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How to change up my chicken curry?

I have two tried and true recipes posted on
one is my very own. the other is from cooking light.
email me if you want or just visit enzymatic at

Sep 18, 2007
enzymatic in Home Cooking

Suggestions for a Chowhound new to Birmingham

I just returned to the board after a while.. South African Curries, like Indian curries, differ by region and religious preferences. The Cape Malay population is Moslem and tends to avoid pork. Lamb, beef and chicken are popular. In the days of the early settlers, Water Buffalo was mentioned, "deng-deng'... there's a dish I've tried called Deningvleis.. it's a sweet, tamarind based dish, more like a stew. It's superb... I haven't been able to find the right recipe though.
Generally Malay curries are milder and sweeter and contain dried fruit.
I make a lamb curry with granny smith apples,sultanas, lime juice, ginger, garlic, coconut and a number of other ingredients that make it very different.
It's popular because it's not hot. I also add apricot preserve and chutney.
We also serve sambals on the side, giving you the options of cool and hot.
Bananas and milk. chopped chilis, tomato and onion and south africa's signature condiment... Mrs. Ball's Chutney.
There's also Bobotie, which I've seen described as South African Meatloaf/
It's a ground lamb curry with some of the ingredients above but it's served with a custard topping... sounds strange, but it's very good.
I could go on, but I think you get the gist of it.. if you want recipes, email me./
If you're going to try it, you're going to want to ground your own curry powder.
South African powders and pastes are different too....

Suggestions for a Chowhound new to Birmingham

I'm new too and look for fellow foodies. I specialize in cooking Cape Malay Curries and South African cuisine.. I've discovered some great places here. Obviously there's the Frank Stitt restaurants. But there's a lot of talk about the new restaurant at the Tutweiler. Also nothing wrong with Betolla at Pepper Place..If you want to connect and talk food let me know....