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Wild salmon

LF: Roaster/Reseller of Fair Trade & COOP grown coffees in TO/GTA ... Light & Med. Roasts ...

try Birds & Beans, Lakeshore W opp Primrose Av: they sell fair trade, bird-friendly, shade-grown coffee from various countries & do their own roasting in various styles, date label on ea pkg.

Wanted: Mother of vinegar in Toronto

ongoing for 20+ years: when pasteurized but unpreserved apple cider starts to ferment, pour into clean glass jar or bottle, paper towel over mouth, held in place by rubber band. Leave on counter & watch bubbles & skin (mother) form at top, which will gradually sink to bottom. When bubbles stop, you've got vinegar - much more flavourful than commercial. I use for cooking & dressings but not for canning as I don't know % acetic acid.

ISO Green Lamb Tripe in Toronto

feeding dogs Biologically Appropriate Raw Food since 1999. Research then indicated not legal to sell raw green for human consumption owing to bacteria, etc. So offtopic on Chowhound:
have fed raw green tripe from BoldRaw & SilverFern (I buy @ Tails, 2211 QueenStE) as sleeves of 2x8oz frozen zip-bags $3.75, $4.75 for ground beef & lamb tripe. Also 5# pkgs chunks. Feed outside, esp after/with antibiotics.

Cross-Border Grocery Shopping

from WalMart: imported from Spain, Goya brand green olives, stuffed with real pimiento, as they used to be (not bastardized w minced pepper, colour & gelatin as they are now).

Argo aluminum-free double-acting baking powder.

LandoLakes unsalted butter in sticks, whipped butter.

Egg Rolls

Years ago, my guilty pleasure was Mr Pong's (south side Queen just west of Bathurst). Big, crammed full of veg, not greasy. Anyone know of anything similar?

ISO Horseradish - Where's the good stuff?

any East European deli, either imported from Poland, or made in Canada w a Polish-sounding name. Think my current jar is Cieslak (Canadian), bought in Wisla plaza (Dixie & Bloor) or Starsky's.

Schnitzel restaurants

Gourmet Schnitzel House, 2286 Kingston Rd (The Bluffs)
my UrbanSpoon review June 2011:
Business hasn't picked up but Schnitzel remain consistently outstanding.
Utterly lean, juicy, cooked exactly done, 1/8" thick absolutely even, pounded (marks visible) slice of pork. Crust tasting of well-browned good-quality bread crumbs, s+p & neutral fat, stayed shatteringly crisp to the last bite. Fully enveloping the meat, NOT adherent, gummy or greasy. A Schnitzel that cannot be improved upon!
Accompanying 2 scoops of potato salad (by request - menu offers "potato mixed with fried onion OR rice"): diced potato, pickle, onion, peas, copious tangy creamy dressing, good tho' not my personal favorite variation. Large slice each of carrot & cucumber to fill the plate.
Would recommend, perhaps once business picks up, a (seasonal) selection of traditional East-Central European sides: Spatzle, potato dumplings, mashed potatoes, home fries, Boston lettuce with o+v or cream dressing, cucumber+sour cream salad, grated carrot salad, green bean salad, red cabbage salad, cole slaw, sauerkraut, cauliflower w browned crumbs?
Attractive European bistro decor & background (not conversation-disrupting!) music (CBC2?). Immaculately clean.
Concerned that my friend & I were the only patrons Friday lunch-time - want them to succeed as we haven't had a place to eat schnitzel since our previous go-tos in Thorold & Grimsby closed years ago.

This is probably a 'redundant' question...."FREESTONE PEACHES" ?

Absolutely agree, Sq1 is caveat emptor, but there are real growers selling their own +- their neighbours' produce (AND growers caving & selling BrColumbia apricots 6w prior to their own ripening!) - clearly dependent on customers' not knowing/caring. That said, I bought tasty ripe not-mealy Redskin variety freestone peaches yesterday (Sept 30 !)from Brincovar's (grower) & 1st greengage plums in 7y (by inquiry) 2w ago.

Damson Jam w/ Vanilla question

haven't done damson in a few years but Italian/prune plum w orange zest & a spoonful of frozen oj concentrate is a regular.

whole Ital/prune plums. stick w a pin both sides (reduces skins splitting) poached to tender in syrup of cider vinegar, white sugar, strips of lemon zest, cinnamon stick & whole cloves. sterile jars & lids, pack hot fruit, bring syrup to boil, pour over leaving 1/4" headroom, I've never water-bathed these. Keep a few weeks before serving w roast turkey, chicken, pork, cheese course.

Ditto for peeled pear halves, in which case remove cin & clove after boiling syrup as they'll stain the pears where they touch. Refrig before opening jar. These are also surprisingly good w curries.

Sep 11, 2012
beach_cook in Home Cooking

best recipes that include raw eggs

egg liqueur, similar to Bols Advokaat. Make now for winter ;)

Sep 11, 2012
beach_cook in Home Cooking

American or Canadian breakfast ideas that might be novel/interesting to European visitors, and are more interesting that bacon & eggs or French toast...

poach as usual, or a little less just in case hot water get too hot ;).
refrig in cold water. 1-2days.
when needed, reheat gently (won't cook any further so long as temp kept below 170, or poss 160.

ATK mentioned explained the science of max temp to avoid further cooking the yolk & Jacques Pepin ref this as std proc for hotel kitchens.

Sep 11, 2012
beach_cook in Home Cooking

Which Brandy for Brandied Peaches?

Making brandied peaches 2-3y ago, when reaching for the brandy, I noticed the Southern Comfort lurking behind. To my surprise, I like those even better (~2 tbsp / qt peach halves, fill w lt syrup 1 sugar:2 water).

Sep 11, 2012
beach_cook in Home Cooking

American or Canadian breakfast ideas that might be novel/interesting to European visitors, and are more interesting that bacon & eggs or French toast...

1. eggs benedict: english muffins split (not sliced) & toasted, sauteed peameal bacon (known to Americans as "Canadian bacon, either name, it's brined pork loin rolled in cornmeal - NOT bacon & NOT PEAmeal either), poached eggs (day before, refrig, reheat in hot water), hollandaise.
2. pancakes or North American style (thick) waffles w blueberries, pecans, maple syrup.
3. homemade muffins: blueberry, pumpkin, cranberry, pecans
4. johnnycakes w maple syrup.
5. buttermilk biscuits
6. fluffy American-style omelette, esp Western

Sep 11, 2012
beach_cook in Home Cooking

100 Foods to Eat Before You Die - Toronto/GTA Edition

vinegary headcheese: bought @ Starsky's late winter, pretty sure it was from Sikorski.

ViPei Bistro - Has anyone been?

If you're exploring Kingston Rd, don't miss Gourmet Schnitzel a few doors east of ViPei for absolutely perfect schnitzel.

ViPei Bistro - Has anyone been?

Friend & I have had consistently excellent lunches there: breakfast, French toast, eggs ben, eggs florentine, burger, steak sandw, spinach salad, calamari. Meals too big for us to order pasta or bigger entrees. Also complete as piece ea of melon, orange, pineap makes a fine dessert.

Good spots in Guelph

Have had several lovely lunches at Artisanale, incl exceptional house-made desserts.
Also good beef pie & beer selection at Woolwich Arms.

This is probably a 'redundant' question...."FREESTONE PEACHES" ?

bought Loring freestones @ Square One so-called farmers' market (from a real farmer from Beamsville, which has later season than peach growers elsewhere in Niagara) on Sunday (canned 2qts more, to add to 9qt Redhavens done earlier (season now over).

Cresthavens also freestone but seemed watery in flavour by comparison.

BabyGolds are NOT freestone & skins WON'T come off w blanching!

Black Sheep Ale - available in Toronto?

check to see whether they still stock, and where. I've bought it several times (tho' not this year).

Where can I buy coffee beans from Costa Rica?

Birds & Beans, Lakeshore W near Superior/Primrose/Mimico Avs.

Looking for sugar free bacon in Toronto

try Sikorski's (or other East European brands) double-smoked, Highland Farms on Ellesmere, and asst'd East European delis.

Port Colborne genuince farmers' market, Minor Fisheries

Two recent opportunities to go to Niagara on a Friday.

Port Colborne Farmers' Market has much to recommend it: every Friday except New Year's week, 6am - 1pm, opposite City Hall at 66 Charlotte St (which has public washrooms). Free parking at downtown meters during market hours (got a good spot both times).

Produce vendors appear to be (almost) all growers - I'm suspicious about one ;). Several organic.
Sylvia's bakery from Burlington is there with fabulous poppyseed Kipfli, & several other vendors who also sell at the Saturday St Catharines market.

When you've shopped, go back toward the canal & turn right: Minor Fisheries sells fresh off their own boats filleted yellow pickerel, yellow perch ~$10/pound & dressed smelt. Also fries them beautifully, served with good homemade cole slaw, ok tartar sauce. Fries on Friday were not great as they seemed to be fresh-made from local potatoes, so too wet & waxy - too seasonal - what a nice complaint :).

Cross the street to sit on a bench by the canal, or drive down the end & around the corner to park at Sugarloaf Hill. Top it off with a box of raspberries to pick at.

Brought fish home, variously dusted in seasoned flour and/or cornmeal & sauteed in oil+butter,, served with my go-to tartar sauce (Bon Appetit, Jan 1999), radishes & slabs of beefsteak-type tomatoes from the market- heaven!

Looking for Pomona's (sugar-free) pectin?

Have jammed for 40+ years, never seen the brand in Canada, could import if you really need. Suggest using Certo Light (Certo liquid uses highest proportion of sugar:fruit, next is Certo crystals regular, least Certo Light crystals). Bernardin has a l"no sugar needed" version with recipes using reduced proportions of sugar, the smallest of which would certainly produce softer set, or with non-sugar sweeteners. Good luck!

Austrian pork

Starsky's, Highland Farms, Whitehouse Meats in St Lawr Mkt (from Wagener's, if I remember correctly - good), Vienna Meats, probably any other Polish/East European/German deli.

2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

ISO Juniper berries?

In my 30+ yrs practice, I've never done more than leave them on the counter for a few days before stashing in a little single-serve jam jar, dated. I pick ripe (bluish with white bloom) ones that smell tasty & pungent when I scrape with a fingernail. Replaced annually or whenever I bring home some nice ones. Usually crush lightly before using in sauerbraten marinade, venison, sauerkraut.


with vinegar? That's not sauerkraut. Pickled cabbage, or freezer slaw, possibly.

Sauerkraut is cabbage fermented with salt in its own juices. Buy unpasteurized as such in Polish/other East European/German delis, farmers' markets (now/soon) or canned (pasteurized) imports. Wine is one of various flavours to add during or after fermentation.

Ontario sour cherries

Done (my 5kg=11# bucket was labeled "freeze by 27 July"), BUT try Cherry Lane on Victoria Av:

best Schnitzel of my life

so Chow "restaurant review" continues to thwart my 3 attempts to delete the irrelevant Stratford link!

Vienna Meat Products' schnitzel are good; this one was superlative. Boston lettuce or cucumber salads dressed in cream are suitable sides; certainly not cabbage rolls.

best Schnitzel of my life

It's in the classic tradition of making something spectacular out of a small amount of a costly ingredient: a thin slice of (originally) leanest veal, pounded out to enlarge & tenderize, as thinly and evenly as possible, without holes. Schnitzel comes from the word schnitt, German for "cut", and means a little scrap, or snippet. Consensus from German recipes/techniques suggests 150-200g slice of veal, pounded to 4mm.