I heard that they recently got a new head chef, has anyone been back there?

Oct 25, 2007
whackamole in Prairie Provinces