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Need opulent/gaudy Indian restaurant!

Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. I love the idea of Spice Market and skating, but think I will go with Panna II. For a 4 year old, this is a slam-dunk. That place is a technicolor extravaganza! As for the sitar players, Raj Mahal (no ambience) and Taj both feature them, however, it is doubtful they will be around during a school day lunch. Regardless, it seems Panna II is the most eye-popping unless someone else has a suggestion that can trump it! Again, much appreciated!

Feb 09, 2015
lazylghtng in Manhattan

Need opulent/gaudy Indian restaurant!

My 4 yr old daughter is obsessed with all things India at the moment. I would like to take her out for a Daddy-Daughter lunch to a fun and - as the thread title suggests- opulent or gaudy Indian restaurant. The more over-the-top the decor, the better! To be honest, I am not concerned with quality of the food so long as it is at the very least serviceable. Obviously, if there is a restaurant that has excellent food and a super-colorful ambience, all the better! Many thanks!!

Feb 09, 2015
lazylghtng in Manhattan

LIE Roadside Food Guide/Comp

EXIT 33, Great Neck, SEVEN SEAS DINER, glam'd up, clean, well-executed but $$$

Exit 37 (Willis/Mineola Ave/Roslyn Rd.), CHICKEN KEBAB, the generic name belies the expansive menu

Exit 37 (Willis/Mineola Ave/Roslyn Rd.) MATTEO'S RISTORANTE, very good family-style Italian

Exit 37 (Willis/Mineola Ave/Roslyn Rd.) WILD FIG (on Nrthn Blvd) - mediterranean sammies et al

EXIT 41N, (107/107 Hicksville), MARKET EAST, (as advertised) contemporary American bistro

LIE Roadside Food Guide/Comp

Off to a fast start! Thx for all of those :)

LIE Roadside Food Guide/Comp

Done! Thx for the suggestions Erica and jpf1980. Now we need your quick picks ;)

Montauk end of October - where to eat?

Actually, I was just at several of them this past weekend as well as the weekend before -Clam Bar, Clam & Chowder House, Westlake, Dockside, Sen, Estia, and Breadzilla..all open. Not sure about M-W, however.

Montauk end of October - where to eat?

Lunch is totally overrated. I far prefer the character-laden, no-frills Clam Bar at Napeague which is basically across the street from Lunch. I second Clam & Chowder House which is a great spot with a pretty sweet deck overlooking the water if you want a scenic cocktail prior to dinner. Also look at Dave's Grill, Duryea's Lobster, Harvest on Fort Pond, and Westlake Fish House (which is on a working dock and a total blast).

In Amagansett, check out La Fondita fro roadside Mex that is very well-executed. Indian Wells Tavern delivers solid burgers and pub food in a 70s setting that is sort of crappy-charming. Check out The Meeting House, too.

For great seafood (of every variety from boiled to fried to steamed and grilled), hightail it to Bostwick's Chowder House in East Hampton. Other spots in EH that are worth your salt include 1770 House (I like the Tavern, there - cozy little cellar bar with a few tables and a casual menu); East Hampton Grill; and Bay Kitchen Bar which is off 3 MIle Harbor Road aside a boatyard - the food kills and the views are transcendent. For more casual food in EH, try Rowdy Hall - great onion soup, chili, burgers, beers.

In Sag, there is Dockside which is a crowd pleaser (and great for lunch and dinner), Sen for excellent Japanese and sushi (be prepared to take out a 2nd mortgage), and Bell & Anchor on Noyac Rd which is high end chops and seafood. I love the food at Estia's and would suggest you stop there for breakfast or lunch. It is impossible on weekends but you should do OK during mid-week. In Wainscott, there is the best takeout sandwich shop ever - Breadzilla…everything made in-house with a menu that changes daily, but no tables :( Ideal for grab'n'go or lunch for a beach walk, etc.

LIE Roadside Food Guide/Comp

Looking to compile a list of solid restaurants located just off the LIE. Whether steakhouse or hot dog truck, all responses welcome as long as the food is GOOD and the location is PRACTICAL (i.e., no more than 5 min from the exit ramp).

If you have a suggestion that is truly worthy of a longer detour then pls specify distance from LIE and exact location so nobody goes on unexpected 20 min wild goose chase!

Suggesting simple format for responses such as EXIT # (in caps); Town, NAME (in caps), Food Style/Other Notes.

Thx for playing. I'll start…

EXIT 52, Commack, THE PREMIER DINER - huge portions, squeaky clean, busy, retro-cool, great oatmeal & pancakes, plus all the other standards (strong with Greek food), not cheap!

Best Steak You've Had Not at a Steakhouse

bumping for 2014 updates?!?!

Jul 21, 2014
lazylghtng in Manhattan

Defrosting cooked ground turkey

A month ago, I cooked up a batch of ground turkey (taco night!) and froze it. I recently defrosted it overnight in the fridge, but we only warmed up half ot it for dinner. Any thoughts on re-freezing the remainder (which never left the fridge or hit a pan after being defrosted) so I can squeeze another meal out of it down the line? I am well aware that freezing/defrosting/re-freezing is not a particularly good idea with raw meat, but I feel like this shouldn't be an issue with taste or bacteria, etc. in this case. Thx!

May 09, 2014
lazylghtng in Home Cooking

Fresh bread crumbs storage ?


I jumped the fun on chix parm and made a batch of fresh bread crumbs. I already seasoned them with grated parm, chopped garlic, fresh parsley, etc. Given the fresh herbs, cheese, and garlic already in them, is it still safe to store them in an air tight container for a day or two without having to freeze them? Thx!

Nov 06, 2013
lazylghtng in Home Cooking

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!

Taralli, brilliant! Just called and grabbed a couple of seats at the bar (which is just fine by me, anyway)!! Many thx for the smart heads up rec ;)

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!

Any thoughts on:

Russel House Tavern
Mare Oyster Bar
Hungry I
Highland Kitchen

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!

Yep, that is correct -- the night in question is the 26th. The (home) season concludes the night before!! Thx everyone.

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!


Until a few hours ago, I had reservations at Oleana, Island Creek, and Hungry Mother...but we just had to move the trip back a week and I was unable to pull Island Creek for the new dates (although I squeaked by with the others!). Any suggestions? Does not have to be seafood, etc. (after all, we will def hit Neptune) but am pretty bummed to miss out on the ICOH buzz. Looking for a good replacement with plenty of color and vibe. Thx all!!

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!

Brilliant OC! Thx for the input. Just cancelled B&G and replaced with ICOH :)

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!

Thanks LL! I like the idea of Casa and you're right -- I honestly can not recall when we last ate Portugese food...that usually requires a road trip to Newark which does not rank high on the list of priorities. Back to Casa, I think I'd go for it were it not for wanting a room that goes beyond strictly utilitarian/no-frills. Trying to get a little bit of a vibe to compliment the meal (and company!).

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!

Thx very much for the feedback! We tried E. Standard and were not overly impressed. Not bad, but didn't really strike me as particularly unique in terms of ambience, etc.

Catalyst looks great, but my wife will divorce me if I her drag her to Westbridge. Schnitzel made from beef heart with kimchi, pecan and yogurt is exactly the sort of "chef-y" afffectation we are trying to avoid!! Area Four, on the other hand, seems like hella fun!

Thx for Sam's looks like a killer spot. Very happy to learn of La Voile. And Scampo is an excellent call!

Thx for playing :)

NYC couple - 3 days/nights of recs!!

Up from Brooklyn for three nights in late Sept without the kids! We have visited many times and usually do lunch at Neptune one day, dinner at B&G or Butcher Shop on another, and run the gamut in between. We have done Craigie, No 9, Prezza, Pigalle, Aquitaine, etc. - each for different reasons/circumstances.

This trip, we are holding reservations at Hungry Mother, Oleana, and B&G, but might drop B&G. Where should we go instead? Prefer to not go to Cambridge since we have two dinners there already but are staying downtown. On the other hand, we will go wherever necessary if urged!

Looking for laid back and "distinctly Boston" restaurants that we won't find back home in NYC. As much as I'd like to try Peach Farm or Coppa some day, this isn't the trip for that. Seeking fun, casual spots that are big on ambience/color and void of affectation, pretense or drawn-out tasting menu meals!

If we did hit Cambridge for a 3rd night, any thoughts on Bondir vs Chez Henri? Back in Boston, how about Franklin Cafe?

For lunch...
Beacon Hill: Marliave or Artu if we are downtown/Beacon Hill? Newbury: Where else besides Stephanie's?
Fort Pt/ICA: Sportello, Tavern Rd, 75 on Liberty????

Pushing the envelope here, but any recs on a killer walk-in spot for jazz/blues in Cambridge after Oleana or Hungry Mother. Eyeballing Wally's Cafe back in Boston for one night as well, but clueless in Cambridge. Note: we are mid-40s and need a little more elbow room than when we were 25 ;)


Green Street, Garden@Cellar, or Hungry Mother?!!

Thanks, all -- I secured a res at Hungry Mother! Any of you been over to Lizard Lounge before? Show is at 9:30, but doors at 8:30. It's a Friday night show and I am trying to figure out how early I need to get to the venue -- right as doors open or can I slink in at 9 instead? Made my reservation at HM for 7 so I ought to be at the show by 8:45 if I cab it over, right? Thx again.

Green Street, Garden@Cellar, or Hungry Mother?!!

Howdy, I am coming up to Boston from NYC in Sept for a few nights with my wife for her birthday and considering going to see Session Americana at Lizard Lounge Club in Harvard Square. I have been wanting to hit Hungry Mother for years and have never been, but also have Garden and Green on my list as well. Any thoughts? Also, how long is cab ride from Hungry to HS? Many thanks!

Downtown Brooklyn, four nights with a 3 year old...

110% for Queen!

I have a 3 and 7 yr old and live in DUMBO. We go to Queen all the time. They are great with kids and the food is top-notch, particularly the house-made mozz as well as the ravioli.

For lunch, you are within striking distance of Shake Shack at Fulton Mall.

I also highly rec. Noodle Pudding in Brooklyn Heights. Another one of our faves. Not old-school stiff like Queen, rather very casual and congenial. Excellent Italian food and an upbeat, chummy atmosphere. Also int he heights is Jack The Horse which a terrific upscale tavern -- great mac and cheese as well as burger and daily special pizza for your son; lots for you two as well.

In Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens, you will strike gold at Buttermilk Channel which is upscale comfort food with a kid's menu to boot. There is also a solid newish burger joint that is quite appealing called MooBurger. And Buschenschank which is sort of an Austrian/German/American hybrid that smartly leveraged its excellent takeout-only next door neighbor, South Brooklyn Pizzeria, by offering pizza for the kids. Bocca Lupo gets much love from kids, too, and is perfect for lunch.

In Boerum Hill, check out Bond & Pacific for lunch (or dinner). Very unique. Just a sweet, sun-soaked, cool vibe with great casual food (salads and sandwiches, mostly).

Over in Fort Greene, you can hit Walter's for excellent American (great seafood and steaks, super cool vibe) and Dino for very good Italian in laid back digs.

Plus one for Pharmacy, too!

May 21, 2013
lazylghtng in Outer Boroughs

Going to Paris tomorrow -- 11th hour help, pls!

Thx All! I knew I could count on you. Still on the fence about Les Montagnards although it seems a fun and safe bet. L'Entrecote is a great rec. given its ease and proximity. Might do it. Looking fwd to Mulot ;)

Oct 09, 2012
lazylghtng in France

Going to Paris tomorrow -- 11th hour help, pls!

Tomorrow, I am taking my 6 yr old son to meet my brother and his family in Paris. My niece and nephew are 8 and 10 yrs old. All three kids are exceptionally well-behaved, but there is some variance with regard to their palates! At any rate, we are staying in a flat in the 6th on Rue Jacob btw Rue Bonaparte and Rue d"Echaude.

Because of the kids, we are avoiding extremely long and fancy meals. We are veering towards local, homey, rustic, and atmospheric. Not that we can't go somewhere more modern or trendy. Just giving you guys some context! Also trying to stay reasonably close to our flat for dinner since we might be back there on any given late afternoon.

We have reservations booked at the following:

Thursday: La Regalade Sainte Honore
Friday: Les Montagnards
Saturday: Chez Paul

I did do swift research on this board (I'm talking to you, LulusMom, Parigi, Talbott!) and came up with the following short list, but have yet to do anything about other words, if you think any of the spots BELOW are not only superior to our existing holds, but are also places where we still have a shot of getting in (and where the kids can have a steak or roast chicken if all else fails)...pls let me know. AND THANK YOU!!!!

La Palette (just a block from our apt. - perhaps a good breakfast or lunch spot?)
Zinc Caius
Le Grand Plan
Dans Les Landes
Au Passage
Cafe Constant (no reservations, I know)
Reed (looks delightful)
Le Galopin (prob not a good bet w/ the kids -- 7 courses)

For lunchtime crepes, I'm thinking either Creperie Josselin or Breizh.

Also, I know that both patisseries such as La Duree and Pierre Herme are near our flat. Any other gems (esp. those under the radar) that I should seek out?

Finally, we are probably doing Notre Dame on Thurs aft; Louvre/Luxembourg/Champs on Fri.; Eiffel on Sat morning. Looking for lunch spots. Fontaine de Mars nr Eiffel, perhaps.

Again, many thanks for the last-minute SOS :)

Oct 09, 2012
lazylghtng in France

Brooklyn bridge marriott area

There is a Five Guys (tasty In&Out-style burgers; eat-in or take-out) at both MetroTech Center which is just a hop away from the hotel, and Montague St. If you head over to Court Street, beeline it to Queen which is arguably one of the best and most authentic old-school Italian restaurants in Brooklyn. If you cross Atlantic and stay on Court, check out Van Horn for high-end, but low-brow southern-inflected sandwiches including an excellent fried chicken sandwich and grilled pimento cheese, etc.

84 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
138 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Van Horn Sandwich Shop
231 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Feb 07, 2012
lazylghtng in Outer Boroughs

Spiral ham (heated/glazed on Xmas) - how long does it last?

Hi -

Bought a pre-cooked spiral cut ham from Burger's Smokehouse for Xmas. Arrived frozen. Thawed a couple of days in fridge, then cooked low and slow to heat up and glaze. Now it's one week later and still lots of leftovers ! Burger's instructions state ham is good for 28 days in fridge, then freeze. But is that upon arrival only? In other words, since I opened, heated, and glazed it a week ago I am totally paranoid about it still keeping a few weeks (as opposed to just keeping in fridge unopened). Should I just relax? Never heard of cooked meat lasting a month in fridge, although the ham (and the boneless turkey which has same instructions) is cured, etc.

At any rate, it is one week since cooking low and slow and both ham and turkey taste great and don't smell, etc.

THX for advice! And Happy New year!!

Jan 01, 2012
lazylghtng in Home Cooking

Red Velvet Cake Hunt! What's the best bakery for a red velvet wedding cake?

One Girl Cookie on Dean St. nr Smith in Boerum Hil -- best cakemaker in Brooklyn, imo. Use them for every imp. occasion and they always come through with flying colors. The most delicious, moist cakes and, yes, they have a superb creamcheese frosting!

One Girl Cookies
68 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Sep 25, 2011
lazylghtng in Outer Boroughs

Oriental Garden, S. China Garden or Amazing 66?

Mother-in-law's 65th b-day with young grandkids in tow. Loves Chinese, but not particularly adventurous -- a big cut above a General Tso's-type, though. She is def a big Peking duck fan, but this is not make-or-break. Clean and not frenzied, however, is a pre-req. Would take her to Peking Duck House, but she has been numerous times. Don't want to go uptown to C'town Brasserie or Shanghai Pavillion, etc., so I am eyeballing C 'town, specifically OG, S. China Garden, and Amazing 66. We will be six (with a five and one yr old) at 6PM on Sat. night -- prefer not to wait too long even if it means compromising quality of meal. Welcome thoughts and alternatives. Thx!

South China Garden
22 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013

Amazing 66
66 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

Oriental Garden
14 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013

Jul 13, 2011
lazylghtng in Manhattan

Alt. to Billy Martin's in GT?

How about The Tombs?

Alt. to Billy Martin's in GT?

any other casual spots with some DC character worth hitting in Georgetown for a family dinner with little ones in tow? Would love to hit Tackle Box but fearful of walking in with a party of 6 tonight at 6:30 since they don't take reservations. Cafe, pub, bistro all good -- prefer New American or American cuisine. Thx.