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Sazerac Cocktail

Peychaud's bitters can be ordered from the Buffalo Trace website if you live somewhere that they can ship alcohol.

In our household, The Boyfriend is much more fond of Angostura than Peychauds, so I do substitute for him; but it's absolutely a different drink with a different set of bitters. (We've found Blood Orange bitters can add an interesting twist on the citrus too--but admittedly are even further afield from a "classic" Sazerac.)

And yes, we tried this with bourbon (on purpose) and it was definitely inferior to the rye--nowhere near as smooth or interesting.

Mar 11, 2008
veggiedog in Recipes

Your most infamous kitchen misadventure

In college--I swear, before my drinking days--it was late and I decided to make supermarket biscuits in the communal stove down the hall. I have no idea who turned off the stove, but sometime in the morning I claimed my pan-full of ten perfectly shaped charcoal lumps, permanently fused together; actually it would have made a perfectly nice trivet.

I vaguely wish I could claim this one as my own...During my drinking days in college, very late in the evening, a guest asked my roommate to mix him a cocktail--didn't really matter what. Well, we were out of mixers, so he got: 4 oz. Vodka and 1/2 oz Soy Sauce, served on the rocks. You can imagine the expression on our guest's face. "Could have been worse," we said. "The only other liquor we have left is Jagermeister."

Aug 25, 2007
veggiedog in Not About Food

NY chowhound seeks advice for one day visit

I agree with Porthos here. Mission Burritos are amazing food bombs, but you run the risk--especially if you make the mistake of finishing one without intending to--of being too full for your other restaurants. (We normally walk to Taqueria Cancun, as their tortillas are grilled and the veggie burrito doesn't require a trailer to carry it home like at Taqueria San Jose.)