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Restaurants Everyone Loves Except You

I have to agree. We went there for the first time for our anniversary last year and I found the place really stuffy and the service snobby. The food was good but not outstanding and certainly not enough to counter the ambiance. Based on the reputation, I was looking for something really special and was very disappointed.

Large group, kids and adults, in Baltimore's Inner Harbor?

I saw that there's a Two Boots in the Powerplant area (across from the Port Discovery Children's Museum).
I haven't been to the one in Baltimore but we went with a large group and young children in Brooklyn and it was great ... pizza was good and very kid friendly.

B&O American Brasserie in the Hotel Monaco, Baltimore

My husband and I went there for dinner about a month ago and really loved it. The restaurant has a modern yet warm atmosphere and the food was excellent -- sort of luxurious comfort food. The hotel to which the restaurant is attached is beautiful and grand in a very turn-of-the century, awe-inspiring style and really adds to the experience of the visit. The one downside was that the service was very slow but for the ambiance and quality of food, I would definitely go back. I'm hoping that with the awful state of the economy there is still enough demand for this type of restaurant to stay open in Baltimore.

DC Hound just moved to Baltimore (Fed Hill) - Questions

Hi MarcDC,
We just moved here also from Manhattan and wanted to second some of the spots already mentioned and add a couple of others and see what people think:
Harvest Table -- just had brunch there today. Not the greatest atmosphere but it was delish. Just over on Hull St. in Locust Point
Thai Arroy
Matsuri (best sushi we've found so far)
Wine Market
Cork's (not mentioned but we really liked it -- tried it for restaurant week)
SoBo Cafe
Sam's Bagels
Old Malt Shoppe on Fort

Let us know if you find other stuff you think is good...

ISO: Dinner place in Baltimore

This is not Italian but it's one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore -- it's called The Helmand and it has Afghani food. Located on Charles Street about a 10 minute drive (without traffic) from Camden Yards. Here's their website:

Shake Shack for group at night?

You're right, blumie -- that's what I'm looking for. I'll check into Black Pearl. Thanks.

Jun 11, 2007
yummyseeker in Manhattan

Shake Shack for group at night?

Not necessarily in the same general vicinity -- just something that's relatively easy for people from both the UWS and LES to get there.
Any other thoughts?

Jun 11, 2007
yummyseeker in Manhattan

Shake Shack for group at night?

Thanks for the feedback. Any suggestions for other places?

Jun 11, 2007
yummyseeker in Manhattan

Shake Shack for group at night?

My husband and I are planning a drop in get together for a weekday night around 7PM with a big group of friends (15-30). Is Shake Shack a good choice or is it too crowded? Any other suggestions for casual drinks and food where people can stop by?

Jun 11, 2007
yummyseeker in Manhattan

low-key place for drinks/food for group 7PM Thursday

My husband and I are moving from New York :( and wanted to get together with friends at a low-key place where we can get drinks/snacks and hang out comfortably. Number of people could be anywhere from 10-30 depending on when people show up. Prefer something on not too far east or downtown (i.e. anything UWS, midtown to West Village fine). Outdoor venue would be a bonus. I was thinking something like Shake Shack but would that be too crowded? Any thoughts?

Jun 10, 2007
yummyseeker in Manhattan