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Philly's Best Korean?

I've always been disappointed by Han Wool and Pastoral. If you want great Korean, you have to go North Philly (there is actually a Koreatown!). My favorite is Seorabol (http://www.philadelphiakoreanrestaura...). The prices are good, and they have the best pajeon I've had in Philly. It's crispy outside, without being greasy, and fluffy inside. They're generous with the banchan, AND they use charcoal, not gas (at least they did the last I was there). I needed to make a reservation, b/c I was going with a big crowd. When I called, I didn't get someone who spoke English, but when I mentioned something on Chowhound, I got a quick response and an email, and made the reservation, no problem. That was the only sticky point, service-wise. When you go, they are very friendly and nice--even to non-korean speakers. I've had bad experiences in some restaurants b/c I'm a Korean that doesn't speak. I definitely do not experience that at Seorabol.

Jun 01, 2010
bananafish in Philadelphia

Searching for Salad

I second the votes for Marathon Grill and Pietro's. Both places have creative, large and tasty salads. There's also several Asian grocery stores with great NY-style salad bars. I like VIP on Walnut (between 12th and 13th, I think), but there are others that are good, too.

May 04, 2009
bananafish in Pennsylvania


I second International Grocery at 42nd and Walnut. Just take the Market Frankord line, and it's a couple of blocks walk from the stop. We always get ours there (frozen), and it's delicious. It's also around the corner from a couple of the best kabob places in the city (Kabobeesh and Saad's)

May 04, 2009
bananafish in Pennsylvania

Fork or Farmicia?

Love Fork. In fact, I love it so much I had my rehearsal dinner there. Farmicia, I only go to for desserts. The food is so hit-or-miss and the service is sometimes lacking. The desserts are always good, though. I've never had a problem during any of the many times I've been to Fork.

May 04, 2009
bananafish in Pennsylvania

Cramer's Bakery--Yardley

pumpkin cookies!!!!! plus, growing up in Yardley meant everyone I knew got Cramer's cakes for their birthdays.

May 04, 2009
bananafish in Philadelphia

Non-speaking Korean wants to go to Seorabol

Help! I want to take a big group to Seorabol, because I've read that they're one of the best in Koreatown, but when I tried to call for a reservation, I was told "No English!"

So . . .

1) Does anyone know if it will be hard for me to get a BBQ table for ten on a Saturday night without a reservation?

2) Does anyone know if they tend to be biased against non-speaking Koreans? I've experienced this in other places run by Koreans. When they see me, they expect me to speak, but I'm adopted, and never learned the language. Then when they learn I don't speak, they get hostile and give me poor service.

3) Almost everyone else in the group is non-Asian. Will the servers take that as a signal to give us the white person stuff?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

May 04, 2009
bananafish in Pennsylvania

Thai in Westchester - Rate Your Best

Red Lotus -- by far. Just order 'Thai spicy' and you'll get as close to the real deal as possible without heading to Queens.

Spice Village ( new Indian in Tuckahoe )

I was very pleasantly surprised. Giddy almost to have a quality Indian in this area. Chicken chettinand was excellent as was the chana masala. I ordered the sampler appetizer which was great -- lamb samosa, mixed tandoori grill, etc. Put it this way -- it was as good as the first time I ate at Coromandel in New Rochelle.