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Lunch near Chesterfield suggeston

My wife is going apple picking in Chesterfield with a few of her fellow RN's and asked me to find a nice place for lunch in the area. Any recommendation?

Oct 14, 2012
dmsksr in New Jersey

Pre-Marlins game recommendations

Going to key largo next week and have tickets for the Marlins-Cubs game tuesday. Looking for some suggestions for early dinner nearby. Up for anything, but obviously some great cuban would be ideal..Thanks in advance from one of the South Jersey hounds.

Noodle bars/South Jersey?

Are there any noodle bars in Ocean/Atlantic counties other than the AC casinos? I do not go to AC often but would make the trip for a killer bowl of soba or ramen. Any recommendations?

Aug 29, 2008
dmsksr in New Jersey

Is Norman still at Wreckers in Key West?

Planning another trip to the Keys and read about Wreckers in KW with Norman in the kitchen. The last posts I saw were in July and I'm wondering if he has moved into his new restauarant yet? Also...I have not been to the Keys in 4 years, any recomendations for Key Largo & the Upper keys? Thanks!!!

Oct 30, 2007
dmsksr in Florida

Long Beach Island, NJ?

Bageleddies on the boulevard oceanside in Ship Bottom is the real deal for bagels on LBI

Sep 11, 2007
dmsksr in New Jersey

LBI in late September?

The Mexican restaurant on Rt. 72 Eastbound is called Tenampa. It is outstanding, with all the usual fare but they have a good choice of special dishes, many using shrimp that are delicious. My favorite is a quesadilla vallarta (sp?), which has shrimp, bacon, tomato, spinach and cheese. They also make the best fresh salsa I have ever had.

I can also recommend Howards Beach Haven Terrace for two reasons. First, our family have had years of consistantly excellent meals since we moved here in 1980. And second, all three of my kids have bussed and waited tablets here. They have received a great education as to how a successfull restaurant should be run. All the desserts are homemade, every morning. Fresh fish delivered daily, nothing frozen. All the salds, dressings and dinner rolls are prepared daily. I know this may sound like a shameless plug and I own the place, but I assure you I only want to credit an eatery that does things the right way, and I applaud that dedication.

Sep 09, 2007
dmsksr in Mid-Atlantic

Recommendations for St. MarysCity & Williamsburg

My daughter and I will be heading to St Marys College & William & Mary for College tour ..summer '07 in a few weeks. Any favorite places for some nice father/daughter meals? We are both big seafood and asian cuisine fans. Thanks!

Long Beach Island, NJ?

Howards in Beach Haven Terrace is always excellent for dinner. Nothing super fancy but always fresh seafood and homemade desserts. Killer crabcakes!

Jun 16, 2007
dmsksr in New Jersey

Has anyone tried Octopus' Garden on Route 9 in Mayetta?

Our family had a birthday celebration dinner ther last September. The resaurant is nicely decorated in neutral colors for an understated elegance. It features a large glass window so the diners can view the kitchen and chefs at work. It must be well insulated because as I recall, it was soundproof. The food was good, service was fine and I would go again. The owner/chef also owns the Octopus's Garden in Surf City.

Jun 12, 2007
dmsksr in Mid-Atlantic