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Paris for 4 nights, food help!

Ok, let me rephrase.. does anybody know any good, reasonably priced, non-pretentious places to eat in and around the Latin Quarter? I wasn't able to find much info by searching for "latin quarter".. so if anybody has good suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Also, any places for dinner that don't require reservations in that area? These don't have to be fine restaurants, but don't let that stop you from suggesting those as well :)

Thank you!

Jun 16, 2007
E2007 in France

Paris for 4 nights, food help!

Me and my girlfriend will be in Paris for 4 nights starting next week!

We don't speak French, and are looking for good food, we're not interested in ambiance, palatial dining rooms, celebrity people watching, etc.. just great food, a casual non-intimidating atmosphere, and reasonable prices.

Any suggestions would be great, we are staying in the Latin Quarter, and on one day we will be in the North of the city, around St Denis or Montmartre, also around Marais, west of the Latin Quarter is good too... so these are our target areas, but.. we are willing to trek out to a locale for good food, since Paris has a great and easy to use Metro.

Looking for outstanding French food, and are open to international foods also. Would like to try African food once, but otherwise good French food sounds wonderful.

thank you!!


Jun 15, 2007
E2007 in France