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Between Boise and Bend

Hi all... hitting the road in a week, heading from Salt Lake City to Sunriver Resort outside Bend.

Need some recommendations for a great place along US 20, or in Bend proper, to grab a bite to eat in the evening before we reach our final stop.

Two beer geeks traveling with 3 boys between 16 and 20, open to just about anything when it comes to food.

We will have had lunch at Big Jud's in Boise, so something with lighter fare and smaller plates would be welcome.

The boys love brewpub food even if they can't enjoy the suds, so those would be most welcome.

What to eat in Dallas?

Herrera's Cafe on Maple Ave west of Oak Lawn for some of the best Tex Mex to be had in the city.

Pecan Lodge or Lockhart Smokehouse for top-notch BBQ.

Beck's Prime and Twisted Root for killer burgers.

Planning 10 nights in NOLA - first trip!

Brigtsen's would never be an option on my list. Always the first place I book when planning a trip. One of these days I will go twice...

Apr 27, 2014
GroovinGourmet in New Orleans

My list of Less Than Famous Central TX BBQ - Which ones?

I caught Hays County on a previous trip, and I thought it was worth the detour from my route. I wouldn't put it in my pantheon of Texas Q (There's Black's, then Louie Mueller's then everyone else IMNSHO), but I was glad I stopped by. Nice variety, large space, nice people.

City Market in Luling is always a must stop for me. Their sausage is really good. Right up there with Elgin in my book. Brisket is pretty yummy, with plenty of flavor and moistness.

Dinner on the way from Amarillo to Shreveport

Your best bet is to head for Trinity Groves in Dallas. Only a slight detour from the northern route, plus it will take you over the new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge which is worth a detour on its own.

There is a killer restaurant row concept in the area just on the other side of the bridge, spearheaded by Phil Romano of Macaroni Grill fame. One of the spots is a "laboratory", housing popup restaurants for limited runs.

I was visiting last week and had a light dinner with my mom at Casa Rubia, which is a Spanish tapas place. It was stunningly good. Can't wait to go back and hit some of the other spots on my next trip home.

Apr 27, 2014
GroovinGourmet in Texas

Midwest Foodie Road Trip

Dinner at Restaurant Tallent on the square in Bloomington, IN is a MUST!

Jun 29, 2013
GroovinGourmet in Great Lakes

Best Indian closest to Glendale?

Salomi looks like a winner. Not too bad a drive, and a comprehensive menu. Thanks!

Best Indian closest to Glendale?

Will be visiting in a few weeks and my dining companion needs a proper introduction to Indian food. Where should we go?

Best lunch spot in Springfield, MA?

I will be through the area on a Monday, and will be stopping for a sales call. Where's the best place to grab a bite?

Best eats on I-78?

I will be driving from Bedford, PA to East Clifton, NJ next Friday. Any can't-miss places I should know about? TIA...

Apr 14, 2013
GroovinGourmet in Pennsylvania

Heading for Cooperstown...

Early on a Sunday morning, from East Clifton, NJ. Three different routes within a few miles and minutes of each other, so where to get breakfast will determine which way I go. Where would you go if you were making that drive?

And I need a place for a great post-HOF hang in Cooperstown, preferably with a nice selection of draft beers. The closer to the Hall the better, as I will be heading to Albany for the night, and my buddy will be heading back to Syracuse.

Road trip recs needed! [Canton/Youngstown]

One look at the Corned Beef Hash on the menu and I'm thinking I gotta go! Will probably hit it on my return as that route hasn't been determined yet. Thanks!

Apr 13, 2013
GroovinGourmet in Great Lakes

Road trip recs needed! [Canton/Youngstown]

I'll be doing a big swing, starting and ending at CAK. Where's the best place for breakfast before heading to the Pro Football HOF in Canton? Also need a good evening hang (think brewpub) in Youngstown, and a place for breakfast there before I head into PA. TIA!

Apr 13, 2013
GroovinGourmet in Great Lakes

Relaxed steak / salmon in Salt Lake City?

Check out Ruby River on 700 East

Looking for low end recs for a last minute buisness trip - breakfast & lunch

No personal experience, but for lunch I'd head here for the Short Rib Stew with Green Chiles, Fried Egg and Cornbread:

Nov 27, 2012
GroovinGourmet in Phoenix

Brief Lockhart Smokehouse report

I'd have to concur, based on my sole visit. Ordered a 1/4 lb from the wet end (had just had lunch with an old highschool buddy at Herrera's so I was already stuffed). I had to do the deviled eggs too, and they did not disappoint. Black's in Lockhart is still my fave brisket, with Louie Mueller not far behind. Have not been to Pecan Lodge, and doesn't look like I will have the opportunity my next trip home. But I have a Thursday afternoon to myself with a car, so Lockhart it is...

Favorite All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant?

A favorite from my pre-diabetic days!

Dec 4-7. Done the big recs.

Add a 3rd for Brigtsen's. Far and away my favorite NO restaurant.

Nov 22, 2012
GroovinGourmet in New Orleans

7-10 Days in Lone Tree/Denver. Help!

I was duly impressed with Steve's Snappin' Dogs on E. Colfax on my last visit. Mezcal is another favorite spot.

Feeding a new diabetic?

Thanks for the support, and the advice to test after 1st hour. My endo prescribed after 2 hours. I am going to mix it up more and take more 1 hour readings to see how my plan is working.

Perhaps I should have said "body chemistry" instead of "blood". That would encompass everything relating to how our body processes what we put in it.

Nov 18, 2012
GroovinGourmet in Special Diets

Diabetes on the rise

Disagree! Go with good dark chocolate! A couple of squares of Lindt or Ghirardelli high-cocoa content is less than 20 grams of carbs. It not only satisfies the need for something sweet, when kept in the fridge they satisfy some crunch cravings too.

And I love making cocolocos with my Keurig brewer. Green Mountain Hot Cocoa is only 9 grams of carbs per serving. Mixed with Carol Jean's Mudslide, it makes for a way tasty hot chocolate drink.

Nov 18, 2012
GroovinGourmet in Special Diets

Feeding a new diabetic?

Just curious... does Dr. Hyman address different blood types via differentiation in his regimen(s)?

I think blood type is a huge factor. I'm about 7 weeks into dealing with diabetes. I've always responded well to the Atkins diet, and love eating that way. Then I read "Eat 4 Your Type" and it all made sense. As a Type O I am genetically programmed to eat red meat (hunter as opposed to gatherer).

As soon as I found out about my condition, but before seeing my endocrinologist, I reverted to the kind of low carb diet I would if I were in maintenance on Atkins.

Thanks to blood testing I've figured out what I can and cannot enjoy. The good news is that beer does not have the detrimental effect on blood sugar I thought it would, even though I still have to moderate alcohol because of Metformin.

Even better is dark chocolate. A couple of squares of Lindt or Ghirardelli (the pure chocolate varieties) is no more than 15 grams of carbs, the fruit and/or nut versions a bit more. Kept in the fridge it delivers some crunch satisfaction in addition to quality sweet.

For me that is the big thing... most of the foods that are bad for me are usually available in mediocre versions. Makes it easy for me to cut out, knowing I know how to make room for when I have the chance to eat truly extraordinary things (mostly potatoes... I can go without eating pasta or rice forver no problem).

IMNSH or educated opinion, I think there is too much that depends on individual blood chemistry for there to be anything resembling a blanket approach. Test way more frequently than your doctor prescribes and you should be able to figure out what you can eat and how much of it you can enjoy.

I'm still ramping up into the kind of exercise regimen I need, but, with the exception of a couple of spikes, my numbers have looked really good so far.

Nov 18, 2012
GroovinGourmet in Special Diets

Whole Food negatives

Interesting... I visit TJ's in Vegas and whenever I am in California. I find the layout of the western region stores to be pretty consistent. We are getting one here in SLC, to open later this month. Will see how they do layout-wise. I'm new to dealing with diabetes, so my TJ's shopping list will be way different. And, of course, being in Utah there will be no booze. Always said that is what would keep TJ's out, but I am glad they proved me wrong!

Nov 18, 2012
GroovinGourmet in Chains

Brents looking for third location

Caramelized onions in the chopped liver...

Fieri - best. takedown. ever.

The bit about the snails arriving under their own steam is priceless!

Salt Lake City eats, are these worthwhile?

Glad the gnocchi at Wild Grape lived up to the hype!

I'm newly diagnosed as diabetic, but that dish is not going anywhere... skipping the oh-so-fabulous blood orange mojitos is more than a fair trade-off.

2 days in Dallas


Spices, deli in SLC

Utah County is a bit of a schlep to SLC and back for provisions.

As for Kosher-style delis, I only know of one., the deli at 9th and 9th has received positive buzz, though I have not been yet.

Spice-wise I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps a stocking order with Penzey's?

Need Costa Mesa area restaurant with private room for 25 or so

First place I would check is Scott's, right across from South Coast Plaza.

Where in OC...

would you take a group of first-time visitors from Germany?

I'm a former Fountain Valley resident, so I certainly have my favorite spots, but would love to share a quintessential SoCal dining experience for my foreign guests. We'll be based in Anaheim, but will have wheels, so distance is not an issue.

Scott's in Costa Mesa was the first place to come to mind, and then I contemplated making the drive to East LA for Serenata De Garibaldi, so I am open to a range of places.