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Mediterranean diet cookbook recs?

Have a look on this food chart:

Nov 16, 2007
foren83 in Home Cooking

Tomato-Basil Arancini

Hi i'm Sicilian and the traditional recipes previews:
1) Do not use Parmiggiano
2) Do not use Mozzarella but Canestrato cheese
2) Use meat (Ragù= Meat+tomato sauce and vegetables)
3) Do not use Eggs

Best regards

Aug 06, 2007
foren83 in Recipes

agriturismo in sicily

Aug 06, 2007
foren83 in Italy

Great Veg Food in Rome and Sicily?

If you travel in Sicily. I suggest you a wine tour of the Etna. The best places is Castiglione di Sicilia. Here there is a winery called "Torrepalino" tha produces good red wine. Are available tastings like pork meat, sausages, typical cheese and hand made bread.
Prices are very low (1 day tour complete is 15€)
Best regards

Jun 15, 2007
foren83 in Italy