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Spit Roasted lamb?

As you can tell by clicking on your profile at the top right of the screen, we've moved your post about a wedding caterer in Vermont to our Norhern New England board. You'll find it here: . Thanks for posting!

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Spit Roasted lamb?

Gosh thanks for that. The moderators did move the conversation to Southern New England and I clearly apologized for the cross posting in the title.

Looking for wedding caterer that can roast a whole lamb (or 2) in Southern Vermont - any ideas??!!

OK it's pretty funny that someone in China needed to remind me that Chris is just up the road and they might jump onto this idea. Thanks for the sugegstion! Usually they work with HOW to make it the best ever - but they don't tend to work with caterers and chefs in the region, though I'm sure he's had folks reach out to him.


Spit Roasted lamb?

Sorry for the cross posting - looking for a caterer that can spit roast a whole lamb - any ideas?? Looking for Brattleboro Verm,ont area July 5th Thanks!

Looking for wedding caterer that can roast a whole lamb (or 2) in Southern Vermont - any ideas??!!

Looking for wedding caterer that can roast a whole lamb (or 2) in Southern Vermont - any ideas??!!
Wedding reception July 5th in the Brattleboro area - can't seem to find anyone who will roast a whole lamb - they all want us to roast a pig instead. For a number of reasons - that's not what we want to have/serve. Does anyone have any experience with caterers that can roast a lamb? Or heard of anyone who can?

Vegan Valentine's Day

Pre order or just pick up sweets for post dinner at Sticky Fingers - 14th and Park - they always have delicious cakes/cupcakes/brownies/chocolates/etc - if you're new to vegan dessert - stick with chocolate.

Zatinya has a dairy free menu - pretty easy to find the veggie options from there. Egg is not a big issue there. Any Asian restaurant should have some options for you. Vegan + ambiance is a rare restaurant in this area :)

Kecap Manis and Light Soy Sauce - Where to find in DC (city)

I don't think you can find Kecap Manis in DC - if you leave the city you can find it at most H Marts, Grand Marts and the Mom and Pop shops in Eden Center (Va) and chinese markets in Rockville. Maxim's is within walking distance of the Rockville metro.

Quick salad for lunch in Dupont?

I'm meeting a colleague for lunch on Friday and am looking for a health - conscious (read - she's on a diet and needs salad) restuarant in the Dupont area that isn't going to take 2 hours. Any thoughts?

Soft Shelled Crabs in DC or Metro accessible DC?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a decent SS crab sandwich in the DC area. We don't drive so it would need to be metro accessible - any thoughts?

Laotian or Cambodian in DC area ?

Interesting. Khmer food is not like any other in the region and I'm sorry that no one has introduced you to some of it's finer dishes. while I agree the heat and variety of Thai and Vietnamese is extremely tasty, I do love Khmer street food. But it helps tremedously when you speak the local language and live there :)

So the upshot is no SE Asian food worth mentioning in our nation's captiol. Excellent. The SE Asian wat is in Silver Spring, by the way, and next month there will be a certain amount of festivities if you're Buddhist.

Laotian or Cambodian in DC area ?

Did anyone ever find a Cambodian restaurant in the DC area? I've heard there is a "Phnom Penh Restaurant" in Silver spring but no idea if it's authenic or not. I have to admit the South East Asian food options in DC have been extremely disappointing. I've found that at Thai Chili in Gallery Place they will often make a "real Thai dish" if you cans speak a little Thai or explain that you lived there and won't sue if they put a proper amount of spice in the dish. Am I missing some fabulous restaurants out there or are they all only reachable with a car in Virgina?