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Cragel by House of Bagels

These were a surprise to me ...they had about 6 or 7 varieties, both savory and sweet...when I go back I'll take more care photos,etc. I have no clue how much they were, because I purchased other things as well....I liked the additional texture and would buy them again!

Little Star Solano downhill alert [Albany]

Little Star on Valencia and 15th in SF is quite a bit larger than their Divisadero branch...any experience there? Just for comparison??

Best Croissant in SF/Bay Area?

I like Della Fattoria Bread..I buy them at Whole Foods on Market in the Castro..great crusts and chewy interior...never had their croissants

Bay Area Burmese Restaurant Roundup 2.0

Add another Rangoon Ruby..this one on Polk St at Sacramento,(SF) to open in the Sushi Rock location.....seems to be a mini chain...anyone tried them at one of their other locations? Should I yawn, or look forward with baited breath?

House made bagels

Ive had the bagels at Nopa twice...smokey good from reheating on grill. they make their own "cream cheese" and smoke their own salmon!

But I'm still mourning "Schmendrick's Bagels"!

Coffee ribs

Hong Kong II on Geary has them as does Koi Palace in Serramonte Blvd area

Here are some of the comments about them...

macsak Aug 13, 2013 05:37 PM

what's the white stuff next to the coffee pork ribs- looks like whipped cream or meringue?
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re: macsak
Melanie Wong Aug 13, 2013 05:44 PM

When the plate of coffee ribs came out, I said, "that looks like a Borobudur stupa of horseradish cream." Turned out to be stiff, sweetened Reddi-wip®-like whipped "cream", as in, the cream to go with the coffee.
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re: macsak
Thomas Nash Aug 13, 2013 07:13 PM

That’s whipped cream… Koi Palace serves the ribs in a coffee cup with whipped cream on top.

I believe this dish originated in Singapore at what was then Sam Leong’s flagship restaurant, Jade at the Fullerton Hotel. We had an incredible many course meal there a bunch of years ago. Leong was (is?) a celebrity chef in Singapore, somewhat along the lines of Wolfgang Puck. He was taking traditional techniques and modernizing them.

One of the dishes on his menu was the spectacular Pork Loin with Latte Coffee Sauce. He provides a recipe and photograph of this dish in his very interesting cookbook “A Wok Through Time”. As the photo shows, there is no whipped cream or coffee cup, and the meat is loin not ribs. Yet, somehow this evolved into the pretty good version at Koi Palace where it is served with a bit of humor in a coffee cup with whipped cream.

Other places, like Hong Kong Lounge have evidently picked up on the KP idea. I thought the HK Lounge version was quite competitive with KP, though the point of the whipped cream is lost without the coffee cup.

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re: Thomas Nash
klyeoh Aug 13, 2013 11:41 PM

You're right, Thomas, Sam Leong claimed to have invented the dish, which is much copied by other Chinese restaurants in Singapore, and subsequently around the world.
I believed Sam mentioned in an interview with the Singapore media many years ago that he also added cocoa powder to the recipe, as he felt that it enriched the overall flavor of the dish, when paired with coffee (which lent the aroma).

But serving with whipped cream and such - that's an American addition.
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re: Thomas Nash
Melanie Wong Aug 15, 2013 08:55 PM

We requested a fork and knife to cut up the coffee ribs, and pilinut did the carving. I was surprised that the meat was not fall-off-the-bone tender, expecting the spareribs to be boiled or steamed to tenderness then battered and fried. They were quite meaty. And, I'm not quite sure if I liked them or not.
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re: Melanie Wong
klyeoh Aug 15, 2013 11:28 PM

The "original" coffee pork-ribs in Singapore (invented by Sam Leong at Jiang Nan Chun restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore) are not battered. The ribs are cooked till quite tender but *not* fall-off-the-bone, the way Shanghainese stewed pork-ribs are. The ribs are then gently rolled in a sticky, intensely-flavored coffee-cocoa sauce.
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re: klyeoh
Melanie Wong Aug 16, 2013 12:18 AM

Interesting. These may not have been battered, but they did have some kind of bubbly, fried coating on them.

Coffee pork ribs, $6.50

Trying to find Kaiser rolls

Thanks Robert...!

Here's the link for a photo...

Trying to find Kaiser rolls

I was hoping for other sitings of Kaiser Rolls...although growing up in NY we just called them "Rolls" and all other different kinds of rolls had "Given" names...Safeways kinda sorta almost look like "rolls" but are SOOOO airy there is no substance at all ..hoping others had found the "real thing" in my Safeway these are located
next to their bagels!!! Rolls with holes!!!

Pork Fried Rice

It is the style I grew up with in NY...when I came here I thought the fried rice seemed "Wan and Pallid"! In comparison with the deep rich color of the fried rice I grew up with...Yimster told me he thought they might use dark soy to achieve the mahogany color...btw I haven't found this style here yet.

Any recommendations on restaurants serving chicken livers?

Thanks Jayporter...they have pork belly and bone marrow!!! Going tomorrow!!!

Corned beef in the Mission [San Francisco]

And so the "JEWISH/CHINESE CONNECTION" continues to a new generation...10,000 combined years of History!!Oy/Ay!

Can "Corned Beef ChowFun be far behind?

The best San Francisco sourdough?

Damn! Too bad! and yes, I also remember the "extra sour" but how is "today's variety" MORE interesting if we are given fewer options? Am I missing something?

Concert at the Addition in SF. Where to eat?

They are however NOT located in the Fillmore...but WAY out on Geary and Masonic!!! but thanks for your review...last time I tried to go I got a parking space paid for it, only to find out they were time for another try...

Concert at the Addition in SF. Where to eat?

1330 Fillmore...real close, same building, Beautiful space, great atmosphere and superior fried chicken...!

The best San Francisco sourdough?

I remember loaves at the supermarket came in 2 varieties, regular and Dark Bake (my preference) does anyone still do this???

Also has anyone tried sourdough from Paramount?

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

thanks...i'll definitely give it a try

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

I've never gotten them at T Tower...which one do you go to...and thanks

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

DO ANY of these places put "UNBORN EGGS" into their Pho Ga? I am always on the lookout for them as my Yiddish grandma put these (as well as chicken feet) into her chicken soup!

Who carries vacuum sealer bags?

Bed Bath and Beyond....20% off coupon!

Where to eat Saturday night near Castro Theater? [San Francisco]

Belmont Greek Festival?

I had the moussaka, which was very good (no potato filler) could have used more cinamon.. (and of course been made of lamb...the same for the meat filled dolmades) the tyropita was nice and crisp...unfortunately the louchmades were not crisp enough!...The kataiffi (SP) was terrific..very crisp with a nice flavor texture balance.....just as an aside, I felt the SF Greek Festival had really improved on their food this year....I also love the mountain aerie of the Oakland Greek Cathedral for their festival!


Trader Joes has poutine in their frozen food dept.,....having never had the real thing, I can only say I was surprised I enjoyed it so much...I fried the potatoes and didn't use the the fries were extra crisp, the gravy was not bad, and the cheese curds squeaked when I bit into I'm curious about the real thing!!!

Sfogliatelle/Focaccia at 54 Mint Il Forno, Walnut Creek

Me too, me too! I'll check to see whether 54 Mint in SF also has them...

Nope...not in their online menu...anyone, personal experience?

Chowdown at San Wang, 3/29/2014 [Japantown, San Francisco]

Loved the company.. place is still as dreary as ever..although nice high ceilings.....the food was surprisingly tame for me....I didn't care for the dumplings at all...I guess my favorites were the pea sprouts..very fresh and didn't catch in my teeth!! Hey, this is important!...and the shrimp..which really tasted more like a Cantonese sweet and sour....nothing else "sang" not bad but not exceptional to my taste buds....perhaps I was expecting more Korean "zing"......

New Xi'an/Shaanxi restaurant Terra Cotta Warrior on Judah St. [San Francisco]

My experience with the group was a little different...the last restaurant we tried, the food was Soooo HOT, that my tastebuds were numbed and I really couldn't taste anything...this time although the food could also have been too hot for wasn't! The heat level was pleasant...however the food itself seemed undistinguished, monochromatic, and really lacked variety or taste..the flavor was just...absent!!
The place itself was quite beautiful for a Chinese restaurant...quite tasteful!...if the food had mirrored the decor I would have been quite happy! I won't return....but thanks for putting the outing together as always it was fun...

East coast Italian-American at St. Vincent [San Francisco]

Clicked on their website hoping for a real Eastern "Southern-Italian/American" (my definition of "Eastern Italian") for lunch...but alas only open for brunch sat/sun and dinner...great menu...but nary a meatball, baked clam or parmagiana in sight! Major got my hopes I was really craving Real "Italian" red sauce/gravy!!!

Wonderland -- lower haight, SF

I do not like Wonderland AT ALL!!! and it is the closest "Chinese" restaurant to me...I have hoped too many times and been disappointed too many times!

Mandalay is exactly the opposite...every meal is consistent and very good!!!

Pie - SF Dish of the Month October 2013

Count me as one...It's called Shaker Lemon...and it's my favorite pie there...nice and tart, perfect with tea...but then again I also like the Lemon Buttermilk Pie at Chili Pies...(I guess I love citrus!) I have a jar of lemon curd in the fridge..had some this morning on the Swedish pancakes I got at Ikea

Chowdown @ Brother Seafood 10-22-13 [San Francisco-Irving & 19th]

I was at table 2..I was disappointed with most... if not all of the offerings...I found most tasteless and bland..although some like the chicken feet had good texture..I kept chewing on things hoping to extract some taste but for me it was hopeless....loved the company as usual!!!

On to the next one...!

Chowdown: All Season Restaurant (SF)

Loved the company...liked the food!
The most interesting thing for me (as people who know me will attest.. (remember when a tray of boiling hot chicken feet was accidently dumped on my head at one of our chowdowns) was the chicken feet...they were perfectly cooked and could be sucked right off the bone...these were not in black bean sauce,...but a more refined, delicate abalone sauce. They are definitely better in the mouth than on the head!
I really liked the egg coated pumpkin and yams, because they had an additional crunchy deep fried coating..never had it that way before.. my other faves were the Shredded Pork Puffy Rolls, the deep fried lobster dumplings ( these were probably stuffed with seemed,) Durian Pastry and Black Sesame came with a lot of sesame..perhaps a tad too sweet.