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Anything Decent at Knott's Berry Farm?

Yeah I ate here when I was at knott's scary farm this year. Got their BBQ half chicken and it was surprisingly good. There's a place around the corner from it that has grilled corn too.

Disneyland Dining: The Mediocrest Place on Earth

I go there a lot and pretty much stick to:
-vegetable skewers at Bengal BBQ
-the giant burgers at Storyteller's Cafe in California Adventure
-cupcakes and cookies in the Pooh's corner store.
-mango from the fruit stand carts.

I still need to try the Enchanted Cottage place in Fantasyland that has brautwurst and knockwurst.

LA Weekly Detour Festival (dtown)

since it's a closed off event (no ins & outs) unless you're planning on eating somewhere downtown before or after you enter you're stuck eating at whatever food stands they have inside. it was pizza, gyros, etc. pretty much the usual street fair food.

Ripper hot dogs???

that place The Dip at Hollywood and Highland has deep fried hot dogs on their menu. no idea if they're good or not.

What Olive Oil is used at Pizzeria Mozza?

yeah Mozza was featured on an episode of After Hours and that's what she said.

where in l.a. can i get a tropical drink served in a pineapple or coconut?

Velvet Margarita on cahuenga serves a margarita in a pineapple. not much of a view though.

what's the situation with flor morena fine foods in silverlake?

I heard when the flor morena people bought the place they retired the liquor license.

I think the ideal thing for the location would be a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches and also gives out free beer and pony rides.

tripe or tongue between USC and Burbank airport?

I had a really good lengua burrito from El Gran Midnight Tacos the other day on verrmont / santa monica. Grand Central market downtown has a couple mexican places with every kind of meat possible.

At what LA restaurant do you overlook horrible Food/Decor/Service for something great of theirs that you have to have?

I've heard people have died from staring at the ceiling at Canter's for too long.

The Park in Echo Park

I think the most expensive item on the menu is $15 or $16. They have a hangar steak, salmon with black bean sauce, spagetti & meatballs, linguini & clams, a polenta dish, a couple salads, veggie & regular burgers, aand I can't remember what else. So far the chicken & fries has been my favorite. the apple crisp dessert is really good too.

The other week they had a special where you could get three courses for $15 (appetizer, main & dessert) but I think that was for one week only.

Fresh King Crab at NBC (long)

Does anybody know of any restaurants where you can get a whole pig with LED lights stuck in it's eyes when it's brought to your table?

Best steaks in L.A.?

I went to the Taylor's in Koreatown the other night and everyone at our table received their steaks overcooked. My porterhouse was pathetic and wasn't cheap. I sent it back (asked for rare, received medium). Maybe they had their B team in the kitchen since it was a Monday.

What do you think of Rachael Ray's picks?

I watched part of this show and she wasn't actually at any of the places they were showing. It was all clips of places with her doing voice over so she was just probably reading whatever copy was set in front of her and didn't actually pick any of the places herself.

But then again I didn't see the whole thing because I ran out of beer bottles to throw at the screen.

Cruzer coming to Silverlake?

Home is moving to where Rudolpho's is?

burritos like the mission in SF?

I'd give anything for a mission style taqueria in LA. Whenever I crave one I usuallly just go to Senor Fish. It's just not the same though.

Decent eating in Disneyland?

the Storytellers Cafe in the grand californian hotel next to california adventure has a REALLY good cheeseburger / turkey burger. If you get it with gucacamole for $2 more it comes to about $14 but is worth it.

there's photos on this site:

Who offers the best Fried Pork Chop in the LA & OC vicinity?

Speaking of fried pork chops, does anybody know of a place in LA that makes fried pork chop sandwiches? Fried pork chop on a bun with mustard, onions & pickes?

Being a ChowHound on a Tight Budget

I don't know if they're still doing it but for a while Rodeo Grill had $1.99 huevos rancheros on weekdays.

Fred's 62 Worth a trip?

This restaurant is great if it's really late at night and you're really drunk. From what I remember their gigantic Tower sandwiches are delicious.

Back Door Bakery, Silver Lake -- Closing in 2 weeks

If they close back door cafe then where am I supposed to get fried egg sandwiches with grilled onions?

What is the situation? Do they need to make room for more stores that sell designer children's clothes?

El Conquistador

I like their enchiladas verdes.

looking for Suadero

the taco out front of Vons on Alvarado has really good ones. Taco Zone

Best donuts around Los Feliz?

I've never been to Michelle's but I always laugh when I drive by because it looks exactly like a Winchell's but it's NOT. It's MICHELLE'S!

overrated/over hyped?

Mexico City

Rick's Drive In

I like the sign out front that says "In LA everybody eats at Ricks". It makes me imagine some rich guy getting off a plane, getting into a limo and demanding "TAKE ME TO WHERE EVERYBODY EATS!" and the limo driver just shrugs and drives him to rick's.

Malo: Never Before has a Restaurant's Name been so accurate.

It's a good place to go with a group of people to just drink and get a couple things to eat and share with each other but I don't think I'd go there for just a sit down dinner with another person. Last few times I've been I ordered the exact the same thing (beef & pickle tacos $5.50, side of corn $3) and a bunch of drinks and walked away just full and tipsy enough. Their white sangria is pretty good.

Where can I buy a (raw) cow head in LA?

Last time I was at Grand Central Market the meat place there had one. Or maybe that was a pig's head.

El Compadre

Yeah I like Barragan's over El Compadre. I do like the dark interior of El Compadre but Barrigan's has $2 margaritas on wednesdays.

Any good fish tacos in LA??

awesome. thanks.

Any good fish tacos in LA??

Do you know the hours for this place? Whenever I've gone by it's been closed.