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In Athens Dec 30 - Jan 4

I will be in Athens with my family from tomorrow afternoon through January 4th and we are looking for some good restaurants for lunch and dinner over the 5 day period. We don't have any reservations for new years but would love to find somewhere special, maybe more of a splurge - generally we are looking for more moderate prices. The whole family is fairly adventurous when it comes to food but I think we are looking to get a range of traditional to modern greek cuisine. Any suggestions as to places we can go as we are touring some of the major sites? We will also be taking day trips to Delphi and Aegina so we will need to be having lunches on those two as well...thanks for any help you can offer!

Dec 29, 2007
auramay in Europe

NYC Restaurant Week???

the website says that you can't start making reservations until the 18th, but I just made a lunch reservation at chanterelle for july 20th. Is that going to allow me get the restaurant week special, or will I have to make another and cancel this one? This is assuming Chanterelle participates as usual

Jun 11, 2007
auramay in Manhattan