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Fish House Punch

The original recipe for Fish House Punch comes from the State in Schuylkill club in Philadelphia. It dates to 1732.
2 qts. Jamaica rum
1 qt Cognac
3/4 lb. sugar
2 qts. water
1qt. lemon juice
peach brandy, 1 wine glass

Put sugar and water in a punch bowl and stir to dissolve .
Add rest of liquids.
Put large chunk of ice in punch bowl.
Let stand for a couple of hours to meld.

Drink with caution. It goes down far too readilly after the first drink.

This recipie comes from The Gentleman's Companion exotic dring book by Charles H. Baker, Jr.
Published in 1939

Any drastic changes to this recipie would not be Fish House Punch. The only allowable substitute would be 1 qt Bacardi (light ) rum for an equal amount of the Jamaican (dark) rum. This would make a lighter punch for the ladies.

Jul 08, 2007
flewisc in Recipes