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Buenos Aires Special Occasion

Cabanas Las Lillas [for argentine steak - not exciting menu, but tasty], Katrine [mediterranean/italian - one of the best pastas i've had], Dora [best in terms of food, not the best in terms of hip etc.], Lomo [okay, standard New Argentine fare] and Olsen [Scandanavian - decent]. These are all based on my experiences from April of 2005. I live in New York and still dream about these restaurants, especially the value for money......

Just avoid La Cabana - worst steak i've had in my life.....

Brunch at Hell's Kitchen

Any suggestions for brunch at Hell's Kitchen. Been to eatery, whym, passon, nook... looking for new places. Kid (infant) friendly would be a plus.

Jun 14, 2007
doreimon in Manhattan