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How To Become Gluten Intolerant

Thanks for that laugh. And thanks for turning me on to Devour - curated YouTube. Very cool.

And, for anyone interested: How to Become a Vegetarian - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 3 - with JP Sears
Also, very funny. Yes, I am pretending to be full from eating a salad :)

Best All-Natural, No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Brand

From the Jif website:
Jif Natural Peanut Butter Spread
Creamy Peanut Butter Spread Contains 90% Peanuts
Creamy Peanut Butter Spread and Honey Contains 80% Peanuts
Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread Contains 90% Peanuts
Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread and Honey Contains 80% Peanuts

All contain sugar. Some have added honey and/or molasses. The answer would then be,"No. Jif Natural is not considered unsweetened peanut butter."

2 days ago
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The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

And then we can link it to a mapping app so people can know when they are near companies linked to big pharma - that way they can avoid possible stray mystery cooties.

Thank-You Note From Julia Child Is Restaurant Executive’s Treasure

Sadly, for non-WSJ subscribers, the article locked content. Or, I've used my quota.

Apr 15, 2015
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The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

We could line the hats with those "detoxing" foot pads. When the user takes off their hat they will have evidence that the hat is indeed working, since any moisture will discolor the pads. Score!

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

Me too! I want to create a nonsense gravy train. If we could incorporate something that people need to wear to "protect" themselves, (that carries with it the added benefit of being able to spot gullible folks), so much the better. Let's get busy hill.

Instant Coffee No More: Italian Astronaut Gets Espresso Machine on Space Station

Here's a much better article:

And NASA's terse explanation of the machine's application:

Though weight is not mentioned anywhere, it seems very space and weight efficient and can be used for tea and broths, too.

Apr 15, 2015
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Will Chowhound ever be a major player in food reviews and discussion

But have you ever done anything you were supposed to do? Polish your apples elsewhere, Sonny Jim.

Apr 14, 2015
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Will Chowhound ever be a major player in food reviews and discussion

I use AdBlock on Chrome:

He asks for a donation, but it's not mandatory.

Apr 14, 2015
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Instant Coffee No More: Italian Astronaut Gets Espresso Machine on Space Station

I hope she enjoys her espresso. I also hope there's a followup on this story. Food tastes so different in space and I wonder how it impacts espresso.

Complain or Shut Up?

But it seems in this case one needs to bitch about it. Twice on Chowhound, anyway.

Please Change Recipe Comment Linking Behavior

I realize you want to show off the recipes but I HATE clicking on a "New Comment" only to find out there's no comment, only rating stars. It's fine if the recipe is part of the latest and greatest list on the Boards screen, but please, if somebody has just rated the recipe with no feedback, make it so the reply number is not clickable. And, when people do comment, clicking on the reply number takes us to the comments. It's frustrating as all Hell the way it is now. You are teaching us to not click recipes. Is that really what you want?


It's not true buttermilk, but they do make/sell buttermilk:

I humidified our condo by boiling water in a Dutch oven every day this winter......

I understand the inclination as well as the fear of humidifier mold and dust. As a fellow Minnesotan, I lube up with good lotion, use a saline nasal spray and visit the Como Zoo Conservatory when my skin gets really whiny. I boil water (for humidification purposes) very rarely and when I do, I wash the pot asap to prevent scaling. That said, next winter when the humidity levels < 10% and I grab a pot to boil some water I will "knot a thin strip of cotton rag and throw it into your DO while you're using it as a humidifier." As soccermom13 said, that is flat out genius!

Apr 11, 2015
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starving on Food Stamps / SNAP

Wow. See if this makes any sense to you:

QUICHE! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (April 2015)

My sister-in-law served the most beautiful quiches for a party and I asked her for the recipes: Martha Stewart was her reply. I haven't found the recipe for the amazing cherry tomato quiche she served that day but it was simply fabulous, with brilliant little tomato jewels sliced in half, perfectly suspended in a Gruyere egg cloud, surrounded by the perfect pastry.

I, too lazy and sometimes low carb-y do not deal with crust creation, have used Martha's crustless broccoli cheddar quiche with great success (sans nutmeg thankyouverymuch (it's like chewing tinfoil or sucking on a battery to my wacky taster)).

Apr 11, 2015
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Complain or Shut Up?

This subject seems like double-dipping on a bad experience but, ok, I'll play.

Like just about everything, it really depends on the situation. If I was with a bunch of Minnesotans who are too "polite*" to complain about many things not weather related, then I'd let it slide. If I was with a loved one who was truly unhappy with their meal, but again too shy to complain, I might complain for us both. But, it seems in that particular situation complaining really wouldn't get any results, so I'd just pay my bill and perhaps register my complaint afterward.

*It's a cultural oddity that I'm sure Garrison Keillor has written much about, but it's tough to really explain.

Apr 11, 2015
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Interesting scorecard for "organic" eggs

While it's nice to see the eggs I buy score well, I take issue with their lumping all private label eggs as bad because they are private label and/or the private labelers did not respond to the survey. I dunno.

They seem pretty alarmist about hexane and carrageenan.

I think they provide a service of sorts with this information. I just wish it wasn't served while sporting a tinfoil hat.

Ketchup on Eggs? Not in my House!...Yours?

Mustard on McDonald's egg and cheese biscuit. Deeelightful!

I used to really like ketchup on my scrambled eggs. Haven't tried it in years, but may give it a go sometime soon to see if I still like it.

Apr 10, 2015
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Hover over avatars - no longer enlarges

Congrats PatSully. Wishing you great happiness and a glut of swell cookware.

Red Cow and Hot Indian Foods headline new Target Field eats

Here is a link to a Strib article (that I did not read because of the 5 free articles a month limit that I save for newsier news).

Also a link to a WCCO article that focuses more on cocktails. Whee!

Fun stuff.

Promoting Kickstarter campaigns

Sorry to sound so critical, but this is not an answer to any question.

Should JuniorBalloon:
Write to you?
Post anyway?

Action verbs are useful.

Others may have the same question so knowing how to proceed would be helpful.

Alton Brown on the End of Meat as We Know It | WIRED

It's not nearly as bouncy as traditional simmered or canned seitan. I've only had the strips that were Buffalo'ed, so I would not say I know what the strips actually taste like.

Apr 04, 2015
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Alton Brown on the End of Meat as We Know It | WIRED

It's actually pretty good. SuperTarget has started selling it in the Twin Cities for a couple bucks less a package than Whole Foods. I've used the crumbles in a red sauce and unlike other crumbles they don't dissolve when re-frozen within a liquid.

Whole Foods makes some diabolically tasty Beyond "Buffalo" strips for the salad bar.

Favorite Vodkas, New Favorite

I am also a vodka fan. My new favorite is Platinka, a rye vodka from Belarus. When chilled, the flavor is subtle, very slightly sweet and smooth.

I tried Grey Goose after watching The Upside of Anger because, well, you pretty much have to. It's not for me, but I know some who like it.

To me, Stolichnaya smells and tastes like rubbing alcohol when it's chilled. So, again, not for me.

I'll give Sobieski another whirl. Last time I had it was with water over ice. Perhaps that was my mistake, but my hosts only drank vodka with mixers, and they could not believe I actually wanted it straight. My compromise was with water and ice.

Apr 02, 2015
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Anyone else have an odd craving for bananas today? Just curious.

Oh, puh-leeze! emglow101's question deserves an answer other than a link. Samalicious did not state whether the banana was peeled, whereas emglow101 CLEARLY stated that in their case said banana had been peeled.

emglow101, only you can decide whether the banana is safe to eat. If it's covered in bugs I'd toss it. But, that's just me.

Anyone else have an odd craving for bananas today? Just curious.

Last time I had bananas tapas the waiter actually had the gall to PEEL my banana. Right in front of everyone. Like I was a child. I was mortified.

Anyone else have an odd craving for bananas today? Just curious.

Where can I find low carb, locally sourced bananas in Minneapolis?

What 'Race Together' Means for Starbucks Partners and Customers | Starbucks Newsroom

SNL sketch: Pep Boys launch their #genderflect campaign.

Mar 30, 2015
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Dinner with a side of self-righteousness

Oh, the irony that the author does not seem able to dismount from her own high horse.

Had she narrowed her focus, stuck to her argument and stayed away from mixed metaphors I might have had a chance to agree with her. As it is, I feel the need to get blotto so I can forget that wretched mess of an article. Oy.