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Townsman - Was Ok but not great, too expensive for what you get

Went recently and was underwhelmed given some of the better reviews out there. Some of the better dishes for us were the mussels, dumplings (I think maybe they marketed them as perogies), lamb, pig and charcuterie. Nothing was over the top life altering, and some of the preparations had interesting flavors introduced, that might not have added much to the dish, but wasnt overly distracting. What struck me was how expensive the place was. I did not get the terrine board, but at $32, seems a bit in conflict with how i look at terrine. A nice appetizer to share with the table is how I usually look at terrine and charuterie, $32 violates that concept.

Mixed drinks were good, some interesting wines. The actual restaurant was also a bit spartan and cheapish feeling. Not sure the feel they are trying to introduce, but the room just seemed industrial and not comfortable. Think the space could be awesome, but it wasn't. Dont think i need to go again, although a drink at the bar and some cured meat might be a good plan, especially since its right downtown close to work.

Orlando Recommendations

Couldn't find any new top 10 lists from Orlando CH's, so hoping for some suggestions. Not a chain please, new amercan or good ethnic, farm to table, etc. Based on some magainze i have seen, ravenous pig and luma look interesting. Any others?, close to Orlando is better, but heck, if we have to go to WP, we shall.


Opps, just noticed the convo below. please feel free to add anything else, but if its redundant, my bad.

May 26, 2015
chefboyardee in Florida

Where to buy veal stock?

For what its worth, I have not found store purchased veal stock to be anywhere as near as good as home made veal stock. Its a bit messy, but pretty easy to make and then freezing containers of it for future use. Braised short ribs with veal stock is the best!.

Best Fishmonger/ Fish Share in Medford/Arlington/Somerville?

I like new deal seafood in Cambridge on Cambridge street. Always had interesting things and some harder to find fishes.

Fresh Margarita mix, ideas?

Hi any suggestions for fresh margarita mix. I had something while in California from perricone farms, their agave sour mix, which was the closest to fresh squeezed that I have had. Everything else, from cheap supermarket, to whole foods, to William Sonoma, I find too sweet. Any ideas for a good mix on the east coast (boston in particular. That pericone farms mix is not available on the east coast. Thanks so much!

Sep 21, 2014
chefboyardee in Spirits

Best place to buy Saffron in Madrid

Thought I would update this as I just got back and used this thread to help me find saffron. First went to the mercado de San Miguel. First off, don't make this a stop on your last morning in the city looking for souvenirs and stuff, the place is awesome, like we did. Tons of tapas, wine, seafood, etc stalls, both cooked and uncooked. As far as saffron in concerned, it's not that great. Only one stall, all they had were small boxes and the girl knew nothing about saffron. I used this article as a guide,, and the only thing I found was the 3rd grade at the market, and only in 1-2 gram boxes.

Then went over to shop in calle sal listed below, that is also address listed on their website. It is very close to San Miguel market, but has no signage that identifies it as bartolome gourmet. They did have many size boxes, but none listed like the article from a grading standard. Prices we're good the more you bought, but I don't really know saffron so opted for middle size box, about 10 grams, and hope for the best. I should have stopped in at the spice store I saw in seville, that had baskets of different spices that you could smell. I guess try and ask hotel or restaurants where else to look if saffron is important to you.

Aug 31, 2014
chefboyardee in Spain/Portugal

Help me break out of my rut

Gonna try asta, sounds right at my sweet spot. Thanks CH-ers.

Help me break out of my rut

Looking for some new "higher end" restaurants to try, I always go to the same places, and like them, but want to try some new places. New American/interesting flavor combos probably my cup of tea. My go to places, no 9, clio, journeyman, bergamont, harvest, eastern standard. went to menton recently, dont need to go back, nothing wrong, but nothing great for price point either. Been to trade, also no need to go back. Have not been to oya, just b/c of all that boston mag controversy a few years back, maybe I should get over it? TW food seems interesting, have not been. Anything else? thx hounds!

Foodie Recommendations? Only time for one good meal [San Francisco]

Update: gawd its hard to get a reservation in sf. Of the 12 great recommendations on this page, I got 1 only, le mar. It was great nonetheless. Nothing stands out, maybe the whole fish, which seemed more line an asian sweet and sour whole fish, but it was good nonetheless. Ceviche was really good, they have a fried fish sampler, which is a little clam boxish pedestrian, so I would pass on the next time (but then again I'm in Boston). Short rib entree was really good. Cant remember much more, but nice vibe, great location, and $10 parking next door was perfect. Wine list was also reasonably priced, with (gasp) decent non Cali wines also. Thx all for help!!

Foodie Recommendations? Only time for one good meal [San Francisco]

:). Observant! I have limited food dollars and calories left In my lift, so I find ny food more interesting for my palette. Boston has good ethnic stuff, but not as much new American and I think generally too expensive. But really love sf food scene (and Chicago)

Foodie Recommendations? Only time for one good meal [San Francisco]

So Its been a while since the start up I worked for blew up so I have not kept up with the SF food scene, which I'm sure is near impossible to do for all those of you that live there. Anyway, looking for a suggestion for a foodie new american kind of place. I liked Aqua, slanted door, salt house in the past. Not really looking for an over the top formal place, not just pure ethic, but something that puts the 2 together. Momofuku ABC, Craft, Annisa, and blue Hill come to mind in NYC if that helps. These are some of the names I was given for SF: Van Than Long, Le Colony, Crestline, and Kokkari Estiatorio, but dont trust the source that much.

Or am I going about it wrong, Is SF cuisine something different and I should embrace something else while in the bay area?

Anyway, any help is appreciated. thx.

Anyone else think ribelle (brookline)?is trying too hard?

U are soooo correct. I have ridic bad review of French laundry. Is that even possible?? At six hundy a head it as. But I did not read about ribelle directly but saw pre open hype and the crowds. But sooooo wanted a momo noodle bar, ko, Alinia, Gary danko, la bernadin, etc', ie life altering experiences. Is that fair, probably not, but that's why we are hounds and not Za----' followers. Thanks. Appreciate the alternative views. I'll try ribelle again. We will see.

Anyone else think ribelle (brookline)?is trying too hard?

First off prop for restauranteurs trying new things and flavors. I'm known to complain that we don't have as inventive of a restaurant scene as other cities, so trying new flavors and combos are a big plus to our city. Went to ribelle about 4-6 weeks ago. Enough has been written on the noise, and ppl enjoying their food, so maybe it's just me, but it really feels like the food tries to hard to be different. I had the polenta ( I think? It was served in the corn husk) and that was great. Also had some cauliflower app (not impressed) and the duck with Asian dumplings. It just did not work off me, Loire flavors are being forced. I know the momofoku alum connection, but at momofoku, the weird flavors blend well off me, at ribelle it just doesn't come together for me. I felt the same at strip-t. Why leave the foot on the fried chix? Does it taster better fried? No, it's just for effect. Same at ribelle, cool ingredients, that didn't gel for me. Almost the antithesis of comfort food. Other than that, the wine list is fun, and I will try again and hope maybe it was what I ordered, especially since I can walk there. Not really a review, sorry, just wondering if others feel the same as I did.

Replicating salt house poached egg app?

Thoroughly loved that dish on a visit to your fair city. Now that I'm 3,000 miles away I'm craving it. Anyone have ideas as to how to replicate it? great umami in that dish! Thanks for any help. U sf folks are sooo lucky to have so many choices.

best place to buy bread for sandwiches?

clearflour in brookline. Check the schedule to see what they are making, but lots of interesting breads for lots of different types of sandwiches.


Also a little late to the party, but I have some Japanese knives that I spent a decent amount of money on and I let the guy at Korin sharpen my knives. BTW, really fun to walk through the place and look at what a $5,000 knife that looks like a samurai sword feels like.

57 Warren St, New York, NY 10007

Mar 21, 2011
chefboyardee in Manhattan

King Fung Garden Chinatown, any recent expereinces

It's been years since I have been to the original C-town outpost. Any one been recently, particularly for the Peking Duck. I've been to KF2 in brookline a few times, and have generally been underwhelmed, and downright disappointed with the Peking Duck I ordered in Brookline. Hoping the chinatown version still has some magic. thanks

King Fung Garden
74 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

Not so impressed by 2003 Château d'Yquem

A little late to this thread, but OGjamie, $1600 for 1/2 bottles or full. If the latter, where? that's the buy of a lifetime. I'll always buy value d'Yquem, even bad years its good.

Jan 28, 2011
chefboyardee in Wine

Bergamot - outstanding!

what more can I say that hasn't been said. Loved it and I did not like the French Laundry. It was perfect on all levels (including when I putzed out and spilled a glass of water in a dish of duck). They gave us another and something for them to nosh on while the replacement was being made. Bravo.. Can't wait till I go again.

118 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

Shot in the dark, David Chang "like" restaurant in Somerville?

thanks JGG, that sounds like it. From prior reviews it seems like its worth trying. thx again.

Shot in the dark, David Chang "like" restaurant in Somerville?

Friend mentioned a new chef/restaurant in somerville that had hints of Momofuku. Can't seem to find anything, but we recall there was a new chef that was compared to David Chang in the Globe. Can anyone help. Thanks.

Source for pink curing salt in Boston area

Can anyone update this post. Will christinas still have pink salt in the basement? Or any one on morons tender quick. Seems crazy to pay the crazy shipping to getbthis project going this weekend. Thanks.

Making Pastrami from Scratch, so confused

ALL OF YOU GUYS/GALS ROCK. thank you. Going to try and find the plate and start picking. Make it this weekend. And another cook book to buy. lacking inspiration these days, so good cook books are always a plus. Again, chowhounds rock. thank you.

Jun 08, 2010
chefboyardee in Home Cooking

Making Pastrami from Scratch, so confused

Anyone have any links or ideas to NYC deli like pastrami at home. Willing and able to smoke and then steam the beast, but confused if its slow BBQ style smoked corn beef, or a brisket that is not corned and then just smoked (which I think is just smoked brisket, not pastrami). Some recipes have only oven cooking, some say smoke it, some say to cook it like a brisket. Some say to use corned beef, other say don't corn it, just use the speice rub. Then all the good pastrami I have had in NYC is always in a steaming table, moist, juicy and tastes fatty.

One other thing, why are all the recipes that I see on making pastrami result is a product that is so darn lean looking. Katz's and carnagies is full of fat and pulls part, rather than seeming likes its lean brisket. Do they not use a brisket?, or just a certain part of the brisket.

Oh, so many quesitons. Please help end my confusion. Maybe its easier to just order the stuff.

That's what I want to make at home. Any links, ideas, greatly appreciated. Thanks

Jun 07, 2010
chefboyardee in Home Cooking

Fresh Unpasturized Cream? How do I score some.

thanks all. contacted farms and they did not sell cream. wondered about if anyone knew of a farm that sold unpasturized cream. Having said that, i think I'll try to culture pasturized cream and see how it turns out. I don't have time for this, but is sounds fun enough to try.

Fresh Unpasturized Cream? How do I score some.

Saw something on making fresh butter. Then saw some more that its best with unpastured cream. Where can I score some around B-town? the organic places that I called that sell unpasturized milk, don't seem to sell cream, just milk. Any ideas? Thanks

Where can I get good Ravioli around Penn Station?

Frozen to take home. I know places around the Village, but around Penn Station?

Jan 13, 2010
chefboyardee in Manhattan

Authentic, Properly-Handled Caviar by Weight Source in Boston Area?

So I also just bought the 4 oz glass Russian black caviar at bazaar. They told me it was the best they had, so go figure, given what rlh said. It says it's paddle fish and imported through Brooklyn. Is this very different from the more famous osteria and severga varieties? And how does it compare in taste and price to American paddlefish? I eat it once a year and always get confused at new years. Thanks.

Where can I buy FRESH uncooked ramen or yakisoba noodles?

Just an FYI, Chinese Lo mein and ramen are different. I don't usually see ramen at the Chinese markets. Try the Japanese market on harvard street in brookline village.

Where Can I Buy Good Stock for Soup?

Whole food has beef stock. It concentrated and seems a bit expensive. I would it up with some Demi glacé if it doesn't mess up your recipe. Otherewise, make some, it'd not hard, although time consuming.