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Another day, Another restaurant law suit

I believe Tom. It's just too bad that photo looks him look eerily like Dr Evil.

Jan 24, 2015
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SALAD SPINNERS: Please help me save my friendship!

Exactly how I use my Oxo. It's a greens washtub! It's a spin dryer! Delightful!

Aw, big, fat rats. I just saw the age of this topic. Mr Taster - I assume you and your friend are still friendly? I hope so. I love it when the OP of a moldy topic is still around to reply.

Jan 23, 2015
MplsM ary in Cookware

McDonald's walks fine line with 'Signs' commercial

It's not really that funny, but... I still prefer the parody over McDs original commercial.

Jan 22, 2015
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increase in sticklers on the Home Cooking Board?

But you do need words on a discussion forum. Just sayin' :)

Jan 20, 2015
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What happened to Top Chef?

I think that's why I'm more engaged this season than I have been for a number of years.

I am a very fickle TV viewer. My interest in any show tends to wane after maybe 2 seasons. I don't know if I was as aware of my fickle ways before I started using a DVR. I set up shows to record new episodes and I find that after maybe 2 seasons, I have to go in and delete the show from my scheduled recordings. An example: I don't watch Downton Abbey anymore. When I can predict what will happen without watching, I lose interest.

Top Chef was on the verge of getting axed from my DVR until this season. For the past 4 or 5 seasons I've been doing other things while I watch. Or, I fast-forwarded to the tasting and judging. This season I am watching every little thing - like I used to in the first season.

It may be I am not their target audience. Still, I have thoroughly enjoyed this season.

Edited to add - Bravo can thank Chowhound and especially LindaWhit for my continued viewing of Top Chef. Y'all are the payoff I get for watching when the show failed to amuse me.

increase in sticklers on the Home Cooking Board?


"Avec Eric" coming to Cooking Channel

For me the show can stand a little "revamping." Much as I adore Eric, as a chef, a person and a personality, I found Avec Eric a bit of a snooze. Perhaps it's his lovely, calm voice but when I say snooze, I am being literal. I never made it through an episode without either falling asleep or my mind wandering to the point where I'd missed half the show.

Thanks for the heads up.

Jan 16, 2015
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Chow's, Dear CHOW Feature

Chow failed as a magazine a long time ago. That said, it would behoove Chow to tap the genius chowhounds - if only...

Everyone seems to take everything the wrong way.

If Chow asks? "Stupid question!" Chow not asking? "Why didn't you ask? - So Stupid!"

Chow has been dragging around for content previously posted, when they might tap the gifts of someone with a lot of Chowhound followers. (Don't even bother to look. Few follow me)

Jan 14, 2015
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Cream cheese and chickpea patties experiment

I second the Dr Praeger patty suggestion. I don't like them because the texture is too much like baby food when they are baked.

Jan 13, 2015
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Recipes for better beans

Thanks for the tip on niter kibbeh. I will be hunting for it at Whole Foods.

Jan 12, 2015
MplsM ary in Vegetarian & Vegan

Parody of McDonald's Maligned Golden Globes Commercial

Can not stop laughing. I'd not seen the original, supposedly inspirational commercial. My puerile sense of humor prefers this one.

Jan 12, 2015
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Top Chef Boston – Ep. #10 – 01/07/15 (spoilers)

I think Melissa has the bad luck of being shy. To me it seems like she memorizes what she's going to say for her camera bits, sometimes stumbles to remember what she meant to say, and therefore doesn't fully explain what it is she is cooking. The judges like her food, so there has to be skill and thoughtfulness in her cooking. I just don't think she can convey her "passion" or "chops" the way the others can.

Jan 12, 2015
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site forgetting "read" posts

Believe it or not this is intended behavior called pagination.

To get back to normal:

Full instructions for turning on the “See All” default option are as follows (copied from a mod's post):

1. Mouse over your user avatar
2. Click "Settings"
3. On the Settings page, select "Chowhound"
4. Select the checkbox for "Collapse Previously Read Comments (also defaults to "See All" page)"
5. Click Submit

1. Press the red menu icon at the top left of the top navigation
2. Press the settings icon
3. Select the grey bar to trigger the dropdown of menu options
4. Press the "Chowhound" menu
5. Press the setting for "Collapse Previously Read Comments (also defaults to "See All" page)"
6. Press submit

If you find that you are not yet defaulting to the "See All" page, please log out and log back in or clear your browser cache and cookies. If you have any further issues, please visit the Site Talk board to report it.

Jan 12, 2015
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Safe Use of Vintage Aluminum Cookware

Agreed. Just don't rub it into your armpits. :)

Jan 12, 2015
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Joy of Cooking - various editions

I'd pay good money for an electronic omnibus edition. It could be a goldmine of great food information along with snippets of food history.

Jan 11, 2015
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How Would YOU Revive Chowhound?

I agree with your assessment. Yelp is thriving in the Twin Cities where Chowhound is floundering. If there was a restaurant database with mapping, that would help. I think it might just be time to let go of the idea that Chowhound is the place to find information on restaurants.

Yet, backing away from that thought for a second, I wish our local board was a state-wide board. Minnesota, instead of just Minneapolis-St. Paul. Rochester, Duluth, St. Cloud, Austin, Ely - wouldn't it be great to have all the discussions in one place?

Where I think Chowhound really shines is in Home Cooking and Food Media and News. I never would have known about the Tree of 40 Fruits, if not for Chowhound. Perhaps the interesting threads can be shared from those boards and displayed on the Chow homepage to replace some of the current content. Sadly the people Chow picks to write articles of the newsy variety display the wit and wisdom of slow kindergartners. To that end, perhaps Chow could ask some of our better writers to write content for Chow.

I didn't really think before jumping in to answer, so I may think on this interesting question. Thanks for asking, ElsieDee.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #10 – 01/07/15 (spoilers)

As far as the Casey coq au vin - Tom was the only person who cared... at French Culinary Institute! I think he was such an ass about it because of the challenge venue.

As this blogger points out, "...So, even the French have adapted the dish to modern times. Larousse Gastronomique even mentions that the dish is often made with regular chickens these days and, in fact, doesn’t even mention roosters in the recipe that it provides."

I think Tom probably heard a lot about this after the episode and now he likes coq au vin avec poulet.

Chowhound Pagination Improvements from Your Feedback

That's a good start. Thanks for listening. Now, if you could change the pagination so it makes sense for users, that would be great.

I think I would actually use pagination if previously read posts collapsed and pagination started when topics get larger than 100 posts. I know, I know - tracking whether posts are read is what slows things down. But if these problems were separated and then tackled, there might be a better way to handle pagination.

Anyway, thanks for fixing the Google issue.

Jan 09, 2015
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Random red flags?

Iget those from time to time on Chrome.

My question is - why does it STILL say Beta in the Post box?

Jan 07, 2015
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First time posters

You realize I am talking about other sites and not Chow/Chowhound?

Here's an extreme example of people posting to keep their numbers high (though I have no idea why) Notice the designations and how they point out the top posters. This is NOT what I'd like to see for Chowhound.

Jan 07, 2015
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First time posters

In some forums there is a tiered system. 1 - 50 for "newbies" to 1000+ for "experts." People want to think they are experts at everything and will post and post some more to attain "status." Number of posts becomes sport, and is not helpful for anyone.

You keep mentioning you are a newcomer. Assuming you've read more than you've posted, I think you are not so very new anymore, no matter the time span.

First time posters

I would rather not foster the postypants syndrome brought about by advertising how many posts a person has made. I remember the 2006 rollout when we first got profiles. One of the top fears was showing the number of posts by users. Nay, I say.

Jan 06, 2015
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Best POST on CH for 2014

I have a few topics I really enjoyed in 2014. In no particular order:

Tree of 40 fruits:

Vagina cookies for 2nd graders:

Regional/local foods you find delicious:

Memorable quotes about booze:

Imaginary mock meats no one wants:

Heinous KFC commercial

Also, many takeout containers are recyclable after rinsing. I re-read our local recycling policies and was pleasantly surprised at all the stuff I can now recycle (cardboard cans and aseptic cartons - yay!)

Heinous KFC commercial

I thought it was funny. But I don't eat chicken.

From NPR

Black Star Coop is the first brew pub coop. Cooperative restaurants have been around for over 150 years. The longest running coop restaurant in the US is the Seward in Minneapolis. But these are not fast food restaurants. That is what makes Moo Cluck Moo revolutionary.

Jan 05, 2015
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Can we find out when we started here?

Smart. Sadly some boards have been archived - but... the URL for the Midwest Archive is

Anyone else seeking out their past on archived boards will have to use Google or The Wayback Machine (unless of course they remember the board number).

Jan 04, 2015
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Can we find out when we started here?

Thanks, I'd done that. I had to go a step further and define by date range (Click Search Tools --> Any time --> Custom Range and input the dates you want to search). Much to my surprise I found my first post and it was September 10th 2004. So 10 years. I guess I lurked for for 2 years before getting up the guts to post.

Anybody using Google remember to append ?page=all for topics with more than 6 replies unless you want to bump into pagination.

Jan 04, 2015
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Can we find out when we started here?

Thanks to the Wayback Machine I see I used to post (using an awful handle bestowed on me by my then boyfriend) in 2004. There's a huge gap in captures between 2002 and 2004. I could swear I landed here in 2002.

Jan 04, 2015
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Old Posts, CH'ers who are no longer with us

Nice to see you hannaone.

I understand that reaction. Kind of along those same lines I have a fear. There are some hounds I miss but I dare not ask their whereabouts, lest I find they are really "No longer with us."

Jan 03, 2015
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