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slice of pizza anywhere near the financial district/downtown crossing?

Where you can one get a decent slice of pizza downtown? In the Downtown Crossing - South Station area. Anything? If there was an Otto's around there it would kill.

Jan 13, 2014
ewen in Greater Boston Area

The Biscuit in Somerville?

I love this place and the owners are great people.

Mar 09, 2013
ewen in Greater Boston Area

Teele Square: Indian take-out

I walked by "Guru the caterer" dozens of times over the past couple years. (1297 Broadway next to the New Delhi Market) Recently there was a small sign reading "take-out." So, after getting a tip from a knowledgeable food lover (recommended the chapatis), I went in. Pushp (Pushpinder) prepares a couple of dishes a day and does most of his business with the box lunch crowd at MIT and elsewhere. And is now selling from his place on Broadway. There's a non-veg and a veg choice, with basmati rice, roti. Not to overstate it, but it's some of the best Indian food I have had in the Boston area, really good. Not heavy/oily/too rich but flavorful, fresh and the real deal. And he's a nice guy. So, if you are in the neighborhood and he has his sign out, pop in and check him out.
Oh yeah, it's

Jun 15, 2007
ewen in Greater Boston Area