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The Street Foods of San Francisco

I was just in SF last week and REALLY enjoyed Off the Grid - an assembly of food trucks that moves from spot to spot. Check here for their schedule:

Good mix of ethnic foods...and cupcakes!!

Off the Grid
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123

Graduation Day Brunch in Bethesda, Georgetown or DuPont

My daughter will be graduating from American University in a few weeks (on a Saturday). After the ceremony we'd like to take the family to a nice brunch/lunch in the Bethesda, Georgetown or DuPont Circle. We're expecting 10-12 people. All suggestions appreciated.

Breakfast Rec in Short North (Columbus, OH)?

How about Tasi Cafe?

680 N Pearl St, Columbus, OH 43215

Mar 31, 2011
HungryLetsEat in Great Lakes

your best deviled eggs please

I know this is scandalous but my mom always used Miracle Whip instead of mayo. So now a deviled egg just doesn't taste right to me when made with regular mayo. Oh, and we always add a halved green olive to the top for decoration, pimento side up.

Jan 06, 2011
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Intermediately priced B-day rec in Columbus, Ohio?

Diane - what about Camerons on 161? I took my parents there (they are in their 80s) and they loved it. I find the food is consistently quite good.

Aug 04, 2010
HungryLetsEat in Great Lakes

If you had to choose...

Thanks, all. Souphie: I did look at your gallery before I posted. It only futher served to add to my paralysis as everything that I saw looked wonderful! I think I'm getting closer but have a few of my remaining questions...

I did purposely avoid restaurants which are located in hotels. That's an American bias but perhaps one that's not relevant in Europe?

I'm wondering - how would eating at Pierre Gagniere compare to having dined at Grant Ashatz's Alinea in Chicago? I've never had a more "knock your socks off" meal than that - so perhaps Gagniere would pale in comparison?

I'm drawn to La Grande Cascade largely due to its location - but am afraid the food would not live up to the setting.

I like the idea of Passard's locally grown produce - but am wondering if I would be missing something with the animal proteins being limited to fish and fowl.

See what I mean about analysis paralysis?

May 20, 2009
HungryLetsEat in France

If you had to choose... of the following for a special lunch in Paris, which would it be?

Pierre Gagniard
Guy Savoy
Le Grande Cascade

I have been researching and reading about these (and others recommended by souphie) so much that I think I've got analysis paralysis. I just cannot pull the trigger - and I must because I need to make a reservation ASAP.

May 19, 2009
HungryLetsEat in France

Dinner next Thursday near DuPont Circle

My husband and I are traveling to DC next weekend to visit our 20 year old daughter who is in town for the summer doing a govt. internship. (She's a student at AU the rest of the year.)

We'd like to take her out to a nice, medium-priced dinner on Thursday night in the DuPont Circle area. She likes steaks, chicken and pasta but is just beginning to be a *little* more culinarily adventurous. We love everything from street vendor food to 5 star dining.

What's your recommendation in this area?

What kind of soup is bad to freeze, why, and what about mirepoix?

I freeze soup for my vegetarian daughter. Her favorite is Roasted Vegetable, White Bean and Kale soup. The veggies do break down a bit but it's still tasty.

Jan 30, 2009
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Favorite Winter Ice Cream Recipes?

David Lebovitz has an awesome recipe for Roasted Banana Ice Cream. Yummers!

Jan 30, 2009
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Resources for Beer Pairing Menu

Thanks - both are excellent suggestions! I'll definitely use the Samuel Adams website and have ordered Oliver's book from!!

Jan 25, 2009
HungryLetsEat in Beer

Resources for Beer Pairing Menu

Hello Beer Forum,

I'm putting together a small party for the superbowl and would like to do a simple beer pairing menu...maybe 4 small plates each with a beer to accompany it. Does anyone have a good reference or website where one can review an extensive (or even varied) list of foods and beers that would compliment? I'm gleaning bits and pieces from here and there but cannot seem to find a comprehensive reference. (Maybe because it's not available?)


Jan 22, 2009
HungryLetsEat in Beer

what are your fav flavorings for deviled eggs?

I know this is scandalous but I grew up eating my mom's deviled eggs made with ::gasp:: Miracle Whip. (Her recipe is simple - yellow mustard, Miracle Whip, salt/pepper topped off with a halved green olive. YUM).

Now I can't enjoy deviled eggs (or egg salad for that matter) any other way. Thanks Mom :-s

Aug 21, 2008
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Trattoria La Tavola - Columbus, OH

Hmm...John Christensen from The Dispatch used to love this place. Now he's a bit skeptical. It used to be one of the top 10 restos in Columbus. I'll be curious to see if they downgrade it the next time they publish their list.

I ate there a few weeks ago and had a very good meal. Not top 10 good, but good nonetheless. If anything, I think it's the service that has gotten worse over time.

Best Pizza Joints in Columbus

I would agree with Rotolo's. I'm from Chicago too (Hi Diane!) and am not a fan of the "Chicago Style pizza" but I do like a thicker crust. Rotolo's beats everything I've had here so far in the medium-thick crust category. For the most part, everything else I've had is from a chain (Donato's and Papa John's when the kids get to choose) and is merely tolerable.

I do like Figlio for their wood-fired pizza, although, dare I say it - I like California Pizza Kitchen's pizzas also. Scandalous, I know!

May 05, 2008
HungryLetsEat in Great Lakes

What goes with Chicken with Mango Chutney?

I'm having a family dinner party in a couple of weeks. Will be serving grilled chicken breast with a mango chutney (mango, lime, cilantro, scallion, avocado). I'll probably serve it atop garlic cilantro cous cous.

What else should I serve with this?

May 05, 2008
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Rosendales, Columbus Ohio.

Thanks for the review. Rosendale's is on the top of my list for our next special occasion restaurant. I can't wait to go, as I've heard good things. Glad we have an option of this caliber in Columbus.

Special Occasion reco needed in the Fox Valley area

The Hideaway!?! I'm surprised that place is still open. Went there for prom maaaany moons ago. I'll look into it. Thanks for the replies.

Jan 15, 2008
HungryLetsEat in Chicago Area

Special Occasion reco needed in the Fox Valley area

It's my mother's birthday in a couple of weeks and my sister and I are flying in from out of town to spend the weekend with her. Our elderly parents live in St. Charles, so we're looking for someplace to take her in the Fox Valley area. Neither my sister nor I have lived in the area for several years so we could use a tutorial on what's available beyond Rex's Cork & Fork and The Mill Race Inn for special occasions. I'm sure there are all sorts of new possibilities.

(I read about Niche and Isabella's in another post and am considering those, but would like to hear more suggestions.)


Jan 14, 2008
HungryLetsEat in Chicago Area

Location for anniversary dinner in Columbus, Ohio?

Lindy's at Polaris is closed. It's now a Bravo. I second (third?) the recommendation of Lindey's GV. We had our wedding there in the courtyard and had a small (<50 people) reception in their upstairs banquet room. It's charming and they did a great job with the food. At our request the chef even prepared an amuse buche and did wine pairings for each course. The only negative would be the stairs. If you have a lot of seniors attending it could be a difficult climb for them.

Achatz is Cancer Free!

This is awesome news. What an amazing gift he's received this holiday season.

Giblet Help

As I said in the original post, we won't be making gravy from the giblets. That would definitely not fly with my family to have hunks of organs in the gravy.

I did some research since I was having problems identifying all of the parts. Here's a good link to help the uninitiated determine which giblets are which:

Nov 21, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

How big is it? (Your turkey, that is)

Yeah, it's one of those situations where you invite everyone, thinking half will show up...and they all decide to come. GAH!

I'm doing one turkey in the oven and one in an electric roaster. Several side dishes and desserts will be brought by others (thank goodness!). I'm just doing salad, sweet potato casserole and stuffing....oh and reheating a veg lasagna for the vegetarian crowd.

As for seating, we'll have 2 tables of 6 (kitchen and dining room) and 2 tables of 8 (family room and front entry hall!!) It'll definitely be cosy. I'm hoping the weather warms up so at least the kids can hang outside.

Nov 21, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Giblet Help

Ok, I just got both of my turkeys into their brines. Now I'm left with the giblets. We're not a big giblet family. I know this will be scandalous to most Hounds but I usually throw them away. This year, since I paid top dollar for these locally grown, organic turkeys I want to use them if possible. Nobody will eat them (save my brother-in-law, who likes the hearts) so I was just going to boil them in water and once cooked, give them to the dog owners in the family.

My questions about giblets are:

1) Are all giblets included in a turkey ok to use? If not, how do I identify which ones are which? I know basic human anatomy but these turkey parts that I'm looking at just don't "match up" visually speaking.
2) Should I make a stock out of them? If so, how?

Thanks in advance from a giblet noob.

p.s. Don't even suggest giblet gravy. Not gonna happen.

Nov 21, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

How big is it? (Your turkey, that is)

I have 2 locally raised organic birds at 15.5 and 18.3 lbs. That's 33.8 lbs for 28 people (23 adults and 5 little ones). I hope I have enough!

Probably won't have leftovers but there will certainly be lots of stock made afterwards.

Nov 20, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Iron Chef Symon

He seemed very nervous - as evidenced by dropping the poached egg and knocking over the drink. I think he'll be fun to watch and I like the food that he's presented so far. I don't mind his laugh at all.

Dilemma: 2 turkeys/1 oven

I have never grilled, smoked or deep-fried a turkey before and I don't particularly want to try that when I have another bird (and the rest of the meal) to attend to in the kitchen. I'd be afraid that I would ruin both and make the guests very cranky.

As for the reheating suggestion - the moistening/foil tip sounds like the way to go.

Nov 13, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Dilemma: 2 turkeys/1 oven

For Thanksgiving this year I ordered 2 birds from a local farmer (12-14 lbs each) and will be hosting 24 people for dinner. I really wanted to buy local, and after much debate, tossed the notion of buying one gigundo 25 lb bird from the local supermarket. Now, my dilemma is this:

How to cook 2 birds, side by side, and still have enough room to do bake all of the side dishes. I can usually fit at least one in on the bottom rack with the turkey, and pop the remaining casseroles in while the turkey is resting. However, with 2 birds I will not have that luxury. (I should say that I have a 6 burner stove/oven combo so the oven is fairly wide, but not any higher than most ovens. The extra width allows me to bake a 13x9 dish alongside a roasting pan. If I have 2 roasters in there I lose all ability to cook any side dishes with the turkey, which leaves too many to do once the birds are out.)

I was considering the following alternate strategies:

1) Start one turkey an hour earlier than the other. That will free up oven space in the last hour but how should I hold the meat from the first bird at the appropriate temperature without drying out?

2) Roast one of the turkeys a day in advance, carve it, package and chill overnight and reheat on a baking sheet just before serving.

Please let me know your thoughts. I'm struggling here.

Nov 13, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving drink recipe

Hi Diane,
How about some warm apple cider with cinnamon schnapps? Use a cinnamon stick as a swizzzle sticks. We call it an Apple Pie.

Nov 08, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Spirits

Baking bacon vs. frying bacon

That's pretty much the process I next time I'll try adding the maple syrup. Sounds delish!

Nov 08, 2007
HungryLetsEat in Home Cooking