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Where to eat Saturday night near Castro Theater? [San Francisco]

Belmont Greek Festival?

I had the moussaka, which was very good (no potato filler) could have used more cinamon.. (and of course been made of lamb...the same for the meat filled dolmades) the tyropita was nice and crisp...unfortunately the louchmades were not crisp enough!...The kataiffi (SP) was terrific..very crisp with a nice flavor texture balance.....just as an aside, I felt the SF Greek Festival had really improved on their food this year....I also love the mountain aerie of the Oakland Greek Cathedral for their festival!


Trader Joes has poutine in their frozen food dept.,....having never had the real thing, I can only say I was surprised I enjoyed it so much...I fried the potatoes and didn't use the the fries were extra crisp, the gravy was not bad, and the cheese curds squeaked when I bit into I'm curious about the real thing!!!

Sfogliatelle/Focaccia at 54 Mint Il Forno, Walnut Creek

Me too, me too! I'll check to see whether 54 Mint in SF also has them...

Nope...not in their online menu...anyone, personal experience?

Chowdown at San Wang, 3/29/2014 [Japantown, San Francisco]

Loved the company.. place is still as dreary as ever..although nice high ceilings.....the food was surprisingly tame for me....I didn't care for the dumplings at all...I guess my favorites were the pea sprouts..very fresh and didn't catch in my teeth!! Hey, this is important!...and the shrimp..which really tasted more like a Cantonese sweet and sour....nothing else "sang" not bad but not exceptional to my taste buds....perhaps I was expecting more Korean "zing"......

New Xi'an/Shaanxi restaurant Terra Cotta Warrior on Judah St. [San Francisco]

My experience with the group was a little different...the last restaurant we tried, the food was Soooo HOT, that my tastebuds were numbed and I really couldn't taste anything...this time although the food could also have been too hot for wasn't! The heat level was pleasant...however the food itself seemed undistinguished, monochromatic, and really lacked variety or taste..the flavor was just...absent!!
The place itself was quite beautiful for a Chinese restaurant...quite tasteful!...if the food had mirrored the decor I would have been quite happy! I won't return....but thanks for putting the outing together as always it was fun...

East coast Italian-American at St. Vincent [San Francisco]

Clicked on their website hoping for a real Eastern "Southern-Italian/American" (my definition of "Eastern Italian") for lunch...but alas only open for brunch sat/sun and dinner...great menu...but nary a meatball, baked clam or parmagiana in sight! Major got my hopes I was really craving Real "Italian" red sauce/gravy!!!

Wonderland -- lower haight, SF

I do not like Wonderland AT ALL!!! and it is the closest "Chinese" restaurant to me...I have hoped too many times and been disappointed too many times!

Mandalay is exactly the opposite...every meal is consistent and very good!!!

Pie - SF Dish of the Month October 2013

Count me as one...It's called Shaker Lemon...and it's my favorite pie there...nice and tart, perfect with tea...but then again I also like the Lemon Buttermilk Pie at Chili Pies...(I guess I love citrus!) I have a jar of lemon curd in the fridge..had some this morning on the Swedish pancakes I got at Ikea

Chowdown @ Brother Seafood 10-22-13 [San Francisco-Irving & 19th]

I was at table 2..I was disappointed with most... if not all of the offerings...I found most tasteless and bland..although some like the chicken feet had good texture..I kept chewing on things hoping to extract some taste but for me it was hopeless....loved the company as usual!!!

On to the next one...!

Chowdown: All Season Restaurant (SF)

Loved the company...liked the food!
The most interesting thing for me (as people who know me will attest.. (remember when a tray of boiling hot chicken feet was accidently dumped on my head at one of our chowdowns) was the chicken feet...they were perfectly cooked and could be sucked right off the bone...these were not in black bean sauce,...but a more refined, delicate abalone sauce. They are definitely better in the mouth than on the head!
I really liked the egg coated pumpkin and yams, because they had an additional crunchy deep fried coating..never had it that way before.. my other faves were the Shredded Pork Puffy Rolls, the deep fried lobster dumplings ( these were probably stuffed with seemed,) Durian Pastry and Black Sesame came with a lot of sesame..perhaps a tad too sweet.

Dottie's sign on front of building..."for sale or lease".......anyone have any info??? [San Francisco]

Is the building for sale or the business?

British style Sunday roast lunch [San Francisco]

House of Prime Rib (HOPR) definitely has Yorkshire pudding..and meat comes in different size portions...on Van Ness is SF

Dim Sum Chowdown at Hong Kong Lounge II [San Francisco]

These were my favorites as well! The flavor and textures were a treat! They fry very well not at all greasy! I would definitely order these again... The dumplings did not "sing".. but the company and service was great...thanks Melanie! Another good one!

Best Cantonese style Egg Foo Young?

One mans' "Gross" is another mans' "Gourmet"...!!!

To each there own...

Looking for the best pie in the Bay Area.

I've always enjoyed the pies at "FatApples" in the East Bay Berkeley...and somewhere can go in sit down and try a slice..they serve heavy cream for your coffee!

New Chinese.. "House of Pancake" 937 Taraval bet 19th and 20th [San Francisco]

I drove by..has anyone been??? Intriguing name!!!

New place, not yet open on Clement in SF...called "Xiao Long Bao"

between 5th and 6th I think (or 6th and 7th) mid sign, but as of today..not yet there! Hoping for the best!

Buche de Noel in SF Proper

Schubert's on Clement has 12inch logs in 4 or 5 flavors...preorder by phone, they do not show on website.

Buche de Noel in SF Proper

add Thoroughbread on Church off Market to the list....

Albayk San Mateo - for all your shawarma, falafel, hummus, babaganoush and kibbeh needs!

The food here was quite good as was the feel of the place and its' gregarious owner...the food was extremely fresh tasting...with clear clean flavors, not overly spiced..but balanced enough that all of the component flavors hummous I've had in a long time!...Silky smooth and flavorful..the shwarma (lamb and beef) was not juicy and delicious...the felafel was great ..not pre-fried so crisp..almost delicate...the eggplant was smokey..just the way I like great to have an additional eatery in San Mateo to go to!...we were so pleasantly stuffed, we couldn't make it for tacos at our next planned spot...after this meal, I didn't care..I can't wait to return!!!


Yes...their rye... and a very good challah as well...I will be picking up a Rosh haShana round challah and homemade honey cake tomorrow!
I pre-ordered for the holiday..."Tinkerbell took my order...everytime I think of her (very sweet on the phone) I clap my hands!!!

Need help in duplicating an unusual Chinese duck sauce for egg rolls..

It sounds very like the default Duck Sauce we were served in N.Y. Usually in a dish with Chinese hot mustard on one side and duck sauce on the other..and you mixed the two together to your own a child I just did the sweet Duck Sauce by itself...we could buy jars of it in any's a link to it.. it's called Saucy Susan

Sep 10, 2012
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best NY-style pizza a la John's of Bleeker St.

This pizza looks like John's..I is a Groupon for Orinda...anyone been?

Goat Hill Pizza - West Portal [San Francisco]

I wonder whether they will do the all you can eat.on they do at their original location!
PLEASE do keep us informed about OREXI..Greek food is so rare here!


this is definitely the style of the Jewish Rye I grew up with in Brooklyn, Long Island and Manhattan, crispy exterior, chewy moist interior.....similar to my favorite bread place (RIP) Gertel's..once of the Lower East who knows!!??

Chowdown Report: The Monte Carlo (Bayview District, San Francisco)

Ah yes! "The Buttermilk Incident"...I poured what seemed like decadent heavy cream into my coffee....major curdle city! I sent it back and they discovered that it had been buttermilk! Too bad..I love b'milk and would have been happy to drink it, if I'd only known! (they only had artificial powdered "creamer" to make up for it...!)
I enjoyed the appetizer plate as well...crunchy cornmeal encasing not muddy catfish..I actually wished the catfish had been sliced more thickly..I didn't feel the star ingredient was well enough represented!
The crab in the mild but tasty gumbo was stringy and seemed way overcooked..unless this is usually the way it is beans and rice was tasty.. but I have only had a few representations of this dish..and I still enjoy "Popeye's" version best (!) so take what I say with a lot of salt..After I removed the overabundance of palate piercing turpentinish rosemarie, I found the lamb delicious..mainly because it actually tasted "lamby", it was moist and even the slight fat cap tasted good...
The place sad and in need of a lot of TLC, I won't discuss the bathrooms..cause it will spoil my impending I was driving away a couple of blocks south on the "New Third St." I passed a sign on a place saying it would be the new home of the Monte perhaps they're "movin on up"..The company was great fun (Imagine..out of the 3 of us 2 of us were Derek!) and thanks to Melanie for opening up this area as a potential Chowhound destination!

Sweet and Sour Pressed Almond Duck

I'd be interested to see whether it fills your longings! Planning to go???

Sweet and Sour Pressed Almond Duck

Almond pressed duck found and tasted in Daly City!

I was on my way to try the Korean supermarket (KUKJE) in DC looking for the long armed soup spoons...(found them! Also a refrigerator wall of panchan and more electric rice makers than I have ever seen in one place! ) I'm digressing!

I looked for a Korean place for lunch near there, but not to be found so I found this tired Chinese place which surprizingly had Shao long bao, Japanese dishes, some Shanghainese..Hunan etc. they were sort of pushing the Chinese version of Ramen (choose from 4 or 5 types of broth and different kinds of noodles and all kinds of it was a cold day this sounded good..but as I perused the menu I saw it..."Almond Pressed Duck" ....I kept debating in my mind..would they have it? Order in advance? If they did have it, since I never tasted it would I know whether this was a good version? anyway I took one for the Chowhound team..sort of hoping that is was not to be had....but it was...out it came covered in almonds and day glo sweet and sour sauce..over a bed or shaved uncooked cabbage (a nice bland foil for the dish) It was crispy, than mushy layer (potato, yucca taro?) then was sort of tasty , I like the varied consistency..but half way through I had had my fill...maybe for a group with other dishes....
here's the info...Jade Dragon Restaurant
2368 Junipero Serra Boulevard Daly City, CA 94015‎

Hisago - 3226 Geary at Spruce [San Francisco]

I especially liked the fried lotus root and stringbeans..2 dishes I had never had before...The ramen also had nice and chewy noodles!