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Cheap Eats in Las Vegas?

We don't need fancy - at least not every night. I guess the key word is decent - tasty. We're staying at the Venetian. Would it be super expensive to take a cab somewhere off the strip?

Thanks for your help so far!

May 20, 2010
cinnamon_girl in Las Vegas

Cheap Eats in Las Vegas?

Hey fellow Chowhounders,

Where can we eat decently in Las Vegas for a relatively decent prices? We definitely want to have a fancy dinner one or two nights - but where can we eat well for under $40 per person for dinner?

Our party consists of 3 foodies, one vegetarian and one "all american" type eater.


May 19, 2010
cinnamon_girl in Las Vegas

Cafe Leopold Brunch

I had brunch post Wychwood Barns Farmers Market at Cafe Leopold at St. Clair and Chrisite. I am happy to report a tasty new brunch venue has opened up on the east side of Oakwood. I really enjoyed my eggs florentine, my partner in crime really liked his omlette and the servings were plentiful including a nice sized portion of ripe, fresh fruit. We both noticed that the coffee - both regular and espresso based, was smooth and had an almost maple-like finish, not bitter at all. Also liked the chummy service.

Great place to relax after perusing the fare at Wychwood Barns. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

Prop on St. Clair West

Yes - I think so. There was even a newborn there in a stroller the night I went.

Prop on St. Clair West

The vibe was good. Packed - it was mostly new school St. Clair with yummy mummy types, young hip couples with some old school St. Clair thrown in. Bar was full of people and we were seated next to the bar - so it was a little loud, but that said it was fun because it was lively.

I am a little surprised at SageThyme's review. I try to frequent St. restaurants quite a lot - just went Filipo's last week - thought they went downhill. I generally tend to think that the Rushton is *way* overrated and that Ferro's does not understand the meaning of subtle seasoning. (Always too much garlic.) But, I was very impressed with Prop - even though SageThyme and I were there on the same night. The owner/hostess was lovely and so genuine.

Anyway - I guess that everyone is entitled to their own tastebuds/experiences. But, I do I have to say that I will be back and have talked it up to my circle.

Prop on St. Clair West

I went to Prop tonight and it was delicious. Service was fast and friendly and my cosmo was perfect and citrus infused. I didn't have desert - so can't comment on that. I actually had a hard time deciding what to order because the menu had so many things on offer. The different pasta combination sounded delicious but it will have to wait for next time.

I had the white salad for starters - it was original and lightly dressed. For mains I had the beet risotto which was creamy and perfectly cooked - just the right amount of al dente. My dining partner had the white bean soup which she thought was delicious and the herb stuffed sardine app. She enjoyed that too.

So glad that Prop has come to our neighbourhood - we will definitely be back!

Mother's Day Help Uptown/Midtown

Hey fellow hounders - I know in a tough situation I can always count on you!

My family lives in 2 distinct camps - one north of Hwy 7 and one at of St. Clair. So when big events like Mothers' Day rolls around it's almost impossible to find a decent restaurant that won't be a 45 minute drive for one faction of the family. We try to find somewhere in the middle like - Sheppard and Yonge or even Finch - but it seems to be a dead zone for restaurants.

Can someone (anyone - please!) help us find a good restuarnant that can accomodate a large group of around 10, including kids, within this vicinty (more or less): South of Finch - North of Eglinton, West of Bayview, East of Dufferin.

One place I was thinking of was Camarra's - any input?

I know it's a tall order - but thanks so much - I'm getting a bit desperate!

Farmers' Markets in South Florida

Hey - another message from me - I'm a pregnant foodie - go figure.

Are there any farmers' markets in South Florida? I've asked around but no one seems to know of one.


Diners in Fort Lauderdale

Hi there C-hounders,

We are a visiting from Toronto, with our 3 year old and want to know where the best diner is in Fort Lauderdale. (I love the food in Toronto, but find that diners in the States tend to be better.) Where can we go for a true diner, yet child friendly, diner experience?

Many thanks!

Where can I make reservations for Saturday brunch?

Hey fellow hounders,

I was wondering where I could make brunch reservations for a yummy brunch in central Toronto ? I know a lot of places that I love to go to, but none of them take reservations and we're going to be 6. I'm assuming that my perennial favourite Le Petit Dejuener doesn't take reservations...

Thanks so much in advance for any ideas you can share.

Best Fancy Lunch in Toronto

What do you think the price range would be for lunch? Thnx!

Best Fancy Lunch in Toronto

Well, by decadent - I meant not a soup and sandwich kinda thing. (ie. That foie gras or similar would be on the menu. Thanks so much for the replies so far.

Best Fancy Lunch in Toronto

Hey fellow foodies,

My better half just landed a new job and we wanted to celebrate by having a great lunch while the little one is at daycare. (Making it a lunch date takes care of the whole babysitting problem.)

Where would you go to have a really nice, semi-decadent lunch in central-downtown T.O.? I was thinking Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner - any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

marzipan source?

There's a Polish supermarket called Starsky's in Mississauga - I went last year around this time. I am a marzipan fiend and they were the best source of marzipan I have ever found in North America. That reminds me - I had better go again soon!

Vogue Room on College

Has anyone eaten at the Vogue Room? I know that it's a champagne bar - but I wanted to know if anyone had eaten there since they've opened and how the food was.


Best Sushi in Toronto

I just recently ate at Shogun on Cumberland in Yorkville. It was really delicious and the creativity, variety and freshness of the rolls reminded me of sushi in San Francisco. I don't know if it's *the best* in Toronto but it was a real treat and if you're staying near Yonge street it will be easy to get to.

Suggestions for Dinner then Drinks Venue in Central T.O.?

I'm going to check it out! Thanks so much. (Sometime broken records play the best stuff!)

Suggestions for Dinner then Drinks Venue in Central T.O.?

I was thinking of Foxley - but thought it would be too small for 15 people. Do you think they could do it?

Suggestions for Dinner then Drinks Venue in Central T.O.?

Hi there fellow foodies -
I really need some help!
I am planning a little celebration for my husband who is finally graduating university after 8 years of night school. I would like to host a dinner at a restaurant/lounge/bar for about 15 people and then have the rest of celebrators (about 20) join us for drinks/nibbles/dessert afterwards. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of places that could accommodate this and have 1. Good food; 2. A nice atmosphere for people ranging in age from early 30's-early 60's 3. and is fairly central (we are willing to go as far east as Leslieville and as far West as Roncesvalles. Some ideas that I've had are: 5 Doors North (good food, good atmosphere - but no bar area for later); Barrio in Leslieville (they can fit us all in - but it will be too late - drinks and nibbles people can only join after 11PM) and Reposado on Ossington (still a contender - but no dinner available.) I would also be willing to eat somewhere and then trek over to a near by bar.

I am seriously losing sleep over this - so any help I could get would be very very appreciated!

Best diner in Toronto

That is what it is called - Steve's Truck Stop and I didn't make it up - but it sure is a damn good greasy spoon. (I think it's left over from when Wilson and Bathurst used to be farm country. It's an institution.)

Best diner in Toronto

There is also Steve's at Bathurst and Wilson (might be a little far out - but still a good diner/truck stop. What about the Lakeview Diner on Dundas?

St Clair West

Sorry - you're right! It's St. Clair and Lauder! Oh and I thought about it a bit more - what about Vanipha Lana - they've got the best glass noodles in town!

St Clair West

This is my 'hood - lots of really great things happening here - and real estate is totally booming in the area - as are lots and lots of good places to eat. I have lived in the Annex, Little Korea and Leaside - and they ain't got nothing on the St. Clair West Strip. St. Clair is also one of the only areas in the city where you can find real, local owned cafes *still* popping up. (Yes we do have Starbucks - but we've also got the local stuff too.) La Paloma is still in my opinion - the best gelateria in the city. I just got back from Sicilia and the pistachio siciliana tastes like a bite of Sicily. You need not look for "diamonds in the rough" any more on St. Clair - lots of open diamonds gleaming out. Besides the ones already mentioned - for some amazing Basque baking and sandwiches and some of the best croissants in the city head for Pain Perdu. Also amazing in the sandwich and croissant department (also the macarons are melt-in-your -mouth) go to Patachou at Winona and St. Clair. I also like Filipo's. There is also a really cute knitting cafe West of Oakwood (I think it's Oakwood and Lauder) with amazing brownies and skor squares - called Alterknit - delicious organic/free trade coffee as well.

Rag tag? Try interesting and not overly commercial! We are renovating! We are trying to look pretty for y'all! Where do you live jal - Rosedale? Hmph!

Mini getaway with great food

I am also ALL over Picton. It was really a delicious place to be. We went there last Labour Day weekend for a foodie-lover fest - and thoroughly enjoyed every meal. We also loved the roadside fresh local produce that we trucked on home back with us to Toronto. We didn't go to Harvest - we heard around town that it was overpriced and undeserving of its fame (just that James Chatto loved it - so it's fate was sealed with Toronto Life readers). We did hear that if you must go to Harvest it a better idea to go there for lunch - it's a much better deal. But we did go to the Merrill Inn where I seriously had one of the best meals of my life. (And I do dedicate a lot of my life to the pursuit of delicious and especially fresh food.)
The service was really nice - we started off with some delicious local cider - then a bottle of local wine, we had appetizers, mains and deserts - the marscapone cheesecake was so good that my husband ordered 2! I still think that the bill came to less than $150. We didn't stay in the Inn, but a local bed and breakfast. The Inn looked beautiful, though.

Even if you don't drink wine, it is really nice to go around to the wineries just even for lunch or to take in the scenery. I also really enjoyed going to the place where they made the cider - after drinking it for dinner the night before I had to go and see where they made it!

Picton has recently become a smaller, more innovative (in terms of food) less American-touristy Niagara on the Lake type of scene. A lot of foodies come here for the weekend. So people make it their business to know where to send the foodie-tourists. The owners of our B & B (former Torontonians) knew every restaurant worth going to - and there were quite a few - the Merrill Inn being the definite standout. (My mouth is watering now - gotta wipe the keyboard off...)