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Lungomare [Oakland]

Lungomare -- beautiful rooms, so-so food, some of it very bad. This chef does not know Italian cuisine. That is, the ribollito came as a fried patty, dry, charred and tasteless. When questioned the manager said that ribollito was "stuffing", not thick bread soup. Oh well. I was so hoping Oakland could have a really good restaurant. Chop Bar has better food and is reliable. Lungomare is a crap shoot.

B in Oakland

The owners of B complained in the Chronical that their business was off due to Occupy Oakland. Baloney! Business is bad because their food, which once was quite good is now horrible. Lunch several weeks ago was slices of pizza or one pasta dish. The place was grungy and the line long. There were only two young women taking care of the whole restaurant. Neither knew anything about the wine. I had the pasta, a bowl of noodles topped with a handful of raw vegetables supposedly "primavera". Let's not blame anyone but yourselves for this train wreck.

Hawker Fare [Oakland]

@What a sad meal at Hawker Fare today. There was no ginger beer, which seemed like the best choice to go with the very limited menu. I had the beef short ribs which were dry and tough, nothing with them but dry rice and a few herbs. The sauce with them was thick, tasteless and also dry. My friend had the chicken which was not dry so I borrowed some of his sauce. The meat however had that sous vide strange texture and little taste. "Oh well," we thought, we'd have the affogato. No. They were out of ice cream at 1:00 PM. I don't know what street this food is supposed to be from, but it's not one I'll be back to.

Hawker Fare
2300 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94612

Robert Lauriston's New Restaurant in East Bay - "Locanda da Eva"

Locanda de Eva, Berkeley, CA What a dissapointment! The fish was seriously overcooked, the pizza was burned, but limp and not cooked through. Good beans as a side. Indifferent dessert. But great waiter. I felt embarrassed for him, having to serve such awful food.

Cafe Cacao Report

Pet peeve -- restaurants that don't deliver what they describe on the menu. For instance, at brunch I ordered the poached eggs wuth browned butter and rosemary. What came were two bare eggs. The waitress apologized and then returned with a small cup of melted butter with some rosemary floating in it. My daughter's dish was supposed to have caramelized onions, but came with a few barely fried bits. That's it for Cafe Cacao! nojones

goin to sea salt tonight... any reccommendations?

I thought the lobster roll was tasteless. Have you ever had one at Yankee Pier, or the Raw Bar in Healdsburg? Sea Salt is over priced and over praised. I've been there three times because some friends wanted to try it, but one friend's fried mixed seafood was raw and cold in the middle, and the other had a salad that was missing 2 of the ingredients listed on the menu. The waitress said, "The chef ran out" Duh! Well HE should have..

Wood Tavern in Oakland - BIG thumbs up!

I took my family there for dinner. Mixed reviews. Everyone liked the cheese plate.My son-n-law liked the pork chops. My daughter loved the grains and greens. My son's pasta was just ordinary. My daughter-in-laws halibut was icy cold in the center, and she had to send it back. They did take it off the billl. My sea food stew was a disaster! The monk fish hadn't been prepared properly -- all sinews and tough as leather. The mussels were old and withered, and the tiny salad shrimp tasteless. The deserts were good. Great chocolate whatever, and the panacota was perfect, but chef spoiled it by putting a dab of strawberry granita on top, so that it leaked pink water all over the plate.

Pear Street Bistro-Pinole

Yes, It's a nice little neighborhood place, but I wouldn't travel to go there. Good mussels. Nojones