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Grandma's Grotto in Horsham

My husband was recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant. We are in search of any restaurant which has a gluten free menu....and is not a chain. Grandma's Grotto has the most extensive GF menu we have found in our short search. The food was wonderful. We are so grateful to find so many options and without having to substitute this or omit that! We can eat with peace of mind and actually feel like we are part of the group, enjoying the same choices as everyone else. Thank you Grandma's Grotto!

Grandma's Grotto
986 Easton Rd, Horsham, PA 19044

Jul 27, 2010
sweetpea2 in Philadelphia

Where can I buy Virginia peanuts?

I tried them recently for the first time. They are great. What makes them Virginia Peanuts other than that's where they are grown mostly? I was told that they are just a larger peanut. To me it seems like more than that. Maybe in the cooking/roasting??? Anyway I haven't been able to find them in the Baltimore area. I'm crossing my fingers that Whole Foods carries them!

Philadelphia To Baltimore

Looking for a place or two to eat while traveling from Philadelphia to Baltimore.

Any suggestions?

Aug 13, 2009
sweetpea2 in Mid-Atlantic

seeking new restaurants in Bucks County area

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Mama D's. My husband and I enjoy it there. They have a pizza that's made on a very light and airy bread that's wonderful. The food is consistently good and priced right. It's a nice ride and nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of more congested areas. In addition to their own wine they sell other Italian items like fresh dried oregano, sauces and pastas just to name a few.

Aug 10, 2009
sweetpea2 in Philadelphia


We just purchased our first grill and am looking to find a place to get good Kosher meats and chicken to cook. Also, a store to buy fresh fish would also be appreciated.



Ok, we've gotten down to 3 grills to choose from-the CHAR-BROIL RED ($450) vs the WEBER GENESIS E 320($700-we were hoping to spend less) vs the WEBER SPIRIT E-310 ($ 499).

We were set to get the Spirit E-310 until we saw the most recent Consumer Reports rating, where it was not even listed(and the E-210 only received a 68 rating). We've always heard good things about Webers, but when we saw that the Char-Broil received an 81 rating (out of a possible 100, with the highest score being an 86 which was received by the Genesis), we began thinking in that direction.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Is the Genesis good enough to warrant a $200 price difference?

There were 2 Char Broils in the store- both Char-Broil Reds, but with a $150 difference. Does anyone know the difference? The people at the the store did not, nor did the brochure.

The grill will be used for 2 people mostly, but up to 15 or so for summertime barbeques. Nothing fance-just hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, meats, fish etc.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for the help.


Jun 18, 2009
sweetpea2 in Cookware


Hi-we've been looking at some grills and see that some advertise infrared while others do not. What is the difference? Would you recommend it ? Thanks-

Jun 18, 2009
sweetpea2 in Cookware

Shelf Life For Reviews And Posts

How far back can one go to look at posts or reviews of restaurants and still maintain some sense of accuracy? I know it probably changes based on restaurant, owners etc, but does anyone have a rule of thumb?


Jan 09, 2009
sweetpea2 in Not About Food

Winery with restaurant

Thanks for your input. I will keep that in mind for myself. For this particular outing it's for a company/department "fun day", so it is a bit far for us to fit in.

Winery with restaurant

I know of one in Bucks County PA. It's out of my range for this outing.

Mamma D's Italian Restaurant & Desiato Winery
6637 Easton Road
Pipersville, PA 18947

The food is wonderful. I've tried some wines and have enjoyed them but have not actually visited the winery. Thanks for your response.

Winery with restaurant

I'm interested in finding a winery that also has a restaurant on site. Is there any place in the extended Baltimore area? Even up 83 toward PA would work. I would say within an hour drive. I look forward to your recs!

Looking for a great Rehearsal dinner spot in Wilmington DE!

I believe the Columbus Inn which katecm mentioned is now closed. The other place she may be talking about is the Mendenhall Inn. That would be nice.

Charlottesville (UVA)

Wow. What luck. Thanks for the link. We'll take the article with us.

Charlottesville (UVA)

We will be driving from Baltimore to Charlottesville, VA on Sunday, 5/11. We are going to UVA for the Lacrasse tornament. We are travelling back and forth in one day. Any restaurant recommendations would be appreciated. We will be dressed casually. I know it's Mother's I'm sure many restaurants will be busy. We like most types of food. Suggestions can be for any where along the route. We'll need a lunch stop and a late dinner stop.

We're looking forward to your suggestions!!

Peabody institute

Again, thanks for all the recommendations. We just got back from Sotto Sopra. It was delicious. Our guests really enjoyed themselves. Our waitress was cheerful and helpful with descriptions. This was our first time in the Mount Vernon area. We walked a few blocks and passed many of the restaurants that everyone mentioned. We will definitely go back and try some of the others on our own.

Peabody institute

Wow. Thank you all so much. We will be having dinner on Tuesday--probably moderately priced. I don't know how adventurous the group is. I know 1 of the 2 guests is a little adventurous. I'm not sure about the other one. They passed Sascha's today and mentioned that it looked nice, so that's a possibility. We've heard great things about Helmand so I will give that option as well. I would say for this visit not a hole in the wall or bar.

Peabody institute

Will be in the area of the Peabody Institute. I don't know what the area is called but its around the 600 block of Charles Street. We have access to a car but it will probably be easier to walk. I welcome any suggestions within walking distance or not too far by car.


Just ate at a great Italian restaurant, La Casa Di Lucia on Bustleton Avenue at Philmont. The portions are very generous and prices are reasonable. A nice romantic place is The Inn at Phillips Mill. I think it's in New Hope, or just north.

Jun 16, 2007
sweetpea2 in Pennsylvania

Lower Bucks County

I'm staying in the Newtown area. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on where to take a nice drive..maybe 45 min-1 hr....and end up eating at a good restaurant.

Jun 16, 2007
sweetpea2 in Pennsylvania