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Spicy Mina Status?

Biked by on Thurs, Aug 26. Still shuttered. Oh noes!

Aug 29, 2010
zora in Outer Boroughs

Terra at new Encantado Resort by Auburge, Santa Fe

It's well after your visit, Ryan, but I thought I'd post here just in case anyone else comes searching... I _loved_ my dinner there! I visited in late October. Really solid food that steers away from the gratuitous Southwestern crap--I am no fan of the new Coyote Cafe, which is just trying too hard.

The menu has changed now for the winter, but we had a lovely light pistachio pesto with tomato broth. Also a genius take on a Chinese pork bun: confit pork, chipotle hoisin (now _that's_ smart use of Southwestern ingredients), pickled veg and a jaunty crispy bit of cured pork loin.

We were modest and shared a main dish, but I wish we'd eaten more--great lamb treatment, in a rogan josh and a date-glazed rack of lamb, with pistachio pilaf.

I was feeling a bit sad when we saw the dessert menu, because none of it looked too inspiring, which meant I could've eaten more mains. But then the waiter steered us to the cheese course, and advised on another wine. The cheese was great, with fruity bits devised to go with each cheese, and a stellar wine. He even set my mom up with a little bit of sauternes to go with her sorbet. (Service in Santa Fe isn't always so professional--I got the sense they really picked the best people in town to work the FOH here.)

And it's an all-around beautiful room, with a great view over the valley. Can't wait to go back!

Dec 14, 2008
zora in Southwest

Food in Amsterdam East?

Just stumbled across your post--you're probably well settled in by now, but I thought I'd mention the following in case anyone's googling:

1) Roopram Roti on 1e van Swindenstraat. Super-spicy Surinamese, often a line. I had the lamb roti extra and it rocked.

2) Moroccan fish stores -- there are two or three in the neighborhood that are regular fish shops but will also cook up anything you pick out of the case. The one I've been to is on Sumatrastraat just north of Insulindeweg. Amazing--the most succulent garlicky shrimp, and great fish soup. And about E10 per person in the end.

Both of these places are lacking in standard 'atmosphere,' but chowhounds will likely think they have the absolute best atmosphere...

Jul 27, 2008
zora in International Archive

Quick! Help on the Jersey Shore?

Well, phew, my informants were wrong--Berkeley Seafood is still there, so plenty of fried scallops for me! And Sam's is now Dom's, but doesn't look substantially different....

Aug 13, 2007
zora in Mid-Atlantic

Quick! Help on the Jersey Shore?

Going down the shore tomorrow, but just got the crushing news that my two childhood fave joints in Seaside Heights and/or Seaside Park (Sam's Sub Shop and Berkely Seafood) have long since shut. I guess that's what I get for not going back there in, oh, 15 years.

So _now_ what do I do? Any particular chow spots I should know about? Preferably a new place to get fried scallops, but a maybe that's asking too much.

Aug 06, 2007
zora in Mid-Atlantic

Kabab Cafe Reopening 7/7/07

Straight from the horse's mouth: the long dry spell is over! Ali will be back in the kitchen starting tomorrow. (I think the super-auspicious date is a coincidence?)

He has done some major revamping of his kitchen, due to perpetual hassle from the fire-code people, so expect some new stuff on the menu.

If I weren't going to a wedding, I would be the first person through the doors. Hopefully _some_ people tomorrow are free of wedding obligations and can check it out and report back?

Jul 06, 2007
zora in Outer Boroughs

Ruidoso Restaurants?

When I ate at Le Bistro in December, it was decent food, but their wine situation was horrible. Only pure rot-gut by the glass, and no real list for the bottles--you just told your server red or white. I think the bottle selection wasn't terrible (from what I could see on my way to the bathroom), but they're clearly catering to people who don't really care much about wine. In fact, the people at the next table just chortled, "We don't care! Long as it gets us drunk!" when they got their bottle.

For breakfast or lunch, the Sunflower Cafe, down the road toward Inn of the Mountain Gods, is absolutely great. Really straightforward home-cooked American stuff, and all good. (Ask for butter if you want it for the biscuits--owner says everyone there prefers margarine...probably the same people who don't care about their wine!)

And I didn't get a chance to eat there, but everyone says good things about Disco Taco, near the downs. Authentic norteno-style Mexican, with lots of weird bits of meat done on the grill.

As for _New_ Mexican, I avoid it in Ruidoso because the taste there is too Texan. Someone might set me straight, but I really can't imagine it'll be anywhere near as tasty as in northern NM.

Feb 11, 2007
zora in Southwest

Albuquerque--Ambrosia or Graze?

F everyone's I, Graze is shut for good, as of this weekend. Too bad! And hopefully I'm not causing too much remorse for Gina!

Jan 28, 2007
zora in Southwest

Mexican Lunch in NM

Just for the record, for anyone reading this thread more recently, El Bruno's has reopened, directly across the street from its old location. And it is fantastically delicious. (Or maybe I was just really craving red chile after being up in Indian/Anglo country around Farmington for too many days.) I had some sort of steak taco, and my mom had a stuffed sopa.

Anyway, There are only six tables, so it can get packed out. Still definitely worth stopping, though.

Jan 09, 2007
zora in Southwest

High-end grocery in Astoria?

It's definitely a Bravo market on 34th Ave. Hasn't opened yet.

With the opening of Le Petit Prince, a new French bakery on Broadway at 33rd, Astoria is pretty much complete on the grocery front, I think. Excellent produce, amazing range of world cuisine (though still skimpy on Asian stuff). I _guess_ there could be a better fish joint...

Oct 12, 2006
zora in Outer Boroughs