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Hooked Seafood - New fishmonger on Queen

It was Huron the day we purchased, and they also had Drum and Whitefish from the same lake...

Hooked Seafood - New fishmonger on Queen

We popped in on opening day and were very impressed with the passion of the owners.

Ontario lake fish on offer was Pickeral ($19 a pound) and Whitefish (I believe $12 a pound). We asked about Perch and they are planning to stock soon.

They also had amazing looking Striped Bass which they said was from sport fisherman in the Connecticut River area. We found this very interesting as rules prevent similar sales arrangements in Canada (you can't sell game that is caught unless it is a commercial enterprise). We'll be back for some of this very soon.

They also mentioned that they had plans to build a smoker and to start smoking Whitefish in the spring.

Well worth a visit.

Buffalo Bar Suggestion for a stag night

Thanks to both for the information - very helpful!

Buffalo Bar Suggestion for a stag night

Hey there,

I am organizing a 10 person stag trip from Toronto to Buffalo next weekend. The majority of the agenda is set (Sabres game on Friday, lunch at Anchor Bar on Saturday an dinner at Mother's that evening).

We're staying right across the street from Mothers on Delaware. Would love to get a couple of suggestions for cool bars within walking distance of the hotel.

We're not fans of chain places, generally. What has a good vibe in that area?


Tips for solo dinner Midtown Manhattan (near The Dream hotel)

Really appreciate all of the responses. Ended up having to make a quick side-trek to The Village for business and happened to walk by Babbo as I was returning to the subway. Was able to grab a seat at the bar and had a great time/meal.

Started with cockles with basil and chilis and finished with the beef cheek ravioli w/squab liver.

Very enjoyable experience.

Thanks again.

110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011

Jan 26, 2011
jgloverwork in Manhattan

Tips for solo dinner Midtown Manhattan (near The Dream hotel)

Hi Kathryn, I believe I just read through a great post you left in response to someone else with a very similar request.

I'm very much open to any cuisine - I'm more concerned about finding something with personality. Preferred price range would be around/below $30.00 for an entree.

Definitely don't need a place where jackets are required :)

Thanks again (and to all others who have left selections - love Chowhound when I am on the road).

Jan 17, 2011
jgloverwork in Manhattan

Tips for solo dinner Midtown Manhattan (near The Dream hotel)

Thanks very much - I'll check out these options online!

Jan 17, 2011
jgloverwork in Manhattan

Tips for solo dinner Midtown Manhattan (near The Dream hotel)

Hello to all,

Visiting New York from Toronto this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday. I am landing much earlier than anyone else in my party and want to make reservations for a solo dinner on the Wednesday night.

I'm not afraid to roam a bit, but something not all that far from my hotel (The Dream at 210 W 55th Street) would be ideal.

Something with seats at the bar would be fantastic. I'm open to any kind of cuisine, but I'd definitely prefer an option that's nicer than "hole-in-the-wall."

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Very much appreciated.


Jan 17, 2011
jgloverwork in Manhattan

Need Suggestions! NOT SPICE ROUTE or KULTURA, but...

Hey Forkcape,

Why not try Origin on King and Church?

It certainly fits the bill in terms of funky interior and wide-ranging tapas style menu. There is no question that the food is better there than at Spice Route and while it will certainly be bustling, it's much less of a "bar-scene." (not sure if that is a pro or a con for your group).

Hits during our last visit were the items from the mozzarella bar, the middle-eastern cornish hen, and the miso cod dish (which we were initially reluctant to order because it didn't sound as unique as the other things on the menu).

Good luck

Spice Route
499 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4, CA

grocery stores that have squid

It's not true that you have to clean the squid yourself if you choose to buy it in a form other than the precut frozen rings. All of the fishmongers in St. Lawrence and will sell squid tubes (the bodies with all innards, beak, etc. removed). I'd say that this would be the easiest way to buy/prepare them for a first timer.

If you are close to Chinatown you are also close to Kensington, and the New Seaway Market is the cleanest and nicest spot in that neighbourhood IMHO

I love T&T, but it is a pain to get to by TTC when compared to St. Lawrence or Kensington.

If you get them from a clean and fresh place, you have nothing at all to worry about in terms of parasites or bacteria.

Just watch out when you cook them - they go from mild and tender and delicious to horrible and rubbery in a matter of seconds. Err on the side of undercooking...

ISO argentinian matte or mate

Amazingly, my local Price Chopper (Leslie & Eastern in Leslieville) carries bags of Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate. This was the same stuff available in most supermarkets when I was in Argentina.

Maybe SObeys would also carry?

best place to buy sausage at St Lawrence Mkt?

The Sausage King is very reliable and has a great selection. However, our personal favourites are from Witteveen - the deceptively simple Chicken with Sea Salt & Pepper. Always juicy perfection.

Where to buy rabbit

Abate is who provides T&T and some of the St. Lawrence vendors...

Where to buy rabbit

I have purchased from White House Meats in St. Lawrence Market - - and T&T on Cherry Street. Both were tagged as from from the same supplier.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

White House Meats
2978 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1B9, CA

New to Toronto: can anyone recommend a good CSA and/or source of raw milk?

I am in my second year of membership with Plan B Organics and they offer home delivery for an additional $5.00 a week. A warning that their servings tend to be generous - my wife and I split what they call a half share and it is more than adequate.

What's great about Plan B is that - with 24 hours notice - you can cancel your delivery for that week and use the funds at one of their farmer's market booths or toward a future share purchase. Very convenient if you travel...

2 days in Toronto - Restaurants with charm, character?

For the Dad portion of the trip - If you are already planning to spend time in the distillery (a very good choice, IMHO), the Mill Street is actually a pretty good option. I've been there many times for drinks before or after an event in the area and the house brewed beers are excellent, and the pub food is certainly above average. I think it's a better food and drink choice than the best pub at Harbourfront - - although their patio overlooking the water is nice.

For the "you" section of the trip, Black Hoof is excellent, but be prepared to wait for a table. It's certainly worth the wait - just don't arrive starving...

A seat for two at the bar/chef's prep area at Origin would also be a lot of fun. The room is stunning/heritage/modern

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Where can I find Kiwi Berries?

Picked up a clamshell pack at T&T Cherry Street today. They are currently $1.99 each.

Review -- Little Saigon King and Sherbourne

Glad that you are getting to know of some other good options in the neighbourhood!

Review -- Little Saigon King and Sherbourne

Let us know what you think!

Another hidden gem in the immediate area if you decide you are in the mood for italian is Mangia & Bevi (tucked into the basement of the building at King & Ontario). Excellent thin crust pizzas, pasta, etc.

Mangia & Bevi
260 King E, Toronto, ON M5A1K3, CA

Looking for an authentic Spanish restaurant with authentic Spanish dishes

Hi Fred,

I have had good experiences at Torito in Kensington:

And great experiences at Cava on Yonge:

I don't know if these were on your list of "overpriced tapas," but some of the cazuela, venison anticucho, albondigas, etc. items on the Cava menu seem to fit your desires...

276 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2L9, CA

1560 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, CA

Review -- Little Saigon King and Sherbourne

Hi Pincus,

I'll have to respectfully disagree - I work in the area and this place is only used as an act of complete desperation by anyone in the office.

All of the sauces are store-bought and the lack of any fresh herbs is depressing. Herbs are cheap and what can make simple Asian takeaway dishes great. They don't even have fresh chilis - they top their dishes with dried chili flakes.

If you are often in the area may I suggest giving Mengrai Thai a try for take-away? It's about 1.5 - 2 blocks north of Little Saigon - on Richmond and Ontario street.

The majority of their noodle takeaway dishes are in the $9.00 range and there is absolutely no comparison in terms of quality. Here is a link to their take-out menu:

82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2V3, CA

Little Saigon
284 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1B5, CA

Ruby Watch Co.

I walked by the other morning on the way to work and they had the same menu posted in the window as was announced online somewhere earlier in the week (Toronto Life? Can't remember...). It was $49.00 for the prix-fixe menu described below:

Lynn Crawford’s Ruby Watchco opens tonight
After months of buzz on food blogs and Twitter feeds anticipating chef Lynn Crawford’s return to Toronto, her new restaurant, Ruby Watchco, will finally welcome its first diners tonight. Cherie Stinson of Restaurant Makeover, who is a partner with her husband Joey Skeir, has transformed the space formerly occupied by The Citizen into a dimly lit, autumn-toned dining room. Crawford will run the kitchen with Lora Kirk, who previously cooked at the Four Seasons.
Crawford tells that the menu will change every night, but expect traditional app, main, cheese and dessert plates, along with a week-long prix-fixe menu.
Tonight’s maiden menu: caesar salad with butter-poached chicken, corn, garlic croutons and a poached egg to start, followed by a grilled flank steak with black pepper, smoked mushrooms and onions, parsnips, and creamed leeks and spinach. The cheese plate consists of a decade-old cheddar from Ottawa, balsamic onion chutney with honey, and raisin-walnut bread. And to end the night, a lemon tart.
Ruby Watchco, 730 Queen St. E., 416-465-0100,

Ruby Watch Co.
730 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

What Are You Looking At Bar & Lounge - Leslieville (former Carlaw Carburetors)

I couldn't agree more. The name is terrible.

I stopped in for a drink on an off night (could have been the first weeknight they were open) with a friend. The staff seemed incredibly nice.

Since my visit, I believe the kitchen may have opened - which was why I was asking for an updated report...

We did find the layout and furniture/placement exceptionally awkward. It is difficult to find somewhere to sit with more than two people that makes sense for conversation...

Rec: Resto for gentlemen's dinner that would focus on food vs scene

Good call on avoiding Spice Route if food and conversation is a priority - this place tends to lean more toward lounge/club than dining destination.

If extensive beer menus are desired along with decent food, BeerBistro could be a good option:

I've always had very good meals and service at Globe. Expect a lot of people on dates, however, and be aware that it's not exactly a boisterous room.

Nota Bene is pretty much the same price point as Globe and the place is a little more active - which may better suit your energy level. It's not a pick-up scene, but there is usually activity around the bar, etc.

The energy is slightly more relaxed than at Globe, but the service is excellent.

Spice Route
499 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4, CA

Nota Bene
180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

What Are You Looking At Bar & Lounge - Leslieville (former Carlaw Carburetors)

Been open for a little more than a week now...

What Are You Looking At Bar & Lounge - Leslieville (former Carlaw Carburetors)

Hey there,

Wondering if anyone has checked out this spot and if they had any opinions to share?


mutton in the gta?

if you want mutton and not goat, the Healthy Butcher and some of the greek spots on the Danforth usually carry it. Pdames is also right that the Ceili usually has mutton on the menu.

Here's a Toronto Star piece on the subject from last fall:

Cava: What to order?

The few times I've been the servers have been bang on with the wine suggestions. I'm not as familiar with the Spanish wine labels/territories so we decided to put our trust in the house, and their selections were great.

The dishes that received the most compliments during my visits were the octopus anticucho with lentils (amazing) and the sardines two ways.


Solo Eating in Toronto -- Winterlicious?

According to the Star's Amy Pataki, The Wine Bar is doing a Winterlicious type fixed-price thing. Agreed that ithe seats at the bar offer the best kitchen view of any of the previously made suggestions.

Kultura isn't a bad pick if you are looking for something that will transition into more of a lounge/bar scene as the evening progresses.

Both of these options are an easy walk from your hotel.

Guu is also a great pick if you want a bustling room. Because you are solo you may avoid the table wait that is the major draw-back to this Japanese izakaya spot. Short cab ride.

If you are a happy carnivore, another good solo pick would be a seat at the bar at Black Hoof. If you aren't into charcuterie, stay away. People are also saying good things about their new sister spot The Hoof Cafe (across the street), but I haven't been. Both are a simple cab or streetcar away.

Claudio Aprile Origin...any word?

Most of the paper was down from the windows today...