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Recommendations for Thai, Burmese, or Malay catering?

I had Zabb Thai cater my bday party and they did a really good job and their prices were much lower than other quotes I got.

Cooking Classes Or A Fun Gift Idea For A Foody New To DC

I took a sushi class at Cookology with my husband. It was really fun and we made about 6 rolls each (variations of real crab, eel, tuna) which made it worth it!

Bottled Soda

I'm having an 80's party and I wanted some throwback bottled soda to servce. Anyone know where I could get some? The costco in germantown doesnt have mexican coke anymore..

Masa 14

I went to Masa for new year's brunch and i loved it! We had the wagyu beef sliders, the tenderloid benedict, brisket hash, and the chorizo calzone flatbread. Everything was succulent except for the was kinda bland and plain. All of the meat dishes were flavorful and juicy to me and my husband....personally cant wait to go back.

Seeking Authenic Vietnamese Dinner in MD

I took my family to Present over the weekend to finally see if Present lived up to the hype it was getting. Sadly it didnt. There were hits and misses and the hits werent that high. The good: pineapple under the sea, beef roaming the grass, pretty veggie/fruit carvings...(havent seen those in a restaurant for a while). The bad: Stupid names for classic dishes. (Are they trying to do some psychology on us to make us think its fancier, better tasting food?!), Viet coffee that tastes like chocolate milk (Viet coffee isnt supposed to be shaken!), No Vegetarian dishes, Beef w/ snowpeas that was so overcooked i had to swallow it whole and almost choked, Dry fried fish (how does that happen?). It's a decent place, and the food is presented nicely with fancy garnishes but as for the quality of food it left something to be desired.. If the chef did win some award..he's lost it...I grew up on Viet food, eaten all over VN and's not close in comparison...just a lot of good marketing going on.

Where Can We Purchase a Pre-Cooked Turkey?

I've been buying Popeyes turkey for the last 3 years. It's SOOOO good. It's cajan spiced and already pre-deep fried. All you do is thaw it for a couple days and then put it in the oven to bring it to temperature for about an hour and a half i think. It always comes out juicy and delicious! It's the best turkey I've had which is why I get it every year.

Seeking Authenic Vietnamese Dinner in MD

Ba Le hasnt been that good lately...Big Saigon used to be good when it first opened but the quality has gone down too...i would just skip both at do Taste of Saigon in the Rockville Town least the ambiance is good...and they have some good fusion dishes like calamari...the Viet food in this area is depressing...and that includes VA!!

Good Indian/Thai near Silver Spring, Rockville, Olney

Thai House Restaurant is my new fav thai joint...its kinda hidden but well worth it.....the owners are super nice and the food is spicy! For Indian I like India Palace in Rockville as well

Cheap, quiet ethnic restaurants in Montgomery County?

Just saw this thread... check out this restaurant in gaithersburg...its a little hidden but worth it once you find it.... authentic and spicy actually means spicy here..

Need venue for Mad Tea Party wedding shower

I was going to recommend Petticoat Tea Room in Bmore but I think its closed now. Try this link. Its a website to search for tea rooms. Goodluck!

Reasonably Priced Korean BBQ in Silver Spring/Rockville Area?

You should try Dolsa BBQ in Gaithersburg....its about 10 minutes from Rockville.

Puffs & Pastries in Hampden

I had made an appointment with Anisha and then on the day of the meeting she leaves me a message on if she can reschedule because she wanted to help her friend with something. Not because she was sick or there was an emergency...for personal reasons. I dont live near Baltimore and I had rearranged appointments to meet with her. So then this girl tells me we can meet on a different day and she’ll bring the tasting to me. I agree. On the day of the rescheduled tasting she calls me and then talks to me about these fees, basically asking me if i can afford it because she doesnt want to waste her time driving if im not going to pay up. Anyway I say the prices are fine and she confirms that she will come. The girl stands me up! And I find that she wrote me an email checking to make sure I pay AGAIN because she doesnt want to waste her time. She didn’t even call my cell phone. Businesses shouldnt just be about the product but the customer service. Totally unreliable not to mention rude. She totally wasted my time. Not to be trusted..especially for an important day like a wedding. I was so dissapointed and I just couldnt believe the disrespect.

Catering: Korean and American Food HELP!

Yes you should give them a try and at least get their mini tasting. Blaise the coordinator there is great! She actually saved me from some shady vendors. Theyve been getting a lot of business though so just make sure to leave a message.

Catering: Korean and American Food HELP!

I wanted the same thing you did! I'm vietnamese, my fiance is korean, and I love soul food but i wanted to food to be upscale. It took a while but I finally found a caterer to do it. I'm having korean/vietnamese fusion food at my wedding and there will be some new american food for the cocktail hour. I'm using Fusions Cuisine. My caterer is also allowing me to bring in food that Im getting from a traditional caterer and serving it for me. My wedding is in June so I cant really say how the food is yet but they have great reviews and the pre-tasting was really yummy. Also, Im not sure if youve found a venue but some hotels allow outside catering which they serve and you can get their in-house catering to do some of the food. Goodluck!

Any grocery stores/seafood shops selling sushi grade fish near Rockville/Bethesda?

I think the new Harris Teeter in Rockville sells sushi grade tuna

Banh Mi???

Ba Le is a national chain but it's not regulated so every Ba Le is different and has different owners. I like the Ba Le in VA for banh mi. They make their own fresh french bread there daily. I'd go to the Rockville Ba Le more for the soups than the sandwiches.

Thai Fruit Carving

I was looking for someone who could make a thai carved fruit display for my wedding next year. I havent had a chance to call the embassy yet. Thanks for the help!

Bridal shower venue in Bethesda/Rockville

Amada Amante has a private room and hosts bridal showers. They have an afternoon tea menu too

Thai Fruit Carving

Does anyone know anyone who can do thai fruit carvings?

Nicaro-Silver Spring Report

i had brunch at Nicaro on Saturday as well. I really liked the place. The grilled waluu I had was so good - very buttery and tender with a perfectly crisp seasoned crust. I wish they would've given a bigger portion. The gumbo that my fiance had wasn't very special but still good. The waluu and the various other interesting sounding dishes will have me coming back.

Pho in Northern MoCo?

I went to Bubble Cafe last night and I did not think it was good. The broth was pretty bland and didnt have that "Pho" taste. It tasted more like Cross Bridge Soup than Pho. Could be because the owners are Chinese and not Vietnamese. The boba was good though but if you want true Pho then Pho 75 is your best bet. Pho Real in Burtonsville also has good Pho sometimes.

Bob's Shabu Shabu

I've never seen that "Taiwanese" sign, but I would expect that since the name of the restaurant is "Bob's Shabu Shabu" that their signature dish would be good and its not at all. It's a very poor copy of what shabu shabu is supposed to be. The should have named their restaurant something else if their best dishes are from their Taiwanese menu. Anyone who's looking for Shabu do not go here.

Bob's Shabu Shabu

I didnt enjoy this place. I was expecting Japanese Shabu Shabu that is popular in the West coast. I tried almost all the sauces to dip the meat in and thought they were all bland. We didnt even finish our meal and went to Wendy's instead.

Catering at Pier 5 Hotel in Bmore

I've been looking for a venue for my wedding. Has anyone ever been to a wedding or event at Pier 5 Hotel by the Baltimore Harbor? If so, how is the food there? The setting is beautiful but i need the food to be good.