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What is the best Indian restaurant in LA?

Mayura at 10406 Venice Blvd in Culver City was great for buffet - that said I arrived promptly at noon so everything was very fresh and flavorful - not sure how it looks later in the day. Not a fancy place, in a strip mall. Was far tastier than my last visit to Samosa House.

Dec 05, 2013
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Burger Wars in Santa Monica

Tried Hole in Wall, perhaps I was expecting too much, but honestly, it was just a burger, nothing special - for me and my BF it ranked beneath Umami and Fathers Office. Time to check out some of the others! At least there are plenty to try!

Jun 17, 2013
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Best bagel near Penn station?

I was recently underwhelmed by my old favorite Ess-a-Bagel, they seem a bit flavorless.

Murrays is absolutely worth the walk from Penn Station!

Jun 14, 2013
whycook in Manhattan

Burger Wars in Santa Monica

thank you - not sure where we'll end up going - but the list has been whittled down.

Jun 12, 2013
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Burger Wars in Santa Monica

thank you, i did go back there and review. now to figure where to have my bi-annual burger fix.

Jun 12, 2013
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Westside Burgers-Counter, Hole in the Wall, Father's Office Tavern, What Else?

Curious, where does Golden State rank (location not withstanding) worth it or just stay on the westside for one of the above mentioned?

Jun 12, 2013
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Burger Wars in Santa Monica

So what is the #1 absolute best place for an infrequent-burger eater (with great fries too!) to indulge this weekend - there is an old thread, but so many new places have opened -

Burger Lounge, Rustic Canyon, Unami, Fathers Office, The Counter - willing to drive (albeit not too far).

thanks for the suggestions.

Jun 12, 2013
whycook in Los Angeles Area

new choices in arcadia / san gabriels

never tried this - sounds like i should put this on my list. thanks so much.

Jul 01, 2010
whycook in Los Angeles Area

new choices in arcadia / san gabriels

any NEW recommendations in arcadia / san gabriels. what are your breakfast and dinner favorites?

Jun 26, 2010
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Best place to eat in Santa Monica? Will travel for great food!

i just went to bar pinxto - while its not a bad place - I wouldn't go out of my way. Gjelina on the other.... #1- its wonderful.
Wilshire also a great call. and if you are looking for a comfy french style bistro for breakfast - annisette on santa monica was pleasant.

Mar 07, 2010
whycook in Los Angeles Area

best BAGEL in LA

Brooklyn Bagel - closest thing to a proper NY bagel. everything else is a roll with a hole instead of the dense, well textured, crusty, chewy, bagel ex-nyers smuggle home in our bags.

Mar 06, 2010
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Taiwanese Pineapple Pastries

I just had fresh, fluffy, taiwanese pineapple pastry at JJ Bakery in Arcadia (in same shopping center as the illustrious Din Tain Fung) My taiwanese friend was thrilled with the texture and consistency of this. there was a coffee cheese bread that was fantastic.
jjbakeryusa.com will tell you were all their locations are

Mar 06, 2010
whycook in Los Angeles Area

I have to lose some pounds what's a foodie to do?

i try to go to places that serve fresh wholesome food and only eat 1/2 the portion (take the rest home for tomorrows lunch)
Seed in Venice - really healthy, huge portions, a lot flavor belies the fact that it's all pretty low in calories.
Chaya M Cafe - not exactly diet food - but healthy and most dishes are low in fat
Real Food Daily - not one of my personal favorites but know lots of people people who adore it
and no matter where you go --- tell them not to put the bread basket on your table --- no matter how wonderful it looks.... you can always ask them to leave you a slice and take the rest away.

Feb 06, 2010
whycook in Los Angeles Area

dia de los muertos bread - where to buy in Santa Monica

Venice Bakery on Venice
El Gallo on cesar chavez - but maybe too far to drive
hope you find some you like

Venice Bakery
10943 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

El Gallo Restaurant
4421 Las Posas Rd Ste C, Camarillo, CA 93010

Oct 31, 2009
whycook in Los Angeles Area

NYC Hounds Visiting, Please Advise!

I was pleasantly surprised by Cholada Thai on PCH in Malibu - so unexpected and far cheaper than most of the beachside places. Skip Palms unless you want LA Kitsch - Jitlada is down the street with superior food.

I'd rather eat at Jones on 3rd or the Farmers Market than Breadbar - where the food is mediocre. Little Next Door Cafe is good - but pricey.

I'd 2nd any recommendations healthy fare at M Cafe and excessive plates of meat at Parks Korean BBQ. Palate in Glendale deserves all the hype for a wine and cheese centric menu - 50% of the menu includes pork.


Jan 01, 2009
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Where do you shop?

Thank you everyone - I cant wait for the weekend and chance to go to shop. I was just told that Pinocchio Restaurant/Monte Carlo Deli has a tiny market on Magnolia in Burbank selling great pizza dough and jars of fresh tomato puree from Italy - they say well worth a detour.

This sunday is Taste of the Nation / Share our Strength fundraiser in Culver City. Tickets are kind of pricey - they may still need volunteers.

May 27, 2008
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Where do you shop?

Hello dedicated chowhounders -

When you aren't eating out - where do you shop?

I'm always in search for the most flavor and lowest prices in vicinity of Glendale/Silver Lake/Hollywood, but I'd rather not drive farther for quality and reasonable prices.

In search of the best seafood, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cheese, breads, cakes & cookies?

Is it Whole Foods, Hollywood Farmers Market, Trader Joe's, markets in Thai town & K-Town?

Thanks so much & I can't wait to hear where everyone shops.

May 26, 2008
whycook in Los Angeles Area


Mastro's won't disappoint. I took my boyfriend and he loved it. The service was flawless and there were affordable wines to compliment steak which melted in your mouth. SIdes verged on too much butter & salt for my tastes - but my boyfriend thought it was just right.

May 26, 2008
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Place to eat near 134 / 5 Intersection?

Mambos cuban style cafe in a renovated garage is reliable and tasty - it's an easy place to hang out with friends and chat - no one rushing you off your table. it is on the corner of western and victory. only a few blocks away from the freeway and way better than a chain, I'm not veg but I always get this plate of tofu veg dish (wiht name I can't recall) it is great with plantains.
Cafe Bravo is a little further from the 5 and not as good a place for sitting to chat with a friend - but anything chicken, hummus and grape leaves are all excellent.
the new palate isn't far from the freeways but near the new americana at brand mall and is sure to be wall-to-wall people.

May 17, 2008
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Vegetarian Restaurants

I could eat a Big Macro from Chaya M Cafe on Melrose and now the new Chaya M cafe in Culver City -- they also have a vegan chocolate cake that I rarely have room for but it is decadent and delicious. the bim bim bop is lite healthy and perfect before the cake

May 04, 2008
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Table 8?

4 of us had dinner 2 weeks ago and concurred that the flavors all merged together with no standouts ... other than the grilled cheese with short rib app which we all agreed was worth a return visit. except this time we'd each get our our grilled cheese a drink and move on for the entree.

Apr 16, 2008
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Eat like a King pay like a Pauper

not wasted at all --- i couldn't figure out what i wanted or where to go tonight - "Fantabulous" sounds ideal when not in the mood to drive to artesia
thank you

Mar 08, 2008
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Crumbs cupcakes--worth $5

I find Crumbs simply too big and so sweet they are flavorless, unimpressed by Sprinkles and find Auntie Em's are oily.

While I haven't tried Hansen's (yet) I really enjoy light (kind of springy) red velvet (with really cream cheesy frosting, coconut and salted caramel cups at Lark Cake Shop (3337 West Sunset Blvd (at Micheltorena St). Chocolate is their weakest flavor - rather non-descript.

Dec 19, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Why don't I live next door to Bashan in Glendale?

Ditto - thanks to tips on board and your review - i choose Bashan for my birthday dinner last night. We arrived a few minutes before out 7:30 reservation and were offered choice of tables by 8:00 every table was filled, in spite of the rain.

The service was gracious, the room lively but my boyfriend and i could still speak comfortably.

Creamy Burrata delicately wrapped in Bresaola plated next to Parsnips, Dates, Endive & Pistachios salad was delicious - and knowing there was dessert to come we shared the ample for one, but small for two app.

My duck was juicy (mouthwatering as described above) , the chicken on sweet potato with quail egg was perfectly prepared and not "just another' safe chicken dish.

Praxis Pinot offered by the glass for $10 or bottle for $33 was an ideal compliment and far superior most bottles in this price range.

we were having my favorite LARK Bakery cupcakes (in silverlake) - so I'll have to try Bashans desserts next time -- and this is absolutely one restaurant I'll be recommending and returning to again soon.

try it you'll -love- it

Dec 19, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area

best veggie burger? astro?

I don't see any mention of my absolute favorite Big Macro whole grain brown rice & veggie burger served on wholewheat bun with lettuce, tofu, sauce and I can never resist the sweet potatoes fries at Chaya M at 7119 Melrose in Hollywood. It doesn't taste like an imitation meat burger - but even non-veg people like it.

Nov 21, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Who has the best hummus?

BRAVO at 1135 w. Glenoaks in Glendale has worth a detour hummus - not too oily and smooth - this place is no frills (and the prices reflect that) who needs ambiance with such moist and perfectly seasoned (chicken) kabobs.

MAROUCH on 4905 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood has Hommas and Fool Maddamas (seasoned fava beans) - that never fails!

Nov 06, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Mastro's Steakhouse-Bev. Hills

The steaks were melt in your mouth delicate and still stand as the best steak I have eaten in LA (note: I still haven't been to Cut yet). Sides were traditional old steak house fare, too much butter and cream didn't keep us from enjoying creamed spinach and mastros mashed potatoes -- the portions were so large we couldn't even finish.
I was so impressed with the scope of well-priced wines and wish I could remember the name of the california cab which blew me away for around $50.
If I ate more red meat I'd want to go back again soon.

Nov 06, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Best place for dessert in LA?

Lark Silver Lake Cake Shop Shop on Sunset is simply delicious - just like homemade. you can actually taste the cream cheese frosting on the red velvet cake instead of just tasting the butter.

Boule is equally wonderful but far from everyday homemade -more of a jewel box ad just as costly - go for the macaroons but try the marshmallows.

Not sure it's one of the best - or worth the long lines on weekend mornings - but the scones (and cakes) at Alcove in Los Feliz but deserve a nod and a taste test so you can vote for yourself

After two consecutive visits to Sweet Lady Jane - where the service was poor, the restaurant outright dirty and insipid flavors - I won't return.

makes me want to go grab a mexican wedding cookie from lark nake shop

Oct 15, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Going to Pizzeria Mozza for first time! Any recommendations and/or places for dessert?

by the time you have finished your pizza (the mushroom pizza is rich and amazingly delicious) an appetizer of aranacini (rice balls) a salad for the table (make sure someone orders the fennel sausage pizza you may want a change of scenery - but you'd be missing out on the fragrant olive oil gelato - it is unusually delicious - best to get one scoop of it with a couple other flavors (the caramel is smoky and not too sweet) everyone around the table dug into those 2 flavors and left the chocolate behind.
scoops gets my vote for ice cream...beware ...it is closed on sunday except for special occasions.
what ever you eat. ENJOY.
by the time you have finsihed

Aug 17, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area

Sona 9-Course Spontanée Tasting Menu, in Photos

Sona is without a doubt the #1 best meal I have had since moving from NYC. Each dish reawakened my palate, standing apart from the preceeding course, making the entire meal a sensation. The setting is comfortable, quiet and romantic if you want it to be. I don't think wylies brilliance can be touched by anyone in LA - but david comes close.

Jun 23, 2007
whycook in Los Angeles Area