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Wedding Mini-Dessert Buffet

Mexican Wedding Cakes (cookies,really).

May 11, 2010
dbinben in Home Cooking

April 2009 -- Grocery Outlet

Got a GO advertisment in my junk mail yesterday. All wine 20% off. I'll be going this afternoon.

Soft Boiled Eggs/Old School?

My 23 year old son recently asked me how to make a soft boiled egg and how do you eat them. It got me thinking that I haven't had a sb egg since I was a kid.

Picked up some cute little egg cups from Cost Plus for a buck each and had a proper English breakfast of soft boiled eggs and toast points and marmalade this morning. I have forgetten how good they taste with just s touch of S&P. A really good eggy taste that you can't get with fried, scrambled or HB eggs.

Does anyone eat eggs like this anymore???

Jan 29, 2009
dbinben in Home Cooking

Why don't you RSVP? Honestly.

Good topic. I always respond one way or the other and I, like the OP sometimes make sure I make the phone call when I know they won't answer and I can leave a message. LOL.

There is a person in my group of friends who habitually does not RSVP to invitations and will just show up or , if she doesnt show up she will at a later date say no one told her about the party or she didn't get the Email. I've started to use EVITE, (love it) and you can see when the invitees have opened the invitation. So no more "I never got the Email" business.

Jan 16, 2009
dbinben in Not About Food

Weekly menus

Duh, what is a CSA box????

May 14, 2008
dbinben in Home Cooking

Graduation dinner in Santa Monica or downtown for 10

Ok, so you took the question right out of my mouth. My son will be graduating in June (go Bruins) and I'm looking for a place to host a luncheon for him and our family from Nor Cal. Preferably Santa Monica or Westwood, affordable,(don't want to spend another tuition payment) ethnic and yummy for 10-15 people. I've searched citysearch and some of the following look interesting: Babalu; lighthouse Buffet; Monsoon; Fritto Misto; Spumoni; Shamshiri. I would appreciate some reccomendations, suggestions/ warnings. TIA.

Mar 05, 2008
dbinben in Los Angeles Area

Union Square Dining

Having a pre wedding party for a bunch of 40-something suburban housewives. We're staying in Union Square at the Hotel Diva on a Friday nite and after cocktails at the hotel we'll be looking for someplace for dinner. Not too expensive as we have a variety of income levels in our group. We'll be on foot (high heels) so within walking distance. Thanks for the help.