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Staying at the Willard

Cominng to DC for 5 days and staying at the Willard. We are traveling with a 4 year old (who has a spohisticated palate) and my older parents.

Would love some restaurant recomendations. We are looking for low key (jeans kind of places) and we love ethnic . We would ideally like restaurants that we can get to easily as we wont have a car (but have no problem using public transportation).

Cooking Show Nostalga: Great Chefs

I LOVED the great chefs series, I remember being a little girl and my grandmother had cable and we didnt so I would beg to go to her house when it was on so I could watch it. I also loved the frugal gourmet and I dont know if anyone remember Madeline Kammin on PBS she was wonderful. It was the shows that helped propel me towards Culinary School and it disappoints me that there is nothing like that on today.....

Jun 27, 2010
SarahChef in Food Media & News

Buying Beef Ribs

We want to make "dinosaur ribs" as my son calls them. Giant Beef Ribs. Does anyone know where to find them? I have asked at our local Publix and have not seen them at Winn Dixie. Are they at WHole Foods or Fresh Market?

They always have beef "short ribs" but we are looking for the Giant ones and are willing to drive to get them. We are in south Miami Area

Fresh Market
2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Jake's Bar and Grill

Does anyone know what happened to Jake's in South Miami? Drove past and saw it was closed, the Quizno's next door was closed. It like there is nothing left that whole block where there used to be several restaurants?

Gluten-free replacement for bread crumbs?

I found matzo meal you roll your eyes and say matzo is made of wheat. Just before Passover I went on line to see if there was such thing as Gluten Free Matzo so my husband could have some over passover. Lakewood Matzo, makes matzo from Gluten free Oats and on the website they have Matzo is the closest thing to breadcrumbs I have found and it makes great meatloaf and meatballs. It also does great when breading things!

May 02, 2010
SarahChef in Home Cooking

looking for good catering for party

what kind of a party are you looking to it fancy or casual. That can actually determine what kind of caterer or restaurant you want

Arscht Center Celebrity Chef Series

We got free tickets to see Alton Brown last year. I did enjoy it, however if I had paid for my ticket I think I would have felt Jipped. Michelle Bernstein was the interviewer and she was not very good, especially with someone as witty as Alton brown. Then he did a cooking demonstration, of Crepes suzette which was non too inspiring. I actually prefer watching on TV.

Need Cheap Authentic Cuban Food in Miami

I saw the article in the Herald a few weeks ago, and I have driven by the place for years, here is my question (and pardon me for my ignorance as I am a gringa) is it easy to figure out what to order or buy if you dont speak spanish?

Asian food in Palmetto Bay

Out of the 4 places your suggest, which one is best and do you have any menu suggestions. It will be nice to have some places for quick meals on the drive home. We now live in South Miami, so we both just added to our communte and are looking for some choices for those nights we are stuck in traffic and dont have time to cook.

Sep 14, 2009
SarahChef in Florida

Asian food in Palmetto Bay

Moving to the Palmetto bay/Cutler Bay area. Was wondering if anyone knew of any good Asian Restaurants. I noticed in one of the shopping centers a restaurant called Gold China, is it any good? What about a Vietnamese restaurant that I drove by call Pho Thang? Are they any good and if now where should i go?

Sep 13, 2009
SarahChef in Florida

Velvet Creme Doughnuts?

I went to the Junior High right next to Velvet creme across from UM, gained lots of weight eating long johns everyday. I dont think that there are any donut shops left in Dade county that are not a chain....can anyone prove me wrong?

Sep 12, 2009
SarahChef in Florida

BBQ Naples-Ft Myers Area

We are not huge fans of chains either. However we have kids so BBQ is always good for us. We were taken to Rib City a few years ago and everytime we run over to Ft Meyers Beach for a weekend getaway we go back. THere is nothing exciting about the menu, but the meat is tender with a good smoke flavor, the cole slaw is good and the beer cold, so it makes for a good meal

Sep 06, 2009
SarahChef in Florida

Where to Eat Near Singer Island?

we were there a few months ago and we ate at the Singer Island resort. Thier restaurant is called Solu and it was great. The food was inventive and fresh and the portions were quite large. Great wine list and the view is awesome. We liked it so much that we went back and had breakfast there

Villa Italia on Coral Way

do you by chance have address for caffe Italia and Bugattu?

Wendy's boneless wings

So I tried them yesterday with my kids. YUCK, I was not expecting much, but I thought I wouold give them a try. Inedible is my description. I ended going home and making a sandwich after my kids were done

Jul 05, 2009
SarahChef in Chains

Villa Italia on Coral Way

Does anyone remember Villa Italia on Coral Way. For 20 years it was our family Go to restaurant if we wanted inexpensive Italian food. We loved it! We have not been able to find a substitute.

Anyone have any suggestions? We tried Mario the baker on Red Road and was not impressed at all. We want a place that served good italian, somewhat inexpensively where it is okay to bring kids, that has sit down service. We are in the South miami Coral Gables area

Miami Barbecue in the Herald

Bulldog is fare from good bbq, in fact it is surviving on hype not thier food. In coconut grove off of Grand and Douglas road is a man who has been BBQing in his front yard on weekends since I was a kid and they are some of the best ribs I have ever had.....if those places profiled in the Herald are anything like that, then you are in for a wonderful surpise

Dine-Around in South Miami

We live in South Miami and I must say, that Alta Cocina is a great place to eat. I have found Origins to be a hit or miss. Town has good drinks but thier food is not that hot. RA is very hot at this time of year, so keep that in mind. My one recomendation is, that if you are eating somewhere in the true South miami area (near sunset place) then it is worth putting a few extra quarters in the meter and walking East on Sunset a few blocks to Whip and Dip. They make all thier ice cream on premise, they have benches both inside and out and it is a great place to have a cone and people watch!

Red Fish Grill - no take-out??

I second that. The red fish grill is truly a medicore restaurant at best, the menu is not conducive to take out anyway. My advice would be that on your back to where you are going stop somewhere that has AMAZING take out and have a great meal.

Red FIsh grill is nothing special and not worth the prices

May 14, 2009
SarahChef in Florida

Dinner on Lincoln Road

I was excited to see such a heated discussion about my post. My husband has requested Joe Allens, so I think we are going there, but my hope is that he will change his mind and we can go to Sardinia (I have heard good things). All we want is a good meal, with good service without breaking the bank. Is that too much to ask for in this day and age?? :)

Velvet Creme Doughnuts?

I grew up in the neighborhood and was thrilled when I finally got to go to Ponce Jr High, every day after school we would run over for the ROUND JOHNS, obscenly sweet creme filled chocolate dipped doughnuts. if that was not enough we would then go next door to D'pizza and have pizza. And we all wondered why we gained weight when we hit junior high!

May 07, 2009
SarahChef in Florida

Dinner on Lincoln Road

My husband and I have a toddler, so a date night is rare. He wants to go to a movie and dinner on lincoln road and I never been thrilled with our choices. Does anyone have an recomendations for something either on lincoln road mall or with in walking distance?

Sanaa at the new Animal Kingdom Lodge

Thanks for letting me know. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom in a few weeks. We were there last year, loved it and decided to come back this year. Is that area of the property connected to the hotel? Did you need to make a reservation?

May 03, 2009
SarahChef in Florida

Pizza Fusion? Richmond or elsewhere. - moved from South board

We have a Pizza Fusion in Miami and since my husband cannot eat gluten we have eaten there quite often. I think there is definately better pizza places in miami, however the fact that my husband can feel normal and eat Pizza like everyone else with a glass of wine makes it worth it. I would recomend going, if you are looking for a checkered tablecloth, candle in the chianti glass kind of place then dont go, but if you want a good organic pizza and a great glass of wine, go have a nice dinner!

Apr 10, 2009
SarahChef in Chains

Luce Restaurant Hollywood

We have been invited by friends to meet at Luce for drinks. I have never heard of the place, so I was curious if it was worth staying for dinner or is it better to have a couple of drinks and go somewhere else?

Is there anything that we should definately order or avoid? If we decide to go somewhere else for dinner, any suggestions as to where we should go that is nearby

Breakfast in Grove,Gables or South Miami

Deli Lane is a great place if you want to sit outside and read the NY times, the problem is that the service is spotty, the food nothing to write home about and the coffee is simply aweful. Last time I met friends there, I stopped at the Starbucks down the street got a Latte and then orderd some pancakes and it was a good breakfast!

Town is open for breakfast and although the eggs were good the potatoes, were really strange deep fried paprika crusted. They also have a HUGE SCREEN TV showing cartoons, which was a bit strange

My husband and I love breakfast, and we would love to find a new place. I would be excited to hear about a new breakfast place

Article in April 09 Gourmet about opening up an upscale restaurant during the recession

As a chef who owns thier own business, I have 2 things to say. 1) Lets hope these restaurants have a HUGE amount of capital to keep them going, because when the city empties out this summer they have to stay open and 2) I think there are a lot of people who have yet to truly be affected by the economic downturn and are still dining out and looking for great places to eat and be seen.

By the way, did anyone hear about the restaurant in New York that is offering free meals to those who lost thier money to Bernie Madoff. Ah what a interesting world we live in!

Mar 24, 2009
SarahChef in Food Media & News

Man Vs Food

Could someone explain to me the point of this show. This man is actually being paid to gorge himself to the point of throwing up. Why do we find this amusing? I watched it tonight and I was ashamed, that we fat americans actually had a show about eating to much. Am I wrong?

Mar 04, 2009
SarahChef in Food Media & News

Jake's Coral Gables

I miss the dark wood and old world feel. It reminded me of the restaurants my folks used to take us to on special occasions. My office is right down the street and I walked passed today at 12:3) and the doors were wide open yet not one table was full. I LOVED the bar at Jake's but always thought the food was spotty sometimes it was great and sometimes it was passable.

I have yet to eat there and after reading everything I am not sure I will. If the Jakes concept was question is WHY CHANGE?

Ft. Myers Beach - South Beach Grill or Parrot Key Caribbean Grill?

Thanks, I will mapquest it, and see how far it is! I will also see if they have a website! Is there anything in particular that you enjoy ordering. On a seperate note, are there any good BBQ places? My husband says he is craving BBQ so I said I would look and see.

Feb 23, 2009
SarahChef in Florida