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Trader Joe's on Staten Island?

As of July 10th, it hasn't opened. Doesn't seem like TJ's will open until at least Fall. There isn't even a roof to the building yet. =(

Jul 12, 2011
itstangy in Outer Boroughs

What is the best pizza in Staten Island?

I second Tony's Brick Oven Pizza on Bay Street. Decent prices and the pizza is great! I always go there whenever we are having pizza. Tried Lees Tavern, Goodfellas and this place down the block from Goodfellas (don't remember the name) and I think Tony's is the best! Glad we live by them!!

Nov 20, 2009
itstangy in Outer Boroughs

Seriously Now -- Which countertop appliances do you leave out on your counter?

I have a decent amount of counter space, but not quite enough for what I leave on my counter:
Zorjirushi hot water boiler
Rice cooker
2x Utensil crocks
knife block/knives
Tray for my cooking oils/salt

hoping to get rid of:
dish rack (when we get a dishwasher)

Jul 21, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

Kitchen Island on Casters?


My Hubs and I are looking for a kitchen island. We figured an island on casters would be best since we can roll it out of the way if we have a big dinner party. Any suggestions on some islands? We've been eying one at Crate and Barrel, but I'm looking for other alternatives.. Any recs?

Thanks in advance!

Jul 21, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

So, We're Going to Staten Island for Lunch

Great thread, I lived in SI for the past 10 yrs (Fort. Wadsworth) and haven't been to a lot of the restaurants...I'll def. try some of the recommended ones here. Thanks!!

Jun 04, 2009
itstangy in Outer Boroughs

Fry Pan - what is the most practical size?

Wow, thanks for all of the responses!! I think I'm going to go for the 12 in for now and then purchase a 10" later on....
I would mostly use it for fish filets, steak, sear scallops or whatnot. I have a wok for my stir frying needs and I also have a 4 qt. saute pan. I am trying to add the basics into my cookware collection. Thanks so much!!

Feb 17, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

Fry Pan - what is the most practical size?

Hi all Chowsers,

I am looking for a fry pan for every day use but I don't know if a 10 in or a 12 in would be most practical. There are only 2 of us in the household but we have a lot of family dinners. Would I need both?

Also, All Clad SS or MC2?

Thanks in advance!

Feb 13, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

Your "pro-style" range: Would you spend the money again?

Good choice with the Electrolux! I recently bought a 30" Electrolux free standing range (the one with "wave touch" controls) and I love it! Looks beautiful and performs very well...I love the ball bearing oven racks and the fact that the oven doors stay put wherever I leave them. For the money this is a great oven, I spent $2,100 and they had the 10% back Visa card promotion...wonderful!

Jan 27, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

Yellow Hook Grill in old Lento's spot in Bay Ridge?

Horrible service, the wait staff are not friendly and they don't know how to be curtious to their customers. My bf and I were seated in the back which was much quieter. Waited 15 - 20 mins just for the waitress to come by to ask if we were ready to order (keep in mind that the place was practically empty besides a few regulars at the bar). After we ordered the food took insanely long to come out (we just ordered some appetizers and a pizza). The waitress never came by to see how we were doing, if we needed more water/drinks, nothing! We had to walk out towards the front to get their attention. Never going back to this dump again. I really miss Lento's!!

Jan 13, 2009
itstangy in Outer Boroughs

Staub French Oven @ Amazon

I got my pot, the handle on the lid is missing a screw so I have to send it back. Amazon said they'll ship another one out to me but I am now having my doubts. I've read somewhere online about Staub and lead. Is this true? I will have an infant and little children that will eat the food that will be cooked with this pot and I am afraid of lead poisioning. Any insights will be much appreciated...maybe I should stick with my LC after all?

Jan 12, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

Staub French Oven @ Amazon

Thanks for everyone's replies! I bought the Staub from Amazon! I am so excited and can't wait to use it =) I really want to see for myself how Staub compares to Le Creuset (I have a 3 qt LC at home). What kind of Staub is that on QVC? Why is there such a big price difference? Is the QVC one an imitation? But it is also made in France....

Jan 09, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

Staub French Oven @ Amazon

5qt french oven for $147. Is it a deal?? Should I go for it? How does it compare to Le Creuset? Thanks!!

Jan 09, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

My Wusthof Knife is NEVER sharp enough...please help!

Would manual sharpenning be better or the use of electric sharpeners? Is the outcome the same, only personal preference?

Jan 07, 2009
itstangy in Cookware

Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette

Just wondering, how this is an intermediate level of difficulty?
The dressing sounds really tasty...tempted to make it tonight, but not tempted to have to run an extra mile to burn the fat off... =)

Feb 27, 2008
itstangy in Recipes

Help Plan an NYC Foodie's DC Weekend

Try Ray's Steaks in Rosslyn VA, decent prices for some great steaks!

Asian Food Question - (Perhaps asian snack)

These are actually really popular Asian snacks. It is indeed ginger. You can find these in almost all Chinatowns (NYC,SF, Toronto) at small grocery's or in supermarkets. They are yummy!

Feb 11, 2008
itstangy in General Topics

Help Me Love My Le Creuset Grill Pan

I also don't understand why so maybe people are having so much trouble with their grill pan. I use mine for almost everything (steak, grilled sandwiches, grilled salmon, etc) with no problems cleaning it. I just let it soak for a little bit and everything comes off with a little nylon scrubber.

Feb 01, 2008
itstangy in Cookware

Le Creuset Skillet Burned Please HELP!!!

Great!! Thanks for all of the great tips! I got all of the food off by soaking it in hot water. Only thing is what once used to be an all black fry pan now has brown/orangy burn marks on it. Battle wound I suppose... =)

Nov 13, 2007
itstangy in Cookware

Ocean Jewels rules!

I def. have to try this place out...
I like Congee Village, how does that compare?

Oct 31, 2007
itstangy in Outer Boroughs

Homey Taiwanese and More in Chinese Flushing

Also try the pork chop over rice...Taiwanese people make it the best! YUM!

Oct 30, 2007
itstangy in Features

Le Creuset Skillet Burned Please HELP!!!

Thanks a lot! I hope that it is just an oil stain. I have yet to try cooking on it. I greased it some more and just left it alone, kind of afraid to make it worse. I should try using it tonight.

Oct 03, 2007
itstangy in Cookware

Le Creuset Skillet Burned Please HELP!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this. I don't know what I was trying to do but I put my Le Creuset skillet (oiled with olive oil) on the burner (using medium heat) and then forgot about it. Next thing I know I smelled the burning and ran to it. I saw the skillet smoking, and by the time the smoke settled the inside of my skillet (which is suppose to be black) now has brown spots.

so my question is, is my skillet ruined? Is there anything I can or should do?
Would Le Creuset cover it? I would think this is neglect and they won't but has anyone else have this problem?

Thank you!!!

Oct 03, 2007
itstangy in Cookware

Crabs near Arlington?

great post, lots of good info!

Best sushi in D.C.?

What then would you recommend??

A month in Bethesda/DC- need MUSTS for my list

Some good suggestions here!

Corn, Cherries, and Margaritas

Those are the best!! I love mine, I should get the orange one too..

Aug 10, 2007
itstangy in Features

Sushi Restaurant in Staten Island? [Moved from Tristate Region board]

Does anyone know of a good Sushi restaurant in SI? We are taking my sister out to dinner because she passed 2 AP exams!! WOOHOO! We live in SI but we haven't really tried any sushi restaurants here.

Any good recommendations?

Jul 19, 2007
itstangy in Outer Boroughs

Soybean Juice

They actually have sweetened or unsweetened...the sweetened ones are normally with a yellow cap and the unsweetened are with a white cap (that is how they normally come if you go to an authentic Chinese supermarket). Or you can get it from the mom and pop shop soy bean/noodle shops. They are fresh pressed every morning and are unsweetened.

Jul 19, 2007
itstangy in Features

Stocking the Minimalist Kitchen

I'd need:

A rice cooker
A wok
Wooden spoons!!
Chef knife
6 or 8 qt stock pot
Le Creuset 5.5 qt cast iron pot
10-12 in cast iron skillet
4.5 qt sauce pot
and a can opener!!

Of course there are lots of other necessities eg. tools for baking (sheets; measuring cups/spoons; mixing bowls; stand mixer) as well as preparing foods and making drinks (food processor; blender)!!

Jul 18, 2007
itstangy in Features

Pass the Wasabi

I crave sushi at least once a not be able to eat it during pregnancy is torture! I need more substancial proof though...

Jul 18, 2007
itstangy in Features