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Pork Tenderloin sandwich in Westchester?

Anybody know where i can get one? Thanks

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

I went to Ben's shortly after it opened and had a pretty mediocre pastrami sandwich. Somewhere between fair and poor. At Epstein's (in Hartsdale) i believe the quality is a little bit higher on the food chain: pretty close to good for the pastrami. I also think, over the last few years, the restaurant is definitely cleaner and more welcoming than in years past. New owners, maybe? Don't know. So while i will at some point try Ben's again, i guess i'm in the minority who is ok with Epstein's. It aint Katz's, but Ben's sure isn't either.

Bareburger coming to Hartsdale.

I had previously been to the one in the city on E. 73 st...went to the Hartsdale one a few nights ago. Enjoyed both a lot. Hartsdale is a big space, completely redone from the (very) lame Bread Factory. Nice bar with good beers on tap...and while the menu had lots of esoteric burger choices: elk, ostrich, bean among others, i went old school: beef burger and fries. Both were excellent, i think way better than Westchester Burger and as good or better than most bar burgers. Evereything on the menu is organic, which is nice, but ultimately it comes down to taste...for me Bareburger passes the test. I'll be back...

Choices in and around the 19th?

Any type or price...visiting soon, thanks in advance

Nov 14, 2013
foodlad in France

Cedar Street Grill, Dobbs Ferry

Had the brisket a couple of times. Very nice...

Restaurants in/around Belleville?

Looking for recos, lunch or dinner, any kind or price. Thanks...

Nov 12, 2012
foodlad in France

Club Car in Mamaroneck - Dont Bother Making a Reservation

What part of that post makes you think the place is (a) interesting or (b) inexpensive? Beats me. Went there shortly after it opened and thought the food was sort of ordinary, the service absurd, and the prices too high. Nice restoration of the train station, though.

Restaurants in the 19th in Paris?

Looking for recommendations in the 19th...from budget to high end, if you've got a favorite i'd love to hear about. Any kind of food...thanks..

Aug 14, 2012
foodlad in France

Lunch in New Lebanon?

For this wednesday...any suggestions, in or around.

Lebanon area dinner?

Will be in the Lebanon area for one night. Looking for best dinner option...any food, any price, high or low. Thanks...

Aug 10, 2011
foodlad in Pennsylvania

Need a good Saturday night restaurant in White Plains

Not sure you're getting good advice here. The Turkish place is tiny and fast food-like, Seasons is average at best, Abatinos is a no frills red sauce joint (and a drive), Some folks do like Milonga (not me) and Emma's is a good upscale pub, but a drive.
Perhaps, Hudson Grille or Sushi Nanese, both walkable on Mamaroneck Ave or, for classic cantonese chinese, Aberdeen's on Barker.

Maya: Brunch in Westchester (with Drinks)

Really? You had "6 or 7 margaritas" with your brunch, but you're a little angry 'cause you wanted 9 or 10? Man, it's hard to run a restaurant here in Westchester, the home of "me, me, me" and the land of "more, more, more".

Aurora in Rye...really??!!!

Perhaps the onion had been in the chef's family for many years...

Rustico in Scarsdale: gone

Drove by Rustico on Central Ave. It's now a restaurant called Za-Za (perhaps named after a long-lost Gabor sister). I'm sure it was Rustico last week...pretty fast metamorphosis. Sign on awning says: Authentic Neopolitan Pizza. If it's even sort-of-authentic, that would be nice. And I think it's already open. Fast...

New Bar-b-que restaurant - Hartsdale

It's not health food, it's barbeque. You want to eat healthy, eat a salad. Or salmon. Or granola. Really...

Dinner around Mt Laurel?

Will be in the Mt Laurel--Maple Shade--Collingswood area a few weeks from now. Looking for a good place for dinner...any price point as long as it's good food, open to all cuisine.

Jul 16, 2010
foodlad in New Jersey

New Mexican Restaurant in Hartsdale

I believe I saw Feiner wandering the restaurant Sunday night with a guitar singing "Cuando Calliente el Sol"...

price points for milonga and meson los espanoles?

Went to Milonga a few months ago. Had a res, but they tried hard to seat us in the bar area even though restaurant was mostly empty. And weren't nice about it. Thought the food was not very good: my wife's lamb chops were way too salty, my chicken dish was two very thin, very lonely pieces of chicken on a huge plate with a lot of sauce and nothing -- nothing-- else. Not even a sprig of parsley. Plus a glass of sangria was 90% ice and 10% red wine. It just seemed mean-spirited. Will not return.

Sammy's Downtown Bronxville

i'm pretty sure your info is incorrect. Rosie's and Sammy's are not owned by the Racanelli family. And, for what it's worth, on many visits, we were always treated respectfully. And, in fact, usually get the table we ask for. So it goes...

Sammy's Downtown Bronxville

I've been to Sammy's a number of times. Never been disappointed. I think the food is consistently good, the choices are interesting, the look is more nyc than westchester, and the prices are reasonable. Here's one reco: the grilled octopus appetizer. Agree on Ciao...

Food recs driving from LA to SF

Looking for a brunch/lunch suggestion between LA and Big Sur...
also a lunch reco between Big Sur and Napa (not in San Francisco).

Good food takes a priority over great view.


Sep 28, 2009
foodlad in California

5 reasons to avoid La Bocca in WP

1. Couldn't get a last minute saturday night res at Tarry Lodge, Rosie's or Sammy's, but La Bocca quickly said yes for 7 of us at 6:30...almost before i finished asking. Oh, oh...
2. Had a drink at the bar waiting for others. Gin & Tonic. It came with a piece of lemon, instead of lime. Changed that. Then took a couple of sips. It appeared to be entirely ginless. Got it topped off. Still weak but close enough.
3. Just one other table taken at 6:30. (I know it's early, but still...) When we left at 8:15, maybe half full. Prime time saturday night.
4. Appetizers were fine, but 3 of the 7 entrees (all pastas) came out cold. Sent back. They returned in a few minutes--one was fine, the other two a bit better: they were now approaching warm. Because 2 at the table had a train to catch, they kept the entrees. I informed the waiter of our unhappiness. He shrugged, sort of offered to replace them, we said no, he wandered off.
5. No visit from a manager--no excuse, no apology, no lame dessert offering, nothing taken off the check...nada. All of the above in a mostly empty restaurant.
Times are tough. Money is tight. I don't see a bright future for La Bocca.

Dinner in Holyoke?

Spending a night in Holyoke in a couple of weeks...looking for a dinner reco--good food, nice place, any kind of cuisine. Price not an issue, just quality...thanks

Reporting on Blue in White Plains

nice report...with all the waiting, incompetence, sent-back food, and overall not-ready-for-prime-time work from kitchen and wait staff (and $150 for 2 even with comps) i'm kind of shocked you'd even think of going back. I'll pass on Blue...

Dinner in Waterbury, CT?

Looking for a place to have dinner before a concert at the Palace in Waterbury, ct. Prefer walking distance to theater...any kind of food as long as it's good. Thanks...

Apr 08, 2009
foodlad in Southern New England

Shiraz - Persian restaurant in Elmsford, NY

I'll add another positive review for Shiraz. My wife and I were there Sunday night...with the only other table occupied by fellow chowhounders. We weren't too hungry...but we both enjoyed the mixed grill for two entree. Nicely seasoned beef, chicken and steak with delicious safron rice. Large portion, we also took some home. Don't know the history of the location, but the restaurant is tastefully designed, the staff is welcoming and professional, and our food was first rate. With all the posts about Overpriced Westchester (which, sadly, are mostly correct I think) Shiraz clearly fits into a much better category: Gently Priced Westchester.

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

While I do agree with most of your post, i'll take one exception. I don't agree that "Westchester prices are significantly cheaper than Manhattan." Cheaper than the top NYC places? Sure. But not nearly as good. On the other hand (or mouth), you can pretty much go to any street in NYC and have a choice of 3 or 4 neighborhood restaurants with better food than the likes of Antipasti or 42 or Tango at lower prices. I agree that WP is way better than it used to be. But high quality/reasonable cost? Not so much...

Westchester $16 Martini [moved from Tristate]

Really, Dolores? Bao's is "the only place you'll pay to eat?" The only one? What do you do in other restaurants, eat your dinner, ask for the check, then run out?

Dec 15, 2008
foodlad in Not About Food

Dinner in Montauk?

Will be in Montauk for 3 nights in a couple of weeks. Haven't been there in many years. Looking for dinner recs...good food, whether high priced or low, if a view all the better. Thanks.

Nessa - Port Chester

Here's my one experience at Nessa...a few months ago, early (around 6 pm after a movie in Port Chester), only one table was occupied, when told we had no res they took us to a dark and dingy back alcove, I asked if we could sit up front we'll be pretty quick, they said no, do you want the table. I said really? The young lady just looked at me like I was a serious intrusion in her life. I said, see ya. We left. Don't plan on returning.