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Soup restaurant?

I love good soup and wonder if there is a place in YYC that just does soup??
I ate at a place in Wisconsin that made 5-6 differant types & was only open for lunch, wish there was some place similar here.

Nov 23, 2012
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Is it only me.....

You are so right..we can go to a pub & get great wings or ribs & a beer for less then we can eat at Mcs.... Our local fish & chip place raised the price from $8.00 to $11. I'll wait for a coupon before I'll go back!!

Nov 13, 2012
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Calgary - Best Fish and Chips

I've been going to Joey's Urban in the Braeside Mall ( 24th & Braeside Dr). The F&C's are excellant, its not the same as Joey's only. They started out being $8.00 but have jumped to $11., but still a good value.

Aug 30, 2012
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Breakfast Spots - South Calgary

Do try the Patisserie....the cinnamon buns are the best I've ever had!!!

Jun 06, 2012
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Steak Pit in Bragg Creek-anyone eaten there?

I can't beleive its still in business!! we were there last year & were the only patrons, the place was dark,dirty & the service was non exsistent............we left after one drink!!!

Feb 24, 2012
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Croatian food/grocer

A grocery store justoped in Braeside behind Tim Hortons I think it is called Kalinka s they seem to have a lot of Europeon items, it may have what you are looking for. Its on Braeside drive & 24th

Feb 11, 2012
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Comeback sauce??

I have a recipe for this Southern sauce it like s a jazzed up mayo , it calls for Dukes mayonaisse has anyone seen it in YYC???

Feb 10, 2012
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Beignets in Calgary?

I that bakery/resturant........the cream puffs are amazing!!

Sep 18, 2011
cckid in Prairie Provinces

New Vendors at Calgary Farmers' Market

Just bought a bag of mixed peppers @ Superstore for $1.98....... Is buying at these markets worthwhile @this time of year?? THINK NOT

Feb 18, 2011
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Best Pub Food - Calgary

We love the food at 1600 Beir House in Glenmore Landing,also Austins has a $6.95 steak sandwich, very affordable these places are always they are doing something right>>>>>>>>

Jan 10, 2011
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Spices and Herbs in Calgary?

that is good to know,they used to be in Southland Crossings & I've been looking for them!! thxs

Oct 15, 2010
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Bulk buying in Calgary

I found a place in the plaza @ 415 9737 McLeod Tr( across from WalmartI that sells just about everything food related in bulk. Its called Weigh2go, everything I bought(nuts, spices,flour) was very fresh. At last a alternative to the stale junk they sell at SStore and Safeways bulk bins....I was impressed, its good to be able to buy just what you need instead of having to buy pricey jars of spices . You can bring your own containers also.

Jul 01, 2009
cckid in Prairie Provinces

New in Calgary - can you help with "must dine at" restaurants?

Be sure to try the Polcan market, next to the butcher shop in tha mall on Fairmount, the bacon is great,as well as the weiners. Polish is the language most heard,but they understand English. Try the cabbage rolls and perogies. Be prepared to line up!!

Jun 23, 2009
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Steak in Calgary

when I feel the need for a great steak <I still want to go to Nicks across from the football stadium, the prices are good and I've never been disappointed......

Nov 29, 2007
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Missing something in the "deepsouth"?

I know what you are saying!! We like a place called MINAS in the Avendida Mall (I think.they all look alike !) for Vietnamese, for good pub food The Red Onion, We also had a good meal at the Royal Thai, its in the same mall as Minas..........Let me know if you come up with something else!!

Oct 21, 2007
cckid in Western Canada Archives

Bulk food in Calgary

No one has mentioned Planet Organic has a wall of bulk foods and I found it very reasonable for organic that is!! There is one store on Elbow Drive s.w. and another in the north.

Oct 04, 2007
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Dining in Racine Wi

I will be spending 4 days in Racine and hoping someone can give me some recs for both fine and casual dining in that area....

Oct 02, 2007
cckid in Great Lakes

Need some help in Calgary.

I had a good Montreal smoked sandwich at a place on 8th ave right across from the Bay,but I stumped for the name of it!! I also like the Metro on McLeod Trail,but its more a resturant then a deli

Sep 11, 2007
cckid in Prairie Provinces


True the place looks better then it did when it was the Bull & finch...........But why advertise that its a wine bar then don't have a wine menu???? We had one drink in the place and left........Glad we didn't order!!!

Sep 04, 2007
cckid in Western Canada Archives

radium/invermere.... anyone?

There is a good resturant in Invermere across from the hotel call mcgooles (something like that) it has a nice outdoor patio, I was there in July and was quite impressed, haven't been there iat night for awhile.

Aug 29, 2007
cckid in Western Canada Archives

smoked paprika ?

Thanks! To the market I will go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 11, 2007
cckid in Western Canada Archives

smoked paprika ?

Where can I find smoked paprika in Calgary? hopefully some place in the sw quartant of the city. I have several recipes asking for it, so far I checked the Polish deli and they never heard of it!!

Aug 09, 2007
cckid in Western Canada Archives

Sunday Brunch in Calgary?

Another really interesting place altho not in Calgary is the Nakota Lodge near Morley its all native owned and operated and their Suday brunch is excellent, the setting on the lake is outstanding!! price is $15. I think.

Aug 09, 2007
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Sunday Brunch in Calgary?

yep!! its the same place thats been there for over 25 yrs,.the menu varies some times its prime rib other times its ham ,plus usually a big tray of peel & eat shrimp....its always been great when I've been there..and you can order a steak done to your liking.......

Aug 05, 2007
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Radium, Invermere eats?

I'm probably too late for this,but we had dinner at was once the Cafe Europa it is now called something like Cibbabella(sp) and horrors.yes its under new management, it is still serving German type food, but don't even bother going we had 6 in our group andno one was happy with our food, service is surly at best. Why can't they at least be civil?? I would opt for "Old Satzsburg" next time.

Jul 24, 2007
cckid in Western Canada Archives

stampede pancake breakfast

If your are in the southwest ,the breakfast at Wm Roper Hull Home on Woodpark Blvd is one of the best, lotsa things for kids,and good entertainment. Its the first Tues of Spampede week

Jul 05, 2007
cckid in Western Canada Archives

Calgary Steakhouse recommendation?

Hy was a great steak house,but is no more.hopefully they will rebuild.

Jun 19, 2007
cckid in Prairie Provinces

Calgary Steakhouse recommendation?

The best steak I've ever had in Calgary for the best prices has to be Nicks on Crowchild Trail in the northwest..... Its been there forever and looks like a 70 s place but who cares????????

Jun 17, 2007
cckid in Prairie Provinces