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Downtown Charleston restaurants for people with food allergies?

Husk was EXTREMELY accommodating to my dietary restriction. I emailed prior to visiting and I was encouraged by chef to let them know date of visit and specifics of my needs. It simply could not have been better!

Mar 15, 2013
powderhound in Southeast

Is home cooking an art, or a craft?

Cooking is a skill which may be honed to a craft.

If seriously considering "cooking" as a culturally defined "art", then one must immediately examine the definition of "art". I enjoy food as much as the next mammal; however, I would not confuse tasty, well-plated sustenance with art.

Feb 10, 2012
powderhound in General Topics

Looking for Pizza in Charleston Historic District

Andolini's (88 Wentworth) is an easy quick couple of blocks away. Consistently delivers NY-style happiness in a delightfully funky space. Great for a slice when hitting King St. or perfect for a pie anytime.

Oct 03, 2011
powderhound in Southeast

Trying to Find a Boiled Shrimp Po Boy. Hound SOS!

Thank you so much everyone.

I concur that making it at home is the definitive way to go. However, I am taking my husband on a fried shrimp po boy fiesta and I thought it would be rather awesome to get to play along.

I cannot believe I missed my precondition chance to have a bbq shrimp po boy. Let this be a lesson to all. I beseech you, have that spicy, buttery baby now. Make it happen.

Loved the grilled suggestion, too.

Sep 20, 2010
powderhound in New Orleans

Trying to Find a Boiled Shrimp Po Boy. Hound SOS!

Does anyone know of a place serving a boiled shrimp po boy?

Due to a wicked dietary restriction, I cannot have much/any fat :O. I am hoping to find a boiled answer to fill the void of the banished fried shrimp po boy.

I appreciate your help!

Sep 19, 2010
powderhound in New Orleans

HELP! Mr. B's or K-Paul's Kitchen? (Bachelorette Party)

Definitely K-Paul's. I love starting an evening there! The vivacious atmosphere sets a spectacular tone for the evening and the food is always en pointe. Request downstairs dining room and laissez le bon temp roulette.

Sep 15, 2010
powderhound in New Orleans

Pile of Crawfish

In the Quarter, definitely check out Yo Mama's. They boil Thurs-Sunday, 3 boils a day, serving first one around noon. The season normally wraps in June so you may want to call first, depending upon your arrival date.

Yo Mama's does a great boil. Flavorful base with nicely sized, sweet crawfish. Cannot miss!

Jun 04, 2010
powderhound in New Orleans

New Orleans May 4 - 8 - Need Help Refining Dining Choices

Surprisingly good crawfish boil in the Quarter: Yo Mama's (727 St. Peter St.) Thur-Sat, first boil of three served up around noon. $8 for 2 lbs. crawfish. Loved them this weekend, plump and sweet.

Lunch or Dinner: K-Paul's (416 Chartres St.). Lunch... Thurs- Sat (11am- 2pm). Excellent casual "order at the counter" lunch with seriously low prices. Dinner...upbeat, boisterous environment sets the perfect background for the simple yet euphoric dinner to come. Sublime gumbo, oysters pernod, blackened drum, bread pudding. I am a fan.

Apr 28, 2010
powderhound in New Orleans

Quarter recommendations & beyond/Nov 18-23

Check out Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel. John Besh's team is doing some exceptional Italian influenced temptations. The menu is perfect for a meandering palate, ideal for sharing or great for individual pursuits. The atmosphere is sublime, warm, relaxed and inviting. The menu mirrors this. Small plates, large plates, entrees, you name it, Domenica will leave you delighted and plotting a return visit.

Bonus: The Roosevelt renovation is spectacular. Check out the Sazerac Bar for drinks and a fabulous trip back in time.

Nov 09, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

Last night in NOLA

Are Luke's happy hour oysters their fabulous p&j's (are these the same quality as their usual raw bar offerings)?

Oct 27, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

Chicken Wing Brine HELP!

Removing the wings from brine this evening will still return the moist goodness you expect with a bonus. Rinse and place wings on drying rack (a cooling grid dropped in a sheet pan). Let the wings dry in the fridge overnight. Skin will be fabulously crisp after grilling.

I use this overnight drying method for all of my poultry brining; whether grilling or smoking, I have been in crisp skin heaven since.

Oct 19, 2009
powderhound in Home Cooking

White Russian variations, please

Oh, that is inspired! I was reading this thread lamenting not being able to have a WR again as I am relegated to a fat-free existence and then this stroke of genius.

You just made chilly Fall nights by the fire FUN again :)

Sep 17, 2009
powderhound in Spirits

Help from the Regulars

Check out Luke (in the CBD, quick walk from FQ). John Besh's take on the french brasserie is always my go-to choice on Sunday nights. Convivial atmosphere will perfectly compliment your Decadence weekend,

Aug 19, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

The Best Thing You Ever Ate: New Orleans

After much consideration and mental food porn, I give this one to John Besh. August's butter poached lobster served over pork belly was truly life changing (two weeks after enjoying this entree, I bid farewell to my lightweight gallbladder. I proudly tell my gastro team that I destroyed the defunct organ in New Orleans). It was magical!

Jul 15, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

Charleston, SC Where to Go?

Peninsula Grill and Basil are simply still "do not miss". Chef Carter seems to really be on his game as my last three visits (from November 08-last week) have been complete perfection.

Looking for great food in Charleston...

Another ardent supporter of Peninsula Grill. I like Charleston Grill; however, Peninsula simply out performs in every category for me.

Of course, for a fab lunch or casual dinner, Thai Basil is my go to. The fact that I can grab a post-lunch treat at Cupcake does not hurt.

Jun 29, 2009
powderhound in Southeast

Chattanooga: show me what ya got!

I go to Chattanooga strictly for The Meeting Place. Exceptional quality of food, with a cool, laid-back vibe. Never met a drink there I did not become extremely friendly with. Go forth and Meet!

lunch in new orleans

Luke or K-Paul's.

K-Paul's serves lunch Thurs-Sat, with a menu that changes weekly. It is a casual set-up, designed more for takeout than dining in; however, they do have some tables set in the dining room. This is a fabulous option if the weather is nice and you are looking for something to enjoy on a riverfront park bench.

Apr 27, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

Never had oysters-recommendations

You are already poised for greatness. Luke has simply spectacular p&j oysters, served raw. They are dreamy and creamy. I have had them three times this week and tonight is looking pretty strong for a fourth outing.

Apr 16, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

1st timers trip report

Thank you for the exceptional report! Now you've done it...I'm off to to book a trip to New Orleans. Then, I feel a trip to the gym may be in order to pre-work off my intended multitude of sins.

You really put together an outstanding chow trip. I loved your idea of ordering from Verti Mart before heading out of town. That is the ultimate carry-on. I am definitely going to copy this one!

I hope this is one of many, many more trips to New Orleans for you.

Mar 11, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

ISO Upscale great restaurants in Charleston

I have to echo the intense Peninsula Grill sentiment expressed above. After years of looking to be wowed in Charleston, Peninsula Grill totally delivered last November. It was so exceptional an evening (inclusive of service, food and Chef Bob Carter's adroit hospitality) that we went three nights in a row.

I love finally having a slam-dunk "go to" place in Charleston.

Good restaurants that don't mind kids?

Bayona dinner environment is not conducive to children. However, if it is nice, Bayona's lunch on the courtyard would be an option.

Feb 17, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

Faves in the French Quarter?

Second Bayona, great lunch (sweet courtyard) or dinner. Also K-Paul's, EAT and Cafe Beignet on Royal for an easy breakfast. And my guilty cheap-a** pleasure, Popeye's on Canal. I love living in a world where I can have Popeye's for lunch and August for dinner...and celebrate the culinary brilliance of each.

Feb 16, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

N.O. on Foot

I am an uber girly-girl and a bbq shrimp addict. Yes, those two attributes can coexist in harmony. I have never found the dish to be particularly messy. I do not have a section of my wardrobe dedicated to "bbq shrimp" consumption. OK, you use your hands to peel them...I find nothing highlights a manicure like a peppery butter sauce. And, to complete the look, I am told I stick my pinkies out when I peel and de-head; yes, etiquette is alive and well.

Personal trick: I peel ALL the shrimp first and let them soak in the warm butter bath naked. I make a valiant effort to wipe off my hands (enter wet-nap of your choosing) and then make this a traditional knife & fork endeavor. The brilliance is you seem so polite; however, the bottomline is that you have an even more flavorful excursion.

Feb 10, 2009
powderhound in New Orleans

Limelight, Prima or Panzano (Denver)?

I am visiting Denver in a couple of weeks, for three nights and could use some insight. My husband is a Zengo fan, so night 1 is set. The other two nights we are questing something walkable for the Marriott Center City (17th & California), with great food and a good environment (upbeat, chic, funky, warm or cool, it all works...just as long as the setting has been considered to some extent).

There is the "pain in the booty" kicker, though, I had surgery recently and have some dietary limitations; I need a kitchen that can have a bit of flexibility (low fat is my friend). I have read that Limelight can be a bit czarist in their preparation and I wonder if they should be off my list. I tend to seek seared ahi, my fall back is any grilled fish or raw offering and my husband is game for anything.

There is no price limit. Any endorsements for Limelight, Prima, Panzano or other thoughts? I appreciate your help!

Feb 10, 2009
powderhound in Southwest

hot sauce in a bottle - favorites?

Crystal Hot Sauce. Do other hot sauces even exist?

Jan 29, 2009
powderhound in General Topics

Keurig k-cups

I am having a passionate caffeinated love affair with my Keurig.

In pursuit of my addiction, I frequent the following (great selection and prices):
-very low prices, free shipping, check out "subscription" offers
- good selection, always has good promos- i.e., buy 5 boxes, get 1 free, plus free shipping.
- very cool "purr-fect pack, build your own box" where you pick 5 different brands/flavors of k-cups to build a 25 k-cup box. Awesome way to try several k-cups!

B&M...Bed, Bath and Beyond (yeah! a use for those perpetual 20% off coupons), Macy's and Target. Better prices online, but always good to have a back-up.

Happy drinking :)
.. .and long live Keurig!!!

Jan 12, 2009
powderhound in Cookware

pizza stone?

Conversely, I have used my Pampered Chef pizza stone for 6 years without problem. I always use it at 550 degrees, with convection on. I put the stone in a cold oven and leave it in there until the next day (or later...depends on when I remember it is in there).

Happy pizza making!

Jan 08, 2009
powderhound in Cookware

Panini grills? If you have one, do you use it/like it?

Christmasize yourself with the Breville Ikon 400. Santa thinks you deserve removable plates, both grill and griddle. Just don't look while you are wrapping it such that you will be surprised when you open your new Breville :)

Dec 22, 2008
powderhound in Cookware

Panini grills? If you have one, do you use it/like it?

I have a Breville Ikon 400 grill and LOVE it! Without hyperbole, I use daily. My husband has become a panini junkie; as we both cannot develop major coronary disease, I also grill asparagus, shrimp, zucchini, Boca burgers, salmon burgers, fish and chicken. I actually grill asparagus nightly.

The Breville heats up to 450 and sears tuna nicely. The removable plates are dishwasher safe. There are 2 grill plates and 1 griddle plate (I prefer this one for fish). The culinary options are endless. It does not open flat as the Cuisinart Griddler. However, it has ample grill space and can be used as an open grill, if needed. I prefer the build quality of the Breville over the Cuisinart. The Cuisinart controls were plastic and felt very toy-like. The Breville feels more kitchen-worthy in construction.

I hoped I would like the panini grill; I was not prepared to love it. I am totally hooked. I have not even breached the world of quesadillas. The Breville has become my go to gift, also. My sister and husband call each other with their panini accomplishments. If you have a remote interest in a countertop grill/panini maker and you have time for a new addiction, BUY ONE STAT!

(added promo for Breville Ikon 400...Bed, Bath and Beyond is clearing them out. Last one I bought as a gift was $70 less than Amazon's price. Local BBB had one drop shipped from another region's inventory; I paid $10 shipping but was able to use a 20% coupon).

Dec 21, 2008
powderhound in Cookware