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A friend tells me that this restaurant was closed today (wednesday) when he walked by, not a person, not a hanging pig, nothing. Chinese New Year?

King's Noodle House
296 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Indus Junction on Queen St. West

This place looks promising. Always hoping for a Masala Zone like place in TO.
Any reports?


yes I would also have to agree.
The food is entirely mediocre (or worse) and overpriced. Right from the very beginning you know that the kitchen is making no effort to serve anything close to authentic italian. Its all cutting corners here. The olive oil that is served with the wonder bread version of italian bread is awful and cheap. Surely we've moved past this stage in toronto but apparently this is still ok. The pizza was entirely disappointing, with a soggy crust and salty mushrooms. Just plain bad. I seem to remember this place getting a pretty good review but plainly this was some time ago. As for cool this is also a thing of the past. The service is a little like 'hooters'. Nice people but the big bono glasses and the matching red shirts do nothing for the atmosphere.