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new york to emerald isle nc

great, thanks!

new york to emerald isle nc

kind of need to stay on 17N in NC...but would jump off and on....

new york to emerald isle nc

driving to emerald NC from NYC... any recs for bbq or other... maybe seafood along the way???

Needed: amazing Italian or Chinese Restaurant Rec (mid-price) in Brooklyn!

Try Queen on Court Street for primo red sauce italian... there are many posts on "Chowhound".

Apr 16, 2009
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs


Wow... I can't believe I'm getting in on this... But I like Tazza and have been going pretty consistently since their opening on Henry Street and go to Clark as well.

The Clark Street location is a bright spot in an otherwise dreary corner of Brooklyn Heights. Finally we have a contemporary space with with great coffee, fresh food and a fantastic selection of baked goods. If what you really want is "tuna on toast" or "2 scrambled" then Clarks' Corner is for you, but for a great salad or panini, or a delicious tart or baguette then Tazza's the place.

And as for the table service, it is exactly the same as the Henry Street location... you place your order, find a seat and it is delivered to your table. Not sure how this is like McDonald's.

And pricing, if you go to any number of the new cafes springing up all over the area, the prices at Tazza are in line and more times than not they are less expensive.

Cheers to Tazza!!!

Mar 26, 2009
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Decent americano near Carroll Gardens?

You should try Root Hill.... not Carroll Gardens but Carroll Street and 4th Avenue. I am addicted to their cappuccino. They use Counter Culture Coffee and also have a Clover Coffee Machine.

Feb 04, 2009
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

A "great" cup of coffee in Carroll Grds or nearby?

Though not quite Carroll Gardens...Root Hill Cafe on the corner of 4th Ave and Carroll St. makes excellent cappuccino and espresso and also brews Clover Coffee.
Also very good coffee at Naidre's on Henry St...the coffee is from "Porto Rico Importing Company" in the West Village.

Sep 17, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs


Seems you feel very strongly about your Tazza experience, as you posted a similar post only two days ago on an earlier Tazza thread. I have been going to the Henry Street location a number of years and been very happy. And since Clark Street opened, have been a number of times (this morning) and also been happy.
Although I have found the cappuccino to be sometimes better than others it is generally good and the American coffee very good. The pastries are fresh and well presented. The sandwiches and salads are made with quality produce, cheeses and meats, and though not cheap, priced fairly.
In my experience the help is friendly and courteous, and yes some are foreign born as in most places in NYC but, I’ve never had a problem with communication. I also find that they are very receptive if you have a problem or an opinion about the food.
You should introduce yourself to the women that own the place. They live in the neighborhood and are y very open and friendly.

Aug 09, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Who has rye flour in stock?

I've bought Bob's Red Mill @ Fairway...I would imagine Whole Foods should also have rye flour. I would as well try a good natural foods store.

Aug 01, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Damascus- Not Just a Bakery Anymore

No one mentioned Oriental Grocery on the other side of Atlantic. Great prices and strong selection of "ethnic" stuff, but not so much on the gourmet end. Excellent house made lamb sausage, as well as rice, grains etc.

Jul 05, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Label

We usually go for breakfast on weekends. This past Sunday had the Huevos Rancheros which where fantastic...lots of flavors, way better than before. Lately even the scrambled eggs had been bad. Coffee never fails.

Jun 25, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Carroll Gardens Quiche?

Not quite Carroll Gardens, but fantasic quiche at Tazza on Henry St near Atlantic.

May 12, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Seeking good breakfast in Fort Greene

Try iCi on Dekalb and Vanderbilt, it's only a few blocks away.

Apr 08, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Where can I find high quality lard?

Flying Pigs Farm @ the Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza or Union Square on Saturday...great stuff.

Mar 25, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Burrata in Brooklyn?

Caputo's on Court Street.

Jan 26, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Where to get pork belly?

not sure if this is correct etiquette but...think I was in Los Paisanos when you bought the pork's the pancetta working out???

Jan 22, 2008
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Xmas Ham: Steve's Meat Market in Greenpoint, or elsewhere?

Just bought a whole "boneless ham' from Steve's in Greenpoint for a Christmas party. It was amazing...not saltly, with a subtle earthly sweetness with a smooth refined texture. I highly recommend.

You may try to do a search on chowhound, there are a number of postings about Greenpoint hams.

Dec 20, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy Duck ?

Fresh duck can be had at the Union Square Green Market on Saturday...think the vendors name is Quatro Farms.

Nov 15, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Lunetta NYC

Was there last night and was hugely dissapointed. Got there early, about 6.30 and watched it fill up. Disinterested bar help, and a waiter that was in the wrong place. The Bourem Hill location has a younger hipper staff, which helps make it kind of fun. Did learn the the owner of Mayrose partnered with Adam Shepard the chef and owner of the Brooklyn location.

Four of us began with a salumi plate and an assortment of 3 brucchetti. Salumi fine, fresh and tasty...the brucchetti, white bean and tuna, roasted tomato and chicken liver could have beed great, but were iced-cold.

Two of us had salads, mixed greens with an anchovy dressing and the other brussel sprouts with a lemon vinegrette...again very cold and very over dressed.

We ordered tagliatelle bolognese, pumpkin agnolotti as well as an order of meat balls and roasted potatoes. All good but seemed to miss...the bolognese was too "contemporized" and as my friend said, the agnolotti looked "french". The meat balls were good, though a little on the hard side, a tasted a bit sweet and sour.

And finally, desert. One tiramisu and one apple tart with cinnamon ice cream. Tiramisu tart bad. Nice crust, good ice cream but very under cooked apples.

Nov 08, 2007
savoryhash in Manhattan

Ben's Farmer Cheese


Oct 23, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Red Hook

I agree with Flanders...not sure why Hope and Anchor gets a bad rap.

Great coffee and breakfast in general...fresh salads and primo burgers, beer and cocktails.
It may be "dinerish" but in the best way!

Oct 18, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Nino's No More

Just came from Francesco's, took out 2 slices...other then a new paint job and blinds on the windows not sure it is much different then Nino's. Same steam table items and many of the same guys behind the counter. Guess we will have to stay tuned.

Oct 12, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Slices of Cake in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill

Tazza on Henry Street at Atlantic sells Baked cakes by the slice.

Sep 28, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Colombian Chorizo

Try Los Paisanos Meat Market on Smith Street...they have what is sold as Columbian Chorizo and I think it's great but I've never been to Columbia!

Sep 16, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Best Burger in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens

Chicory on DeGraw Street has a great burger...excellent meat and always well prepared...don't miss the french fries!!!
Also try, Hope and Anchor in Red Hook.

Aug 18, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs

Cherry Hill Area Italian???

Thanks for Anthony's and Tutti Toscani. As for Collins House and Cafe Melange, though I haven't been, I have given my parents gift certificates for those based on info I found on the web...thanks again!

Aug 06, 2007
savoryhash in Mid-Atlantic

Cherry Hill Area Italian???

Just had dinner this past weekend at Barone's Tuscano??? It is next to Barnacale Ben's. Sorry, but I don't remember the others.

Aug 06, 2007
savoryhash in Mid-Atlantic

Cherry Hill Area Italian???

When visiting family in and around Cherry Hill I find the food is the worst. Italian seems to please everyone, but my experiance is that they must all share the same kitchen...super-sized portions and over use of red sauce is the norm.

Any ideas for places preparing fresher tasting Italian food???

Aug 06, 2007
savoryhash in Mid-Atlantic

Grumpy Old Man - Staubitz Guy is really irritating

I go out of my way not to shop at Staubitz--have found Los Paisanos to be as good and in many ways more interesting. I too shopped at Florance and others in the "Village" and found them to be superior to Staubitz. I had a number of bad experiances with rack-of-lamb from Staubitz. When not looking for something special like your tenderloin, there is fantastic meat to be found at the Green Market @ GAP on the Sat. morning.

Jun 18, 2007
savoryhash in Outer Boroughs