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Buenos Aires Special Occasion

Cabanas Las Lillas [for argentine steak - not exciting menu, but tasty], Katrine [mediterranean/italian - one of the best pastas i've had], Dora [best in terms of food, not the best in terms of hip etc.], Lomo [okay, standard New Argentine fare] and Olsen [Scandanavian - decent]. These are all based on my experiences from April of 2005. I live in New York and still dream about these restaurants, especially the value for money......

Just avoid La Cabana - worst steak i've had in my life.....

Jun 15, 2007
doreimon in Latin America & Caribbean

Brunch at Hell's Kitchen

Any suggestions for brunch at Hell's Kitchen. Been to eatery, whym, passon, nook... looking for new places. Kid (infant) friendly would be a plus.

Jun 14, 2007
doreimon in Manhattan