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Best Deep Dish Pizza

Thanks for the rec's/ We'll be staying at the Radisson Blu not far from the Golden Mile. As I recall, Chicago has some really good Mexican, so thanks for the suggestion!

Best Deep Dish Pizza

Greetings from Toronto. We'll be there the weekend of May 10th, and are looking for recommendations for a good pizza joint (preferably deep dish since we don;t get it up here). We're also likely to be going to Second City, so any resto rec's around that area would be welcome as well ($30 and up). If there are any new and innovative options in and around the Golden Mile area we would be happy to know about those too.

Many thanks fellow Chow Hounds!

suggestions for a large group?

We're meeting on a Thursday, and we're looking at approx. $55 without alcohol.

suggestions for a large group?

Hello DC'ers:

I'll be in town in a few weeks, and have been asked to arrange a dinner for approx. 18 people. All are fairly adventurous and open where food is concerned. Any suggestions for a decent meal for a group that size?? We'll be staying in the Capitol Hill area, and would like to stay in the DC area.

Anyone Been to Brownes' recently????

Hello 'Hounds:

I'm planning a b'day dinner, and was wondering if anyone has recently eaten at Browne's Bistro in Rosedale, just off Yonge??? They don't have a web site, which makes it difficult to check out the menu. I was there many, many years ago, and remember thinking the food was good, but the service left something to be desired.

Any thoughts?? Other suggestions in the same area would also be appreciated.

What's New & Innovative?

Hello DC Hounds:

I'll be arriving for an annual jaunt to DC in a couple of weeks and am looking for good dinner recommendations (both new and old stand-bys are welcome). I'll be staying downtown and have fairly eclectic tastes. My price point is approx. $50-75 pp.

Many thanks, and I'm looking forward to my visit!

Niagara wine region

My plans are still fluid, but Jordan was high on the list. If you have some suggestions, I would love some inside tips!

Niagara wine region

Thanks 'Hounds! You've certainly given me a lot to think about. Keep those suggestions coming!

Niagara wine region

I'm thinking about driving down to the Niagara region this weekend, and am looking for recommendations regarding good lunch spots, and if possible, good wineries to visit. Does Hillebrand satisfy both? Any other suggestions of places to visit would also be appreciated (food oriented or not).

Many thanks fellow 'Hounds!

DC hound ISO of your best wine bar(s)

If you're going to be in the city proper there are a number of options, but my personal fave is Reds at Adelaide and University (in the financial district). They have an extensive list of wines by the glass, and the resto isn't bad either. Enjoy your stay!

Business Dinner Under $100 pp with wine and tx around Avenue / Bloor

Mistura might be worth exploring. It's high end Italian. So many restos seem to be folding in that neck of the woods, so it might be a challenge.

looking for the best resort in ontario...

Arowhon Pines is a bi of a rip. Joanne Kates has a hand in it, and the food is incredibly unremarkable (not to mention incredibly expensive). If you're looking for rustic in Algonquin Park (but with great food) try Bartlett Lodge.

Lunch near Queen and John

Actually, King Street and John is a better bet. Urban is quite decent. There's always good old Il Fornello's at Simcoe and King too.

Family Day Grocers open?

Bruno's at Yonge and Heath is open. They have a decent butcher as well!

Hidden gems in Chritie-Dupont area?

You may also want to consider Dos Amigos on the east side of Bathurst, just north of Dupont. It's so-so mexican, but by TO standards not bad.

French bistro ideas!

Biff's at Front and Yonge is quie decent as well.

Best pizza deliveries around Yonge and Eglinton, Toronto

Personally, I'm rather fond of Big Man's Pizza on Mt. Pleasant, north of Davisville. Wide selection of delivery options!

What is your favourite upscale Saturday lunch location?

I would recommend Jamie Kenndy's Wine Bar on Market Street in the St. Lawrence area. The menu is varied and well-prepared and you have the added benefit of being able to walk it off in the Market area!

Resto Rec's for an out-of-towner

Thanks for the replies folks. In terms of ethnic foods, I'm pretty much open to all. Frankly, you seem to have a lot more Korean options than we have up here, so any thoughts on that front would be greatly appreciated. I'll be dining with a (picky) friend, but eating at the bar is ok by both of us.
Thanks fro any and all help!

Sep 25, 2008
Paula from Toronto in Manhattan

Resto Rec's for an out-of-towner

I'll be in NYC the weekend of Oct. 3rd and was hoping for some good rec's re: dinner. I'm an adventurous eater, and would be looking for something in the $50-75 pp range. I'll be staying in Murray Hill, but will be travelling throughout Manhatten, so location can vary.

Ethnic and/or new establishment suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks NYC-ers.,...and I'd be happy to reciprocate should you ever venture north. We really do eat more than just bacon and pemmican!


Has our very own Sasur Lee opened his NYC venue yet? If so, is it any good?

Sep 23, 2008
Paula from Toronto in Manhattan

Cottage country, near Dorset Recs Needed?

I would recommend Three Guys and a Stove just outside of Huntsville. The menu is fairly eclectic and imaginative for cottage country. Enjoy your stay!

great place to eat near Front St?

Hi Amanda:

Biff's is quite an excellent bistro style resto, and is located right at Yonge on Front Street. Failing that, Trevor's is highly rated by my fellow 'hounds (although I myself have never eaten there), but I'm told the acoustics are rather poor.

If you want something lighter, Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar on Market Street is quite good. They serve a variety of small plates for sharing, and have a great selection of wines bt the glass.

Although it's a little farther afield, George is quite good as well. They have a really nice outdoor courtyard as well. They're on Queen Street East.

Hopefully that gives you something to consider.

Congrats on the anniversary!

Best Dim Sum in Chinatown?

While not in Chinatown, The Pearl at Harbourfront offers quite good dim sum. However, it is a little pricier than some of the Chinatown locales. Good views of the Lake though.

Toronto eats and things to do this weekend

Welcome to TO Nielubow!

As to your tea question, there are several places in Chinatown that sell a vast array of teas....they apparently cure everything right down to your freckles! These are pretty authentic/ethnic establishments, so be prepared! While there are not many chinatown restos participating in Summerlicious, Bright Pearl is a good place to go for dim sum. Rol San is also good.

As for good Summerlicious places near your hotel, Imperia is not bad, Mistura and Boba are good (all 3 are Italian). The Spice Room (not to be confused with The Spice Route) is a nice treat as well.

I believe it's Caribana this weekend, so be prepared for Caribbean madness!

Summerlicious Help Please!

I think Biff's is highly under-rated. It's decent Bistro food, good service and handy location (yonge and Front).

Corner House

Anyone tried it recently? Any thoughts?

Breakfast in Toronto - Bloor West/Avenue Road

Eggstasy on Bay offers a varied and hearty breakfast selection. All egg entrees are at least 3 eggs, and are usually accompanied by 3 "baggages" (the resto is a Montreal transplant I think) of your choosing. Flo's diner on Yorkville is decent too.

As for dinner, the Yorkville area is rife with some decent possibilities. Imperia is a reasonably priced Italian resto with a variety of options. Joso's on Davenport at Avenue Road is excellent, as is Mistura.

Enjoy the weekend!

Best pizza that delivers (to Yonge & Eglinton)?

I'm a fan of Big Man Pizza. There's a ton of selection, and they deliver all throughout the Yonge Eglinton area.

93 harbord

I agree Ribboy! A nice respite from the frat boy cuisine that can dominate along that stretch. I haven't been in a while, but appreciated the combination of french and middle eastern influences. I'm glad to hear they're still in business!

Recs for King West and Spadina area

I would recommend either Biff's at Front & Yonge (I know it's a bit of a distance, but it meets all of your other criteria), Urban at King & John is also fairly quiet and cozy.