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Looking for a Halal cart open during the day on Sunday

I'm going to be in the city Sunday afternoon and am looking for a Halal cart that will be open. Any recommendations?


Mar 26, 2010
RGL in Manhattan

Kansas City dining - brief visit

I am working in Manhattan, KS for the summer and my boyfriend is coming out from NY to visit for a week. We're going to spend some time in Kansas City, and I'm looking for recommendations. Based on talking with locals and reading old posts on this site, I've come up with the following places, let me know what to add or subtract:

Andre's Tearoom for lunch

Lidia's for brunch - I'm not crazy about this pick, we can always visit one of the NYC restaurants that she has a hand in. Any other moderately-priced, KC-original brunch options?

To get the most out of the bbq: Fiorella's Jack Stack for dinner one night and Arthur Bryants, Gates, or LC (the debate rages on) for dinner the next night.

Other pertinent details: Our price range for any one meal this trip tops out at about $35 per person (we could stretch it if there is a spot not to be missed). I'm not sure yet where we're staying. We will have a car and we're not afraid to use it. We're thinking of going to the City Market and the Nelson-Atkins museum of art - any good lunch spots around either of those places?

Last thing - while I have your attention - I'll be dining out with a vegetarian friend in mid-July in KC. Are there any good veggie meals to be had?


Jun 18, 2007
RGL in General Midwest Archive

30th Anniversary Dinner

After 30 years of marriage, my parents are finally taking a honeymoon! They are traveling to San Diego at the end of July, and my sister and I would like to send them to a nice, possibly romantic dinner (price range max about $150 - 200, but less works too). We would like to send them somewhere to eat dishes that they couldn't eat at home (they live on a small cattle farm - so steakhouses are unimpressive). My mom will try anything, but my dad is an unadventurous eater so limit recommendations to tamer fare - new american, seafood-centric, and, possibly, french could work.

Thanks, CA chowhounds!

Jun 18, 2007
RGL in California