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Ideas for Black rice please

Thanks! will try it soon. The restaurant had it as a simple side mound under asparagus and with scollops. Seems like it could work around Mardi Gras season

Aug 27, 2008
stlSarah in Home Cooking

Ideas for Black rice please

Found some black rice at the market- been looking for it since an amazing meal at a restaurant. Any tips or shall I wing it?

Aug 25, 2008
stlSarah in Home Cooking

help--ideas for mint

yes, thank you! I recently started working with a broader variety of grains. Really appreciate that bulger can be used with out heating the kitchen.

Aug 10, 2008
stlSarah in Home Cooking

help--ideas for mint

I have been known to use mint- stems and all- as a grill base for a butterflied leg of lamb. I like to think the smoke adds a certain touch- especially since 1) hate to throw away anything 2) I do not really appreciate mint with my lamb in more traditional ways.
Isn't mint a key element with bulgar wheat preparations- can't recall the name off the top of my head?

Aug 10, 2008
stlSarah in Home Cooking

Best Pizza in St. Louis – WITHIN Parameters

I will second/third some of the replies: love Pi's thin crust- not really a stl pizza, La Pizza rocks, same issue and same with Dewey's yum! I think Frank and Helen's on Olive has a pretty straightforward STl pizza with Moz and very crispy crust. Katie's is good- gotta tweak a couple of the salads but it seems promising.

Aug 09, 2008
stlSarah in Great Plains

Cafe Ventana St Louis' Grand center- good start

Had the chance to try out Cafe Ventana 5 times this week. It is just West of Vandeventer on West Pine near St Louis University. Beyond the space being beautiful the coffee is outstanding(Northwest beans) and you gotta try the beignets- made to order! Had lunch twice- nice, fresh, not too pricey food. They serve drinks though I have not figured out the theme- not quite a full bar, maybe just enough options to flavor the coffee. Beer and wine is available. Had dinner- the same menu as at lunch(different full menu for breakfast- if you can fit it around the beignets)- could not figure out if the prices were higher for dinner or if they were still adjusting things. The friends I brought plan to try it more at lunch- shame because we are often looking for a sip and a nibble after work. The will only be fighting the heat/AC wars for so long then the "sky light" and fire place should be a good draw .

Brief STL trip report

Thought about it more and remembered that you had missed the STL fav of "toasted" ravioli( breaded and fried really). The only place I find it tempting is a a great if very polished dinner in Clayton called Manhatten Cafe. They seem to make their product in house vs the miriad of places locally that must all buy the same frozen T ravioli and treat it with no additional interest or care.
(off topic- loved a recent visit in Chicago- found the diner at the train stop in Wilmette to have great homemade noodles in the chicken noodle soup and generally very temping goods and in Lincoln Park the Pasta Palazzo on Halstead was a revelation!)

Brief STL trip report

You hit a lot of the St Louis high lights!
So sorry Atlas was not all it usually is- hope you give it another try next visit.
The loop area where you found Fitz's is also full of grand ethnic options and has another great burger at Blueberry Hill across the street :very fun and slightly more grown up focus if a bit
Gotta go to the Plush Pig- my mouth is watering and it is still morning! scruffy. Cicero's has good pizza - be sure to emphasis mozzorella or you will have our local provel- and burgers and hip music options, with more rock and roll at BBH.
Consider a run into the Central West End next time, too. Love the Culpepper wings and burgers and the pots of the day choices at Dresell's.

Homemade Soft Pretzels

I made soft pretzels a couple of times when my kids were young. Very satisfying! I went straight for the Joy of cooking- yeah it was that long ago- and found the recipe very simple. No butter is needed nor is an egg wash. The great shine comes from the baking soda bath and then baking cooking system. I would consider enjoying the simpler way since everything tastes great with butter- but where is the challenge?

Apr 02, 2008
stlSarah in Home Cooking

three KC delights

Yes- Carmen'- that was it!
We had grand meat balls, salads- good caesar. Someone enjoyed their lasangia, another had chicken with three sauces- not too sure it was on the menu but the waiter said he would do it so that our friend would not have to choose between the ones she wanted. Lots of warm bread and a nice wine list.

three KC delights

had a grand KC ladies weekend- with all good meals, two due to the board. We had nice meal at Sebastian's at the Kemper Museum- nice"inside" vs the quite echoie atrium- creative menu with slightly large servings and well trained staff. Pizzabella downtown was indeed great- creative design, good staff and a well thought out menu. The first night we went Italian with a Spanish flair restaurant in Beltown; an upstairs above-the-bar affair with a family atmosphere despite the white table cloths- begins with a "C", Carmen's?Carmella's- arg! right next to a Priceright -type store. Help me out. Met endless engaging folks and really had the perfect gals-weekend: Art, great food and lots of laughs.

The Napkin Defense

I had no idea this was such a big topic. We use cloth- accumulated from sales, usually brights with whites for dressier events- and the all important napkin ring. This is the personalized option that keeps each member of the household from using someone else's napkin and shows each where to sit at a full table meal meal. I never understand the matching sets of rings sold to decorate a table since it negates the personalizing benefit of knowing yours is the ladybug and your big brother's is the gnu.

Jan 02, 2008
stlSarah in Features

Did I Ruin My Copper Mixing Bowl?

Nah! In Cooking school we used a half lemon and a pinch of salt before each use of our copper bowls- kept the meringues from being an unusual green color. I would not worry.

Dec 10, 2007
stlSarah in Cookware

Desperately seeking quiet new range

I have a Thermador wall over- electric that is wonderful and huge inside and has an even fan noise.

Dec 10, 2007
stlSarah in Cookware

Lunch Before a Cards Game

Clark street grill second here. I had some amazing donuts the other day on the recomendation of a cop friend. The store is one block
East or Soulard- really just over broadway. They were amazing and very non-greasy;they do not put tissue under the donuts and the boxes do not get greasy. Personally I would skip worlds fair Ds.

Unique treats to be mailed-any ideas?

I go for a Pound cake made in a bundt pan- packed with birthday plates and napkins and candles. Can add noise makers etc as the age allows- not all adults want to act like it on their b-day. Any idea what his fav childhood b-day cake was?

Aug 26, 2007
stlSarah in Home Cooking

NYT Book Review-On Julia

drat- now I do have to get out the book review and lust for books it is hard to find time to read. Redaing the review is good enough, reading the review is good enough. Reading the reviw- just won't do!

Aug 26, 2007
stlSarah in Food Media & News

Restaurant week in STL- find anything interesting?

This may be a little late given that the week was a bit ago. I had three new-to-me dinners during the downtown restaurant week this year; the Dubliner, Harries, American Place. Really liked the steak and desserts at Dubliner and we loved it all at Harry's. American Place was just too safe with the flavors and seemed to miss using the freshest ingredients- although the service was perfect and setting elegant.
Anyone else try something new?

Franco - St. Louis?

went a few months ago- great hors and very nice steaks with good wines for very picky/knowlegable group. Loved the fois gras.
Bar side dos indeed seem more engaging
service was not impressive
not rushing back, may try again some time.

Franco - St. Louis?

why would anyone precook muscles?!?

2 lbs. of veal stew meat - what to do???

the Philosophers Kitchen has a grand recipe for veal and fig stew that is far less hearty than a long slow beef stew would be. could be great with asparagus and brown rice salad and cheese to finish. Happy to dig it out for you if it apeals

Jun 12, 2007
stlSarah in Home Cooking

Leftover marinated+cooked tuna - now what?

salad nicoise- cold boiled new potatoes, green beans and some grand little olives, bit of hard boiles egg and a drizzle of dressing over all- the tuna would be right at home with this lot.

Jun 12, 2007
stlSarah in Home Cooking

best marinade for grilled lamb chops?

all time fav lamb marinade is to use Pomegranate molassas- avail at mideast markets/sections- and garlic. Works really well on a leg or shoulder of lamb too.
Growing up lamb was a basic as was the frequent use of soy sauce as a marinade- sort of early brining. Good in a pinch.

Jun 03, 2007
stlSarah in Home Cooking


I agree that it is often a wonderful restaurant with fab food- mixed service and loud atmosphere. Personally the smoke from the bar is just too prevasive for me to go there regularly. The outside section is glorious!

Visiting St. Louis. Want Italian Recommendations

We have a lot of good Italian and a lot more of the American Italian you would find anywhere. Tony's is the most upscale option given, with Tratoria Marcella a second( not a fan of TM and never been to Tonys). I like Gian Tony's as a good closer to American-Italian fare. Just went twice to a new offering in town -Acreo on Manchester just west of Schlafley bottleworks(was Arther Clays): really liked it. The food is exemplary- fresh, light touch in the kitchen with obvious care in ingredient choices. Lunch can be very affordable and the crowd has not been too deep when I was there. They made some great martinis, too.

St. Louis - Knife Sharpening

there is a well thought of place on the Hill- can not think of the name. Just kitty-corner to Vivianos- west and south.
Sur LaTable in plaza frontenac is supposed to do sharpening

"Sesame" Chinese place in STL

those are some wildly positive reviews. always loong for non-chain food out at Watson and 44 area. Thanks for the rec

Lunch/dinner recommendations near the Renaissance St. Louis Grand?

Am Place is a special event place - but not the best in my book( a bit costly ). I love Copia- atmosphere and food, although others on the board have had more mixed experiences. It is especially nice if you know wines since they have a crazy cellar. I also think Red Moon is great- very interesting design and good value for the unusual food they serve( top notch bar tenders- plus for me since I am a martini drinker). Plus you are a block south of the City Museum and all teh after hours unusualness one could ask for. There have been so good reviews of the Dubliner as a fun breakfast spot. Gotta have a car for ted drews- get a group and go by taxi.Enjoy!

St Louis, MO: Clayton on the Park--Good reasonably nearby restaurants for a company dinner that should be more fun than stuffy

Does belly dancing rank as entertainment for this crowd? Momo's on North and South (North of Delmar)has a fun eclectic atmosphere and some good Greek type food. I love the baked fetta and the lamb chops. The idea is to get multiple little plates and share. The bartender is very good BTW. There are so things that they fry that are not what I love about that region's food but for the most part the food is good, fresh and interestingly flavored. There is belly dancing pretty frequently- call and ask. They have good small nooks that are fun for groups.

Where to buy meat in St. Louis?

Lots of good info there! I have bought the shoulder of lamb with the bone (for a Nigella recipe for 14hour lamb)from Straubs- but only in the CWE. Very reasonable. Has become a winter staple. The lamb patties are great- if very fatty; perfect for the grill, good for people who have not been raised with lamb.
Global Foods is a bit of a crap shoot from my experience. They have so much variety that sometimes the shelflife of each item is not always kept up with. That being said it is the only place for McVittie's digestives and Roundtree's fruit pastles.

Jan 16, 2007
stlSarah in Great Plains