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Pit Beef [moved from DC board]

My family uses a eye roast on a rotisserie spit. Season Salt is all you really need for spice. It is really the horseradish mayo and onion that makes pit beef what it is.

Aug 25, 2007
Robearjr in Home Cooking

is it rude?

It would be rude if someone ordered delivery and expected the host to pay for it.

It would also be rude if the food dragged out the evening longer than the host expected. In other words if the invite was for one drink, meaning about 30 minutes, but by the time the food got there it was two hours later. Remember the old SNL skit about the guest who wouldn't go home?

Aug 25, 2007
Robearjr in Not About Food

Nice dinner near Pimlico

Donna's at Cross Keys, Mount Washington Tavern and Ethel and Ramone's are all about two miles away.

Donna's at Cross Keys will be more relaxed but at the same time sophisticated. The food is Tuscan inspired, and it is on the light side.

Mount Washington Tavern is a good bet if your looking to do some drinking. They do a pretty good prime rib.

Ethel and Ramone's is a unique little creole place in a small house. They don't have a lot of tables, so you may need to call ahead.

Maryland / Baltimore- what are your favorite differences?

Scrapple is in NC, it is just called Mush. I'm sure there are distictions, but mush and scrapple are both meat scraps and corn meal that are pressed into a loaf, cut into slices, and then fried.

Brit import food in Baltimore?

Eddie's carries a nice selection of tea and sweets. The store on Charles Street has a better selection than the one on Roland.

There is also a nice British store in Lancaster, Pa. It is next to the Central Market.

Lobster roll in Baltimore

Stone Mill Bakery in Greenspring Station has a lobster roll on Friday. It is good, but it is pricey. I think it runs $22, and it is not very big.

Sweetbreads in Annapolis?

Petit Louis in Baltimore does a good job with sweetbreads. They are only offered on Sunday nights.

Inn at Little Washington

I have been to the Inn a few times, and I've always been pleased with the food. I will always remember the tuna with seared foie gras.

The service at the Inn is good, not perfect, but no major issues. For instance I ordered coffee and it was forgotten. Some people may think this is a big deal and others will not.

The one issue I do have with the Inn is they pack in the people, particulary in the garden room. I don't think this is unique to the Inn. Many fine dining places practice high density seating. I do think, however, that a lot of people think a county inn will offer more privacy than the Inn does.

Restaurants you go to for more than food

I love the chatter on the line at Attman's. I love the give and take the staff have with each other and with the customers.

Fresh Market

I went last night.

I thought the prices, while higher than a suburban supermarket where better than Whole Foods, Graul's and Eddies. I also liked the layout of the store over Baltimore's other upscale grocery stores.

I found the prepared foods to be very good. I had ribs, edamane and corn salad and spinch dip. I thought ribs were moist, the edamane salad was flavorful and crisp and the spinich dip was verry fresh tasting.

Even though Whole Foods, Eddie's and Graul's are closer to my home, I think I'll drive over on a regular basis.

I think Whole Food's prepared foods have been lacking for a while. Too often I've had chicken salad loaded with bones, salads that seem soggy, and that hot food bar is really nasty looking on most days. And even though I believe in organic foods, I really don't care much for the hippy/liberal vibe of Whole Foods. That place just feels preachy.

As for Eddie's and Graul's, I can't understand why they close at 7 pm. Their hours might be fine if I didn't work or if I had a maid to do my shopping, but since I have neither of those options it is a hassle to do my shopping on their schedule.

Joe Squared

I am not crazy about the neighborhood Joe Squared is located. I used to live in Mount Vernon, which is a few blocks from Joe, and I wouldn't go there at night. The problem is the only time I really want pizza is late at night.

Maryland / Baltimore- what are your favorite differences?

Coddies are not too hard to find in Baltimore. I get mine at either Faidleys or Attman's.

The crab cakes off exit 80 in a RT 543 strip mall is probably Box Hill Pizza. They also have another location off exit 77 on route 924. My parents love those crab cakes. I think there is a a ball of bread in the middle.

Now, I've never seen perch on a menu in Baltimore. In fact the only place I've ever had perch in Maryland was at my grandparents house. They lived on the bay, and they thought fried perch was a great breakfast food along with eggs. That combination was lost on the palate of a nine year old boy.

The "One" place in the Baltimore area

Petit Louis. It is best when cassoulet or sweetbreads are on the menu.

ribs and bbq on reisterstown rd.....

It will be interesting to see if the place in Finksburg does well. I'm not too sure about that location. I think it would have worked better on the other side of 140 so that it could get people driving home from work. Of course where it is works well for me, but I'm one of the 5 people who work in Westminster but live in Baltimore

Has anyone been to Taste at Belvedere recently?

I went a few months ago for lunch, and I think I had the fish burrito. I can't remember what my wife had, but I do remember that both of us were glad we didn't waste money on the place at dinner prices. I was excited about trying Taste, but after eating there you got the feeling the place was over-hyped.

Mid week dinner: Charles Theatre

XS is probably the best bet. You can get good sushi and a good sandwich. The place has three levels, and each has its own personality. The first floor seem more like a coffee shop. The second feels like a small restaurant. The third has a bar scene, but I would say more like a club bar. It never seems like the place to order a beer or a bourbon.

If you would prefer a more traditional bar and restaurant, I would go with Brewer's Art on Charles or the Owl Bar in the Belvedere Hotel. Those places have good food. The Owl bar does a good brick oven pizza. Brewer's Art has everything from pork belly to garlic fries. The Brewer's Art also has really good beer. The Resurection Ale is quite good.

Restaurants Rt 140 Reisterstown - Westminster MD

The Antrim is very nice, although my wife thinks they go a little heavy on the salt. We both, however, love the atmosphere there. The smokehouse is a great dining space, and the cocktail time before dinner is great.

Johanson's, Paradiso's and O'Lourdans are all nice places if you live or work in Westminster, but I don't think that any of them are worth the drive from Baltimore or Washington.

What I do enjoy in Westminster is Bullocks, which is on route 32. It is not fancy. It is an old cafeteria style place. It is old Carroll County. And they raise the steaks they serve. They are walking out back behind the restaurant.

After Bullock's you are pretty close to Hoffman's for ice cream, which is also worth the drive.

Santa Maria Style Barbeque?

I have to think that finding tri-tip in Baltimore-Washington is like finding pit beef in California. Neither BBQ has found its way outside of its respective region.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival: Food Observations

Who thinks of English fish and chips when he thinks of Virginia? I would have expected to see crab, oyster, rockfish, croaker, scallop, drum or flounder. I bet the fish and chips was cod or haddock, both of which don't conjure up images of the Old Dominion.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

Iggies has a duck confit and asparagus pizza that is great.

I used to live a block away from Iggies, and I really miss it.

Also, try their mac and cheese as well.

Five guys near JHU?

I find the Alonso burger to be more about size than flavor. There comes a point where bigger isn't better.

Donna's at Cross Keys, which is pretty close to JHU does a good kobe beef burger. it served with fried onions and a peppercorn aioli.

outdoor dining in Baltimore

Donna's in Cross Keys has a nice patio. It is back from the traffic of falls road, and it provides some greenery. For a more urban feel, there is Tapas Teatro's sidewalk tables. They are by the train station. There is good energy there, but there's also plenty of cars and noise.

Back a few year ago when Charles Street was closed down due to bridge repairs, Tapas Teatro's outdoor seating was great. Most thought the road closure would doom the resturant, which just recently opened; however, it made the place and especially the sidewalk tables really great. It was kind of a shame when the bridge work was done and the traffic came back. .

Good restaurant near BWI?

Yea, I think the Brass Elephant falls into jacket recomended. I've always worn a jacket there, but I've seen people without them.

Five guys near JHU?

I think you may be setting yourself up for a disapointment. 5 Guys make a good burger, but it is just a burger. I doubt it will be that much better than a burger you get back home.

Good eats around JHU in Baltimore

The RAPA scrapple is much better than any scrapple made in PA. I go to the Lancaster, York and Shrewsbury farmers market from time to time, and I will never get the amish scrapple again.

I normally fry my own scrapple, which is best with maple or hickory syrup, but when I get it out I go to Howard Deli in Mount Vernon or one of the Double T diners.

I think scrapple related products also have a following in NC, where it called Mush, and the Cincy/Northern KY area, where it is called Goetta (sp).

Lunch in Owings Mills?

The Harryman House on Reisterstown Road in Reisterstown is nice place. Located in a historic home, it has charm and good food. If you are not familar with the area, it is about two miles north of Owings Mills.

Best Single Item in Greektown?

The cheese is saganaki....Opa!

I always get saganaki, moussaka and a glass of mavrodafni.

Is this the most sophisticated fare? No. But it is very tasty.

Best $50/plate meal in Baltimore area?

Petit Louis is in Baltimore upscale Roland Park neighborhood. The food and service are both strong, and it is not touristy. The seating is close, so if you're looking for a quiet place, it probably won't work. $50 would get you a very nice meal there. I would go with french onion soup, duck confit and pot de creme if I wanted something comforting, or Vichyssoise, grilled scallops and seasonal fruit if I wanted something a little lite. You could do this and a glass of wine for $50. Here is a link

If you wanted something more in the city, you could try b bistro in Bolton Hill, which may remind you of Beacon Hill.

Good restaurant near BWI?

The only places in Baltimore that I know of that have a jacket requirement is the Prime Rib and the Oregon Grill. I'm sure there may be one I'm not thinking of, but I would doubt there are many more.

Best $50/plate meal in Baltimore area?

Are you looking for something downtown, or are you looking for something outside of the touristy harbor area?