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Maple Tree BBQ in Riverhead, Long Island...the real deal

Stopped at Maple Tree BBQ today after reading about it on another thread....AMAZING BBQ. I have driven by this place dozens of times, and now regret all those missed opportunities to 'pig out'!
I think this is the Holy Grail of barbecue here on Long Island; I write this as I keep picking on my takeout order of barbecued beans- a mix of at least three different beans lightly bound together with bits of brisket and other very good things with a touch of sauce.
The counterman/son of the owner was obviously proud of their food and gave us first-timers samples of the moist brisket, home made pastrami, pulled pork, smoked chicken chili and smoked chicken wings.....all so good we couldn't decide and bought them all. The brisket and beans are now gone, and everything else is hidden in the back of the fridge in a futile attempt to save some for another day. Also bought a wonderful turkey vegetable soup to have with a salad to balance out our diet. The takeout order included two half pint tubs of their own white horseradish and sweet/sour red sauces, both really, really good, but next time I will also ask for the spicier red we sampled at the counter. More importantly, next time we will try one of the sandwiches with very intriguing ingredients- pesto brisket? Fig sauce? Crushed potatoes? All in the most unassuming setting ever.....

Dinner at North Fork Table and Inn

Warning: don't go there for the upcoming LI Restauant Week- we went last year and had the world's tiniest portions and speediest service- three courses in under an hour! Much better to save up and go for a regular meal, which is spectacular....

Grimaldi's Garden City

Wow- I've been eating at Grimaldi's since it opened and never had a bad pie-I do always ask for my pizza to be well-done since I like a charred crust. You can watch them make each pizza to order if you're sitting in the front, but I prefer to sit at the bar for happy hour- $5.00 personal pizzas and cheap beer on tap, plus great basic salads.

980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

nassau county restaurant for bridal shower

Jonathan's in New Hyde Park/Mineola has a party room and does a great job for showers- even has a seperate exit for schlepping all the gifts out!

Thanksgiving in / around Mineola?

Maxxel's in Mineola is usually open on Thanksgiving and is consistently good; don't be put off by it's location in a strip mall. I second checking out the Garden City Hotel, as well as Stressa or La Coquille in Manhasset.

La Coquille
281 Dune Rd, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

North fork restaurant, please help me track down.

You must have been in Greenport if you could see water from Main Street. There was a crepe restaurant in an old house on the right heading out of town but it is now closed. A little further out of town was the Shady Lady inn/restaurant (originally called Porky's); it is now called the Portly Grape. I haven't eaten there...... yet. Hope this helps

SF Hounds coming to North Fork

I live within walking distance of Blue Duck- lucky me! All the breads are really good- well, I haven't tried the bagels there (bit of a bagel snob) but the multigrain baguette, the chocolate bread, and most of all the sour rye are incredible. On the sweet side I am addicted to their shortcrust turnovers (cherry and blueberry, as well as apple!) , the blueberry scones and their ginger, oatmeal, or chocolate chip cookies. The pies last fall were amazing. Nothing is cheap and they sell out many items early, but their coffee is also very good- well worth a stop.

About the restaurant scene- I also found Noah's to be unbearably noisy and maybe a bit overhyped cuisine-wise. I recently had a wonderful cheese plate and skirt steak w/mashed potatoes at Vine, topped off with tasty, not overwrought homemade cupcakes for dessert. They have limited outdoor seating, but the new indoor space was very cool.

Erik's on the North Road in Southold is a favorite for breakfast and lunch- check out the daily specials and get extra soup or turkey chili to take home.

Founder's Tavern on the Main Rd. in Southold is much better than you would expect a pub to be- stay simple with the burger, fried fish with homemade potato chips, etc. and good beer.

Wineries- I think Croteaux sold out and is closed for the season; I like Lenz and Lieb for wine, and Corey Creek for the view- just order whatever is their newest wine and bring a nice takeout lunch from Erik's.

When is Sweatman's Closed? Kiawah Area Suggestions?

Last summer we found the Rosebank (Rosemont? Rose-something, anyway) just outside Kiawah- not far from the traffic circle by the new 'kiawah-town'. The BEST homecooking- not cheap, with $8.00 desserts, but thinking about that blackberry cobbler now makes me want to jump on a plane for more. Entrees were all great (four of us ate there three times in a week!), with fish, chicken, shrimp etc. Very family friendly. Off topic- we chartered a boat & captain at the marina there- thought it was a great time and a great value, with dolphins and a wealth of local lore.
As for Kiawah proper- they desperately need a good, basic breakfast place. Do treat yourself to Jasmine Porch for their brunch- no lunch will be needed!

Jul 28, 2006
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