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Blackbird, Asheville

We went to Red Stagg for Christmas before and it was sorely disappointing. Can you report on your Thanksgiving experience if that is where you ate?

Nov 24, 2012
leanpig in Southeast

Thanksgiving and the week after

Thanks for the info. After we return I'll post a report. We have a Fuddruckers in Asheville so I won't be checking out Fuddrucker's but look forward to some of the other recommendations.

4500 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Sep 30, 2011
leanpig in Las Vegas

Thanksgiving and the week after

Hi, my husband and I will be visiting Vegas from Thanksgiving through the weekend. We are going to take a side trip down to the Grand Canyon (staying in Williams) and then back to Vegas from Tuesday through Saturday.

We are staying at the New Orleans for the first part to Vegas because we are attending a BB tournament. Any recommendations for food in that hotel. We like good food, but since this is a 1.5 week trip every meal cannot be $100 or more pp.

My husband mentioned he would like to have a steak at a ranch. Are there any between Vegas and Williams that anyone has any information on?

We are looking for some local food (I've been scouting the website and I'm excited about some of the possibilities.) Being from Asheville, NC we have so many food options in our area including Himalayan, Mediterranian, etc. The two cuisines that fall short for us are seafood and Chinese. I found a posting regarding Chinese food and hope we will get to try one or two of those options. The best and closest Mongolian BBQ is 4 hours from us. Are there any good options for Mongolian BBQ in Vegas?

Thanks for your help!

Aug 06, 2011
leanpig in Las Vegas

Close to Delta Chelsea and Air Canada Centre

Well it was okay, but not memorable. I was trying to remember what I had and cannot. It wasn't bad at all. It just wasn't something I remember.

Close to Delta Chelsea and Air Canada Centre

We ended up eating at Donatello's. I wanted to do Adega after reviewing the menu but my daughter (teenager) didn't like that idea.

We had a great meal at Donatello's.

33 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1H1, CA

Donatello Restaurant
37 Elm Street, Toronto, ON , CA

Road trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon with maybe a little time to hit Sedona and/or Flagstaff

We are going to Vegas to watch Basketball over Thanksgiving. We will leave Vegas on Sunday and hit the Hoover Dam on our way to Williams. I would like to see the GC and do maybe Flagstaff and Sedona.

Any great places we should have dinner on Sunday night around Williams? Monday we will spend at the Grand Canyon and then some more sight seeing on Tuesday before going back to Vegas for the rest of our trip.

My husband wants a killer steak in a dude ranch kind of atmosphere. Any ideas around that?

It's just me and him for this trip.

Your help is appreciated as we haved had any adventures in this part of our great country yet.

Jul 09, 2011
leanpig in Southwest

Close to Delta Chelsea and Air Canada Centre

We are taking my daughter (13) to see Glee on 6/12. We will be staying at the Delta Chelsea. Can someone recommend a good restaurant somewhere in the vacinity as we will be flying in that day and won't have time to explore before the show.

I would like a good seafood restaurant or steakhouse. I don't want to eat to adventerous on our first outing.

Your help is appreciated.

Air Canada Centre
40 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J2X2, CA

4 days in Toronto

Thanks for the info on the double deckers. I think we are going to do the double decker upon arrival and get a good lay of the land and then set off exploring. Excited to see there are street cars.

4 days in Toronto

We are staying at the Delta Chelsea. I think utilizing the double decker bus (although we will have a car) might be the best way to get around at times. We drove in LA, but sometimes public transport can get you there quicker.

4 days in Toronto

We will have a car. We will have a teenager with us. I'm not looking to spend a fortune on mediocre food. We always try to hit local restaurants rather than chains unless it is a chain we don't have in the south.

And I'd love to bring you guys some BBQ but I think customs would frown upon the pig on the plane.

4 days in Toronto

My DH and DD (13) and I are spending 4 days in Toronto in June. We are looking to experience some good seafood, Chinese food and whatever else is suggested that we think is interesting.

We are from NC so don't recommend any BBQ as we are very picky BBQ people. My husband doesn't care for Indian Cuisine either.

Other than that we are wide open to suggestions. Not looking to spend a lot of money but a couple of nice places aren't out of the question.

Best burger in Asheville?

I have always enjoyed Hannah Flannaghan's in Hendersonville for burgers. However, Wayside catered burgers at our work and they were out of this world. That was month's ago and people are still asking when we can have another catered lunch from there.

Aug 15, 2010
leanpig in Southeast

Four Oaks Fish Camp

I was passing through Old Fort this afternoon on my way back to Asheville and saw a billboard for Four Oaks Fish Camp touting fresh scallops and fish. I have a feeling this is misleading; however, since seafood is mediocre at best in Asheville I was hoping this was a good place for seafood not too far away.

Has anyone been?

Nov 08, 2009
leanpig in Southeast

First time in Asheville, NC -Report

The carrot cake at the Chocolate Lounge is fabulous.

Nov 02, 2009
leanpig in Southeast

Thanksgiving in Asheville NC

We ate at Fiore's Cottonwood downtown in 2007 for Thanksgiving. It was a plate full of Thanksgiving fair including some new items that were all perfectly prepared. They also had other items. It was a fabulous meal.

Aug 09, 2009
leanpig in Southeast

Modesto's Trattoria Sunday Lunch

We had a wonderful meal at Modesto's on Sunday. The service was superb considering they only had one server seating, taking orders, filling drinks, working inside & out, delivering food and ringing people out.

We shared the Caprese salad to begin with. They say they make their own mozzerela - very flavorful. It was a very good salad. My daughter had the chicken parmagian. It was very good with a large portion of chicken; however it had a bite to it that the 11 year old said was a little too hot. I enjoyed the Fennel Rubbed Pork dish which was heavenly. I don't think I have ever had a wood grilled pork pasta dish. The sauce it was cooked with could be used as a heavy winter soup base. Very filling. My husband ordered a steak sandwich with french onion soup. He never received his salad.

The waiter in frustation finally quit letting people seat themselves until he could catch up. That was very wise.

The other good thing about this restaurant was the cost. The salad was $7 and the other entrees were $8 each. Very cost concious for lunch.

I would stop by here again and see if they have adequate wait staff. If so, I would definately dine here.

1 Page Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Apr 27, 2009
leanpig in General South Archive

Bostonians Visiting Asheville w/Toddler...?

My family lives in Asheville and my daughter is now 11 and we take her everywhere, always have. You can usually tell if they are up for dinner out.

Kid friendly places: Asheville Pizza & Brewing on Merrimon Avenue for different pizza flavors, beer, toys to keep the kiddo occupied. Cats & Dawgs down at the Grove Arcade has a wonderful Shrimp Po' Boy along with Catfish Sandwiches and hot dogs (they have a couple of tables on the right side of the restaurant as the rest is mostly bar and counter space.) Barley's and Mellow Mushroom are both good choices.

I like to shop at FreshMarket and get things for what we call snack dinner: cheese, crackers, salads, blue crab artichoke dip, wine, maybe some shrimp, olives, mozzarella etc.

Apr 27, 2009
leanpig in General South Archive

Easter Brunch with tweens & DH on Easter

WE will be in Cocoa Beach on Easter and I would like to maybe make reservations somewhere in a mid price range $15 per person or a little more if needed for a Sunday Brunch.

We are also looking for a casual church to attend that morning, also.

Any recommendations?

Mar 19, 2009
leanpig in Florida

Savannah with husband & tweens

We are heading to Cocoa Beach for Spring Break. We live in Ashevile, NC and are used to the quaint downtown restaurants.

Asheville is lacking in the seafood arena. We will spend 2 nights in Savannah on each end of the trip to break it up. Would love some good seafood. What restaurants for dinner & breakfast would you recommend?

Nothing too expensive or fancy as we are on vacation with two 11 year old girls.


Mar 14, 2009
leanpig in General South Archive

Asheville Recommendations?

Thanks for all the recommendations. We will probably go to Corner Kitchen. I think that will be our best bet.

Jan 30, 2009
leanpig in General South Archive

Asheville FYI

They just put the sign up but haven't started remodeling. It's been empty for a while, so they will have to do some remodel I'm sure. But I would say by early summer or late spring. But who knows, they could come in one weekend and get it all done and open the next week.

Jan 30, 2009
leanpig in General South Archive

Asheville Recommendations?

We have a budget and it is a company meal so we aren't really worried about wine. So we had to nix Table as we could only afford appetizers even with the coupon. $30 a plate isn't an option for us.

Last time we went to Vincenzo's with a coupon and it was out of this world!

Jan 28, 2009
leanpig in General South Archive

Asheville Recommendations?

Our support team dinner is next month and these are the restaurants we are looking at based on them having a coupon on for a group: Curras Dom, Corner Kitchen, Forest Blue, or One Love II.

I've only been to Corner Kitchen. Has anyone been to Forest Blue yet? I searched the board and didn't find and reviews. Has anyone been to Curras Dom recently?

I wonder if One Love will be the right menu for the group going.

Any help is appreciated.

Jan 28, 2009
leanpig in General South Archive

Asheville Food Scene -- What does it need?

Asheville needs a good Mongolian BBQ like Bali Hi (not sure of the spelling) in Raleigh on Wake Forest Road. It is awesome.

Asheville also needs consistency in the restaurants it has. They are all pretty much hit or miss. There are a few exceptions but for the most part you don't get what you pay for and the service isn't spectacular for the calibur of cuisine the chef is trying to achieve.

And Asheville needs decent desserts. And some really good seafood. Now, I haven't been to the Lobster Trap, but every where else just hasn't met my expectation.

Just my 2C

Sep 09, 2008
leanpig in Southeast

Disney Dinner Recs Needed

Jiko's is more upscale than Boma's (buffet). Jiko's is at AKL (animal kingdom lodge) and you can catch the bus from Beach Club to Downtown Disney and transfer to AKL. That is what is awesome about Disney. You can park your car and use park transportation all week long.

The wine tasting in Germany was fun (EPCOT) as were the Margaritas in Mexico. You can walk around EPCOT and try several countries food. Filet de boeuf grille, sauce au poivre noir Gratin Dauphinois et haricots verts - Grilled tenderloin of beef with a black pepper sauce original potato gratin of Savoy and green beans $31.95 at Chefs De France in EPCOT was the best steak I've ever eaten out anywhere. I enjoyed eating at Cindy's Castle (make resses now) and breakfast is cheaper than dinner and the characters are there during the meal (Magic Kingdom). Make a late breakfast reservation and sleep in, then go eat as a family and then stay in the park while everyone else with kiddos goes back to the room for the afternoon.

The 50's primetime cafe at Magic Kingdom is hilarious as your cousins bust you for bad manners and talk to you like you are family.

Tony's Town Square is Italian. Their Calamari was awesome as was the salmon and other dishes we got. The service was impecable. It is near the entrance to Magic Kingdom.

I didn't enjoy Wolfgang Pucks.

If you are basketball fans you could go watch a game and eat at ESPN Zone. That is fun - but I doubt you could get a table for all of you in the same general vacinity unless you get there freakishly early.

The Hoop Dee Doo Review at Fort Wilderness (take the boat to get there) as a family would be a hoot. It would entertain the kids and give you a meal.

If you all want to eat together with such a large group you really must make reservations now.

Aug 23, 2008
leanpig in Florida

Dog friendly in Asheville?

That is the issue. They are usually tied to a fence or on a loose chain outside near the entrace.

Aug 17, 2008
leanpig in General South Archive

Asheville- Help:Foodie with Foodie child

I have a 10 year old that love salad, shrimp, calamari, ribs, etc. I've found that splitting my meal with her is easier than trying to find something inexpensive as most restaurants worth dining in for a food in Asheville don't really have a kid's menu and when they do it is still grilled cheese & chicken fingers. Or the other option is ordering off the appetizer menu for her and splitting my salad with her.

Aug 17, 2008
leanpig in General South Archive

12 Bones-Asheville- what to get?

If they have the roasted tomato soup, it is to die for. They had it at the Manna Soup Bowls fundraiser last year and then I ordered a large quanity last November for a dinner and they finally put it on the menu at times. It is wonderful. I love the cranberry or blue berry ribs. I also adore the jalapeno cheese grits (bite of hot without being overbearing).

Aug 17, 2008
leanpig in General South Archive

Dog friendly in Asheville?

Jon, I live in Asheville and cannot take my child to many of our fine downtown establishments because she is terrified of dogs. Just drive through downtown and look. You will find many places where your dog is welcome; however, that means my child isn't.

Aug 17, 2008
leanpig in General South Archive

Anything new in PCB or Destin not to be missed?

We ate at Mike's Diner for breakfast twice (good, inexpensive, consistent food) My husband brought us doughnuts from Thomas's once. They were okay. I thought I was going to go into a diabetic coma after eating the cream filled chocolate covered one. They sell out of doughnuts early and aren't open on Wednesdays.

My favorite meal of the trip was at Reggae J's in Pier Park. I had the Amberjack with crabmeat topping with a side of mashed plantains, sweet potatoe fries and conch fritters. The fish was cooked perfectly and those were the best mashed plantains I had ever ordered. My husband had the cuban sandwich which he said was over cooked.

We went to Margaritaville for my birthday lunch and my husband had the best hamburger he has had in forever. They must grind their own meat because they were able to cook the burger med rare. It was phenominal. We also had the calamari appetizer which was scrumptious. I had a crab cake sandwich that was good but not amazing. The entertainment is fun. FYI, long lines at night and it is cold inside and loud.

Buffalo Wild Wings was a dissapointment. We really enjoy the one in Chapel Hill but this one the wings were smaller than eggs. My salad was okay, but it tasted preserved almost. The waiter said they were slow and had been for a week. Maybe word is getting out.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries in Pier Park was a very tasty inexpensive burger (not as good as Margaritaville - but two different price points). We didn't try the hot dogs. But we loved the fries and the burgers were juicy although cooked well done (lots of greese!)

Dirty Dicks Crab House was an utter disappointment. I ordered the spicy steamed shrimp and they were rubber. We had the fried rib with grits appetizer and it was horrible. The ribs were smoothered in a sweet bbq sauce and the grits were definately over seasoned. My husband's dish (I can't remember what it was) was very mediocre. My daughter got the child's rib basket ($8.99) and she ate two bites and couldn't stomach any more. We sent my shrimp back and they were returned the same way - rubber. $80 wasted

Our last night we ate at the Brazillian Steakhouse. It is like $24 per person and you get a 30 item side bar (salads, pastas, etc.) which they like you to fill up on before serving you over cooked meat. We begged for rare to med rare meat. It was all over cooked. I had heard about these restaurants before, but this one was not good. $85 wasted

Aug 13, 2008
leanpig in Florida