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Quick advice please: No reservations 6 PM near Beacon Theater?

Any suggestions for this evening? No reservations 6 PM near Beacon Theater? Could be wine and interesting appetizers. Any cuisine.

Latkes AND Turkey! Hanukkah AND Thanksgiving! Never before... and never again!

How about latkes topped with apple-cranberry sauce?

What's for Low-Carb Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? #1 (Through July 18, 2013)

Just started Phase 1 again myself.
High Plant Nutrient Breakfast: Slice and saute 2 huge mushrooms and big handful of fresh baby spinach leaves. Pour over egg whites/Eggbeaters. Dab on a few teaspoons of nonfat ricotta cheese. Sprinkle with turmeric, salt, pepper. Cook in skillet until bottom is set and then slide under the broiler to set the top. Next time, I take a picture cuz it was very pretty.

Best Lobster Roll on the Cape?

I, too, took your advice and went straight to the Chatham Fish Pier store on my trip to the Cape two weeks ago. Their lobster roll was AMAZING. Costs $5 more than Arnold's, which was pretty good, and worth every penny for the extra lobster—so much I had to share it. Somehow the buttered toasted roll was better, too, at Chatham. Though I must say that Arnold's cole slaw was better—really fresh and delicious.

Looking for Semi-Veggie Fare in Boca

Any suggestions for places to eat (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with healthful well-prepared food that features vegetables, fruits, dairy, fish (not raw) or chicken? Most cuisines okay: Indian, Greek, Italian, French, or American. No national chains please.

Local versus Organic Produce

IN this case, the local Swiss chard was so lovely and tender—so much nicer than the organic. So I bought the local.

Local versus Organic Produce

So, I was at a family-owned grocery store yesterday—one with great produce. I wanted Swiss chard and had a choice between conventionally grown local chard for $1.99 a pound and chard grown organically thousands of miles away for $3.99 per pound.

What's better for my health and the environment: buying locally grown "conventional" produce or organic produce grown 3,000 miles away?

Best Bakery in Northwest Bergen County (i.e. Ridgewood area)

Try their multigrain bread (Pullman or pan loaf), olive bread, potato and onion bread, and baguettes (dangerously good! will eat in one sitting!)

Best Bakery in Northwest Bergen County (i.e. Ridgewood area)

I am a regular at Balthazar, but think the breads are far superior to the cakes.

Bergen County Knife Sharpening Service?

Thanks for the info!

Chowish Stroll on the High Line

Thanks, I'll check them out.

Chowish Stroll on the High Line

Want to explore the High Line and will need to eat nearby. Any suggestions for not-too-fancy places?

Bergen County Knife Sharpening Service?

So, I went to Chef's Central on Rt. 17. They charged $5 per knife and gave me a choice on the Global knife of a $5 or $12 process. Since I didn't know the difference, i went for the $5. The knives are all nice and sharp now. How do I know if they did a lousy job?

Send info on guy in Union City and I will try next time.


Best Bakery in Northwest Bergen County (i.e. Ridgewood area)

Try Vitangelo's Pastry Shop in Edgewater (corner of River Road and Route 5). Cannoli's are terrific and they make the freshest traditional Italian birthday cake with cannoli cream or chocolate filling, white cake, and fresh whipped cream icing.

Best Bakery in Northwest Bergen County (i.e. Ridgewood area)

Gee, I hope Patisserie St. Michele is just closed for vacation, Tney always take off the weeks around Labor Day. Andre, the baker, said he will be open until New years Eve 2010 and then he is retiring.

Best Bakery in Northwest Bergen County (i.e. Ridgewood area)

If that is the chocolate almond torte, I had it for my B-day and everyone loved it.

Bergen County Knife Sharpening Service?

My knives are well beyond the steel-sharpening stage. Need professional help. Anyone know of a good (skilled) place to take them in Bergen County, NJ? Or are there any services that come to your home anymore?

Places to eat in the NY Catskills?

Hope it's not too late to add my 2 cents. There's a great place for lunch on Route 23 in Leeds, NY called (I think) Bar-B-Q Barn, serving North Carolina-style pulled pork sandwiches and plenty of good sides like beans and cole slaw. Even better last Friday was delicious fresh cod lightly battered and fried. It must have been a half pound filet for about 8 bucks—including sides. The waitstaff and owners couldn't be nicer. They take a lot of pride in what they serve. BTW, Leeds is right next to Catskill, NY—five minutes from NY State Thruway exit 21. Looks like a former Dairy Queen building on the south/east bound side of the road.

Inn at Stone Ridge (Stone Ridge, NY)

Has anyone had dinner at the recently reopened restaurant in the Inn at Stone Ridge on Rt 209 in Stone Ridge, NY (Ulster County)? If so, how was your experience?

Gelato in Bergen County, NJ, anyone?

Ciao Bella in Tenafly still there?

Saigon R, Englewood for sale??

I am!! It's a great local place — in addition to the 23 seats, they'll do carry out. It used to be that we'd have to make a reservation fro Thursday thru Saturday, but I've noticed that the last few times the place has been less than full. I assume it's the recession because the food is still good. Love the summer rolls, soups, and any dish with roasted duck.

Recommendations? Vegetarian Cook Book with Nutrition Information?

The Romantic Vegetarian by Judith Sharlin,, R.D.
Yummy recipes, not low calorie, for special occasions. I believe the nutritional breakdown is in the back of the book. Lovingly calculated by hand in 1984—before all the nutritional tools on the Internet.

Roadtrip Report: Sharon Springs, NY

Just returned from two nights near historic Sharon Springs, NY. The village is about 30 miles west of Albany on scenic (and empty!) Route 20. It's about 15 miles from "bats and hats" Cooperstown. Ate in three local places. Gino's has a pizza oven and is therefore very appreciated by local families although shy in the fresh veggies department. The American Hotel's restaurant was very good, the service was terrific, and the owners are charming. However, you do pay for the privilege of dining there as prices are toward the upper end of many Manhattan restaurants, making this place a once in a while splurge. A wonderful surprise was "My Sister's Place" Cafe. Just west of the intersection of Routes 20 and 10, we followed the "cafe" sign and turned down Beachwood Rd and in a couple of hundred feet arrived at a converted barn, now a local eatery. Margie made us a delicious country breakfast. Especially good were the corn cakes (like pancakes, but with ground corn and fresh corn kernels, topped with bacon, over easy eggs, and a cheese sauce—her take on a down home version of eggs Benedict. Very yummy. Breakfast included a bottomless pot of coffee and we couldn't resist a plate of home fries on the side. Four of us had breakfast (our companions had French toast and scrambled eggs) and everyone was blissed out for a grand total of well under $25! We came back for lunch and enjoyed it just as much. I had cranberry chicken salad over a bed of salad greens that included fresh spinach. The iced tea was freshly made from real tea, unsweetened and the glass must have held a quart! Just what you expect on a country road trip!


I use red wine, but my mom uses tomato juice as the braising liquid. Add in lots a sweet onions, leeks, and carrots to counteract the acidity of the tomatoes.

Any fava beans yet?

I've seen them in two grocery stores with good produce.

Films that make you want to eat!

"Fatso," especially the scene where the main character and his chubby checker start to talk about sucking the jelly out of a jelly donut and inserting a Reece's peanut butter cup in its place.

Help with my menu for the shixas

What? No chopped chicken liver?

Feb 27, 2008
FeelingALittleBreadish in Kosher

Tyler's fingers in the chocolate

I saw it, too, and had the same reaction—disgusting. What were they thinking??? I'll bet the Swiss guy dumped the vats after Tyler and his crew left.

What are your favorite cookbooks of all time?

Yeah, I guess my choices date me. I forgot to list Jean Anderson's Processor Cooking cookbook (vintage 70s). I got it when I received my first and only food processor—the original Cuisinart. Her cookbook introduced me to hummus (remember, this was the 1970s!), baba ganoush, dips, pureed vegetable soups, and so on.

Asian Bat Mitzvah and has to be vegetarian


So, if you are the bat mitzvah girl, there should be lots of your favorite foods. What do YOU like to eat that is Asian veggie? That should be your starting point for a menu. Then you can round it out with foods that your family and guests will enjoy.

Jan 28, 2008
FeelingALittleBreadish in Kosher