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Worthy Meal off 95 South

Heading from NYC to DC for a business trip this weekend. Can anyone recommend a place for lunch not too far from 95 South. Due to time constraints we can drive 20 miles or so from the highway for something exceptional. Type of cuisine is less important than the quality of the food and overall experience. We'd love to hear about a favorite restaurant/cafe/pub/drive-in that we would never find without your help. Thanks.

South Brooklyn: good restaurant that can make a fat free meal for sick friend?

I suggest you try applewood in Park Slope. Call in advance and explain the situation. The chef is creative enough and the restaurant is small enough that a wonderful meal for all your party may be possible.

Feb 04, 2009
smoog123 in Outer Boroughs

Been to Costa Rica? What restaurants do you recommend?

Going to CR next week. Just wondering if anyone local has tips for great eating. Any suggestions for organic markets or cafes will be much appreciated. Our 1st night will be in San Jose, then we will head to the Osa Peninsula. It seems that CR is not high on the Foodie list, but there are gems everywhere (we hope!).

Nice place to enjoy a drink outside

Any suggestions for a nice place to meet a friend for a drink and enjoy the weather? Prefer to be in Nolita or West Village but Chinatown or even East Village may work. We're meeting on the early side, 5:00pm or so, if that changes your suggestions in any way. Cheers!

Jun 15, 2007
smoog123 in Manhattan