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Grasshoppers in Toronto?

Jump Cafe and Bar has a good one - 18 Wellington Street West

What is good for breakfast at St. Lawrence Market?

Try the counter at Paddington's (attached to the sit-down restaurant inside). The 'breakfast on a bun' is fabulous. Nice fresh buns, perfectly done peameal, a decent processed cheddar, and egg. Works out to be about $4.75 each I think. I go every Saturday morning. They're addictive!

Good poutine in Toronto?

For a unique take on poutine try Utopia on College at Clinton. It's made with vegetarian gravy and goat cheee. Fantastic.

Places to buy dried strawberries?

Definitely St. Lawrence market - the bulk food place on the lower level. A friend goes there specifically for the dried strawberries.

100 Mile Drinking...

Give Inniskillin late autumn riesling a try.
I liked it so much I bought a case from their main location in Niagara on the Lake

Help - Yonge and Bloor Area

Maybe try 7West Cafe. It's about 2 blocks south of Bloor off Yonge Street - less than a 5 minute walk from the Yonge/Bloor Subway. It's at 7 Charles Street West.
Here's a link to their site (lots of veg options):
I'm a huge fan of their hummus and pita appetizer and they have great pizzas too.

NINKI on Adelaide

I also had a bad experience there recently. They COVERED two of the rolls I ordered with flavoured mayonnaise. It made the sushi practically inedible, even after wiping off as much of the mayo as possible.

Peterborough choweats

Try St. Verona's. Corner of Hunter Street at Water Street. I try and make the drive from the city every couple of months and it's my yearly anniversary dinner location. It's well worth the trip. Amazing food and a hugely impressive beer list. I can't find a web site, but I've never had a bad meal there. Prices are reasonable as well. When we were last there it was a mix of 25-45 year olds with a few university students. The servers and bartenders are extremely knowledgeable about the alcohol selection. And it's a very relaxed place. Laid back and friendly. You won't be disappointed.

little italy

Utopia? way less than your budget but good food.
check this thread:

Dovercourt Village picks

I'm at Dupont and Ossington which is right in your area and I enjoy Universal Grill which is right across from the Sobey's. For coffee there's also Ezra's Pound at Dupont and Spadina. Faeme at Dupont and Christie is known as a coffee/cake/gelato place mostly I think but they actually have very good pizza's. Enjoy!

Freshwood Grill

There's also a Freshwood Grill in Kensington Market on Baldwin. Tried it last night for the first time and really enjoyed it. Started with sweet potato fries with two types of dipping mayo: chipotle and garlic, and both were really good. Had their breakfast sandwich which was a thick tasty wrap filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar, perfectly crisp bacon, tomatios, and grilled onions. Delicious.

First "getting to know you" date?

If either of you are interested in higher-end beer, I would suggest Volo on Yonge near Wellesley.
My boyfriend and I had our first date there 2 years ago and I really enjoyed it. We go back at least once a month. Great beer list and the food, though not amazing or anything, is consistently good and fresh. Nice patio too. Closed on Sundays.

Good meal-sized salad in Little Italy?

I second Utopia. Their mushroom and goat cheese salad is amazing.

I want to eat good food for once with my coworkers downtown!

Try Beer Bistro. I often go there with work groups and everyone has always enjoyed. They have great fries and the lunch menu is in your price range. Make a reservation as they get busy during the lunch hour.

Best traditional afternoon tea in Toronto

Four Seasons is great for High Tea. Lots of different teas to choose from, great little sandwiches, amazing scones and the best lemon butter. Highly recommend it.

whats good in little italy nowadays?

I'll second Utopia. It's not really Italian food but their gourmet poutine with veggie gravy, goat cheese, and mushrooms is amazing. And it's budget-friendly. Main's are around $10 per person.

Specific Toronto Requests

For a bit of a different take on poutine I would recommend Utopia on College. Their poutine is made with veggie gravy and contains goat cheese and mushrooms.

Dante's Pizza

Highly recommend. My best friend from elementary school's dad owned it (still does?) and we would eat it all the time. So good. Haven't been in a few years but am craving it now!