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Need help with dining choices Vegas next week

I've eaten at the bar at BLT Burger (Mirage) -- both food and dining experience were great. My wife has eaten at the bar at Jaleo and says it was also fabulous. We had great meals last month at Holstein's, DOCG, Julian Serrano, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Border Grill, China Poblano. And of course Lotus of Siam, if you can get off strip.

Nov 09, 2012
gpatterson in Las Vegas

Interesting Dining options, any price

seconding that second for e by jose andres. amazing food and absolutely a unique and memorable experience

Oct 22, 2012
gpatterson in Las Vegas


thanks esp. for the tip on "secret" pizza. that was fab. the only real dud so far was actually Bouchon. they RAN OUT of the chicken & waffles, the crepe was meh and the service was smarmy and annoying.

Oct 21, 2012
gpatterson in Las Vegas


We'll be in Vegas next week (vacation! woohoo!!). Staying at City Center w/ no rental car. Already planning on e and Lotus of Siam. Also considering: Comme Ca's gastropub Monday, DOCG and trying to choose between Holstein's/BLT and American Fish/RM Seafood. Any feedback on those welcome. Also, is Fleur worth the schlep down to MBay? Other on-strip, not-crazy-expensive (we're already blowing up the budget for Jose Andres) suggestions welcome. thanks!

Oct 09, 2012
gpatterson in Las Vegas

The Pig--Chapel Hill

not to get all nitpicky and threadjack this completely but masa is made from mixtamalized corn so it's not just more finely ground

Oct 21, 2010
gpatterson in Southeast

Tosca in Durham Closed

Bull City Rising has been on this story
Shorter: Tosca owners sold to Cinelli who are moving from their old location near WFM

Aug 26, 2010
gpatterson in Southeast

Favorite Italian in the Triangle?

Haven't been in a while, but I've always liked Pop's. Pizzas, mussels, chicken under a brick... good stuff.
Tosca just seems too expensive. If I'm going to drop that much coin, I'd rather go to Panciuto.

Restaurant Eden in Durham, NC

"located in downtown Durham"??
No, I don't think so. The restaurant and the food may be fine but the website is clearly not quite ready to open for business

Aug 06, 2009
gpatterson in Southeast

Olives - Las Vegas

We had a great dinner at Olives w/ our small wedding party, sitting outside overlooking the fountains. All thought the food was excellent. Caveat: that was in 2006. Hopefully, someone w/ more recent experiences will chime in on how the food is now. Also, not all seats have a fountain view so you probably want to mention that when making reservations.

Mar 05, 2009
gpatterson in Southwest

Seeking Breakfast & Lunch Spots in or Near MGM in Vegas

According to MGM website, 'Wichcraft opens at 10am. Was never there that early on our last trip so I can't confirm that directly.

Jun 04, 2008
gpatterson in Las Vegas

olives at the bellagio (Las Vegas)

Have had been to Olives 2x (most recently in 2006). Once for lunch, once for dinner. Highly recommend trying for one of the outside tables, overlooking the Bellagio fountains. Indoors can get a bit crowded and noisy.

Jun 04, 2008
gpatterson in Southwest

Looking for good Espresso - Las Vegas

Check out the Illy Espressamente in Palazzo (right across the street from Wynn) -- I had an excellent cappucino there last month.

Mar 07, 2008
gpatterson in Southwest

Las Vegas Strip breakfast (Luxor side)

We were staying at Mandalay in Feb. and found the breakfast options in that area to be pretty minimal. If you want a later start to your morning meal, the breakfast sandwiches at Wichcraft (at MGM) are good. Available after 10am I think. Chocolate Swan, in the mall between Luxor and MB, brews Peet's Coffee but only has a few packaged-looking pastries. Red, White and Blue (in MB) was busy all the time but we didn't think it was much better than just okay. Bouchon does breakfast until 10.30 and it was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had anywhere. Well worth the trip up the Strip.

Mar 04, 2008
gpatterson in Southwest

Lotus of Siam - Incredibly Negative Experience (long)

We had lunch there last Wed. (2/13) and our experience couldn't have been more different. Agree with you and janetofreno that the buffet looked like nothing special. Actually, I barely glanced at it but my wife checked it out on her way to the restroom and confirmed the general consensus of comments here that it wasn't all that. We arrived with most of our order already planned out, based on a recent LoS thread: crispy rice w/ sour sausage, stuffed chicken wings, chinese broccoli w/ fried pork belly. We also chose a noodle dish from the menu: rad na, w/ chicken. Everything was amazingly good. And the service was excellent. Altho we weren't wearing any out-of-state clothing, I think we were pretty obviously tourists (taking pictures of the food, etc) and the staff couldn't have been nicer. We had several nice chats about the food, particularly the rad na, which seemed to evoke comfort food memories in the waitstaff.
All that being said, I think if I had the kind of experience you describe, I'd be reluctant to give the place a second chance, no matter what other people said.

Feb 21, 2008
gpatterson in Southwest

NC state fair 2007?

The deepfried PB&J is, I'm pretty sure, just a Crustables run thru the fryolater. Not bad but not all that, either. About halfway thru I found myself thinking "man, this is a lot of warm peanut butter to be eating" and shortly after that, I gave up. I'd recommend the deepfried Reese's cup instead.
But, really, it's all about the mini-donuts.

Starlu in durham

Menu changes often and of the current offerings the only ones I've tried are the arancini, the beet medley and the eggplant parm reconsidered. all of which were excellent. haven't had the current burger or hanger steak presentation but i and others i've eaten there with have enjoyed earlier versions of both.

Starlu in durham

Have been to Starlu many times and never had a bad experience -- food's always been wonderful, and service was pleasant and welcoming. Sorry to hear it wasn't a good night out for y'all.

Vegas - best coffee drinks on the Strip?

There's a place in the Miracle Mile (formerly Desert Passage) stores next to Planet Hollywood that brews Illy coffee. I'm pretty sure it's the Teuscher chocolate shop. It's just outside the casino floor and there's never been a line any time I was there (unlike the Starbucks just inside the casino which is always mobbed)

Aug 29, 2007
gpatterson in Southwest

Where to get great Coffee/Bfast in Vegas

Esp. since you're at Venetian, croissants and coffee at Pinot Brasserie are not to be missed. Le Notre also does great pastries. I've heard Bouchon does a great breakfast but haven't had the chance to check it out yet.

Jul 25, 2007
gpatterson in Southwest

Are there any "Stay Away Froms" on the Strip in Vegas

Circus Circus and Sahara buffets are also to be avoided, but you probably wouldn't walk into them expecting them to be good. Not sure if it's still there after the renovations but there was a place in the Desert Passage mall called Cheeseburger in Paradise (or something like that) -- relentlessly mediocre and overpriced. I'd also skip Border Grill at Mandalay. I think it's gone downhill over the last few years.

Jul 25, 2007
gpatterson in Southwest

vegas for first time...must eat at (your top 5 please)

for dinner: Bouchon, Fiamma, Olives (sit outside!!), Mon Ami Gabi, Bellagio buffet
for lunch: 'Wichcraft, Spago, Burger Bar, Hash House a Go Go (off strip), Lindo Michoacan (off strip)

Jul 24, 2007
gpatterson in Southwest

Frozen Octopus & Chorizo Selection in Durham?

In Durham, both Compare (on Roxboro) and Galaxy (on University) have a pretty varied and extensive selection of chorizo

Sunday evening in Durham?

We were at Verde last Friday. Service ranged from quirky to absent-minded to just plain bad. Drinks were not refilled or second round suggested. One small plate order was delivered wrong and the one entree ordered came out significantly after everyone else's small plates & salads. I know that kind of timing can be hard for a kitchen. But if your menu is split up with small plates and salads and entrees, you ought to have some practice at those issues.
Food was better but scattershot... the burger and shrimp salad were reported to be quite good; the stir-fried squid was good; some of the meat in the lamb & merguez special was tough. I'd consider going back but probably on a less busy night. Service seemed to get worse after a large table was seated right next to us.