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Any new places to eat in Portland, Maine??

newenglander......Have not been there for years and rather sorry to hear that it has been developed. Surprised that the state of ME didn't make it into a state was such a pristine area. I now live in western NC in the mountains, we had our visit to ME earlier but no time to go to the lake. We had great food in Portland, Yarmouth and Freeport! Don't miss a day in Freeport not only to visit L.L. but the food is very good...go to So. Freeport to the dock for a lobster. Ahmie

Jul 23, 2007
Ahmie in All New England Archive

Any new places to eat in Portland, Maine??

newenglander, As a youngster I grew up on Sebago Lake and used to picnic off from Frye's Island. My dad had a boat that would sleep 4 so we spent much time on the lake. Can you tell me a bit about the island, has it been developed etc. I assume that Frye's Leap is still there with the Indian art work. Ahmie

Jul 17, 2007
Ahmie in All New England Archive

fav summer pies?

PB.....Pillsbury is the best if one cannot make good crust. I place a sheet of it in a medium quiche pan, fill it with peeled sliced fresh peaches mixed with pitted sliced purple plums. Mix fruits with sugar to your taste, add spices i.e nutmeg, cinnimon etc.
The crust will overlap the dish...just fold the crust over the fruit, it will not cover it.
Brush the crust with milk and give it a sprinkling of sugar. 325 degrees until nicely browned. Nummy, Ahmie

Jul 12, 2007
Ahmie in Home Cooking

Spaghetti Sauce Recipes [Split from General Chowhounding Topics]

Will all you "tomato experts" share your homemade spaghetti sauce recipes with me. Sounds like it would be the very best. Ahmie

Jul 12, 2007
Ahmie in Home Cooking

Any Good Places for Grape Nut Ice Cream? (Besides Louie's)

Help! I only remember Grapenut Icecream at HoJo's many years ago in the New England area.
Where can it be purchased now? I live in NC now so chances are probably rather slim. Ahmie

Jun 18, 2007
Ahmie in Greater Boston Area

Maine Road Trip Help

We just returned from a trip to Maine. One suggestion....take RT.1 north out of Portland which goes through Yarmouth and Freeport (L.L. Bean) and go into So. Freeport. Excellent outdoor restaurant on the dock....great lobster, chowder etc.

Jun 17, 2007
Ahmie in All New England Archive